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Saturday, October 1, 2005

   ahhh laaaa

yo everybody how's every thing's going?well i'm much better then last week and i havea new pic.
anyway how you like my new background cool huh!well i did me self:P.my best friend called she was kinda sad her mom wants her to live with her after all the years i mean she left her when she was just a baby and now she wants her back...poor girl

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

   high fever
hi i just wanted to tell ya all that i won't be on today cuz i'm sick i have a very high fever but i will be on next week and i'll post a pic too so see ya
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Saturday, September 17, 2005

   nananan(means blah blah blah):P
well i hows every body's doing well for me i don't have much .have a new pic and i did more changes on my site and i still think that it needs more ,any way i did good in me last pics i had 30 votes and i tried to put a new theme but it didn't work T__T
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Saturday, September 10, 2005

   the studing thingy
well as what i saw almost every one in this site started school ...well for me i won't till next month but still i have to study for the driving exam :P,anyway me mummy got back home from the hospital. and i'm have big changes in me site ,i also drew my first (Naruto)pic ,i never did one befor in me life but i gusse it turned out not so bad.
i had a new friend that chose me to do a birth day pic i'm surprised that she chose me from all of the good artists

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

so much injuries..man first i hit my head then my finger and the cutes ...-__- now that's too much..any way hey what you all think of my theme well i AM going to change it every week.lets forget about those stupid things in one of my last post i said that i'm gonna have a story well here's a look of the charecter:
i won't say much about the story .
any way here's a pic of me when i was a kid
and this is a pic i drew of my self:

well i look yunger then that but oh well,oh and hey i had 40 votes in just one week i really find it freaky i'm moving so fastO__O

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

hello everybody how's it going?well it's been a crazy week for me i had to do every house work

mom is at the hospital cuz of an operation she had...man i'm tierd.
i now only sleep for three hours,but i won't miss satureday, anyway thatnks for all who halped me with the pic thing and i'll post a pic later .
see ya

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

   talky talk
yo what's up with ya all ,well to day my cousen's here with me ,and we're gonna talk and when we talk we become kinda crazy..i'm (ma7ad)and she's(sea star)and here we go:
ma7ad:hey!!how are ya it's been a while,say hi to the auddience.
sea star:hello ho..
ma7ad :that enough!!
sea star :i'm not done
ma7ad:well that's all.
sea star:O__O...well then i'll go.
ma7ad:wait i'm kidding any way how's the phone line thing doing?
sea star:well from what i hear i think it will be done when we have kids.
ma7ad:thought so...hey you missed the fun last week
sea star:what?why?what happen ?
ma7ad :well we went to a swimming pool and there was kalifa(my other cuosen he's like ros from friends)and he's bro(hurry poter)
sea star :oh that crazy gang.
ma7ad:well one of them started to go in water like a fish!!
sea star:lol hey take this pic.
ma7ad :cool hey where do you get thise pics .
sea star:won't tell.
ma7ad:no prob i CAN find them(get's her tongue out)
sea star:oh yeah shorty!
ma7ad:shorty huh
yeaah and a baby face too.(pinchs my cheeks)
ma7ad:your jealous cuz i look young.
sea star:yeah right and all the boys who comes to ya are just kids.
ma7ad:ahhh a fly.
sea star:O__O
ma7ad:ahem.....about that thing aguy came to me while we're at the beach he wanted to give me his number
sea star :well what did you say
ma7ad:your zipper's open.
sae star:lol..well i better go now
ma7ad:so soon ..ok and hey guys i didn't get the thing on how to put a pic yet so help please
sea star:yeah help her she's a dummy in those things
ma7ad:hey you should go

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

   yo yo
hey guys , well last week was a true blast for me it was a hot week so we all went to the aqua park it's a cool place with water slaids ,we had a cool time there what about you guys?
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Saturday, July 30, 2005

hello all how's every body ...well last week was a blast yep i got my cellphone fixed and went to the beach wich i really love to be ,it was fun .
it was really wiered to me to just remember alot like this i rememberd the high school days ..we were so freaking crazy espacialy in gym classe ..there was a time when when all of my friends and i were in the same gym classe .. well imagen but they were sweet days,by the way i'm gonna have a story soon so be prepared

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

   ahhhhhhhhhhh lonlyness
hey guys how's your day mine was up side dawn ..yep dad is kinda mad and i just don't know why the heck he's mad and i stoped training on driving couse of the stupid instrctor ..ahhh any way i'll be always in on saturdays only....that's what it's all about..oh and i really really want to know how to put a pic in the site NOT a background a picture i'll greatfull if you told me how
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