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Friday, March 2, 2007


yo guys how are ya i hope you're all cool i have this great news lets just hope that it would really happen the good news is we might have an anime drawing contest i really wanna be in this contest it'll be great cuz i'll be able to meet other anime artists in my countery and i'll know if really good or not speeking of drawing i'm teaching my brother how to draw baisc anime lines and he really has a long way to go o.k i'm done with this post but i'm gonna add another one it's in arabic but it's really funny so don't miss it by.

the arabic madness

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2 posts

yo everybody what's up, sorry for not being on for sometime i was soo bussy anyway i have two voice posts today, o.k i have a new picture on, and i'm all set for my cusines wedding, anyway i bought contact lenses they're so cool, i think i'm gonna do a commercial, they're so moistered and comfortable try them yourself buy them today anyway that's all, by.

hey guys what's up how are ya all i just got home from shoping i was shoping for my cousin's wedding i didn't buy a thing yet but i think i know what i'm gonna buy but after pulling this up and tight this here while that was done as always they asked me if i was anareastick and they asked me if i do eat hey come on i do eat i'm not anearstick ya know i hate it when they say that, anyway the dress in the end was cool but the color i don't know about the color i didn't like it really i mean they brought me a yellow dress i want it a black dress loool my cuosin keeps luaghing, SHUT UP!! and in the end we tell you goodby.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

frist new way post

yo everybody well i notice that not all of you can hear the post so i'll write what i say.

o.k first post in the new way, lets see what do we have to day, first of all new picture people so check it out,man i sound like a 12 years old kid, any way what's up with britteny i mean shaving her head she's really going wild this time, o.k lets just leave this alone, the new semester is about to begen ,man not again,this is the last semester form me i'm a Senior, i can't believe how time goes fast, i think the last semester was the best we had alot of fun, anyway that's all so what ya think? not bad for the first post isn't it

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Sunday, February 18, 2007


well it's all down there.

well...? i know my voice is like i just woke up and still sleepy.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

bored bored bored

hello everyone and happy valentine's day, as you can all see i did some changes on my site, i did forget that today is valentine until one of my friend sent me a text messege on my phone so everything was fast all of the changes were fast but it turned out not bad don't you think so?
anyway i'm so bored we were gonna be out but it wasn't worth it to go out and be in a traffic jam so we turnd back and went home...well this is the life here always traffic problems.

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Thursday, February 8, 2007


yo guys how are ya all?
i'm flying with joy, i'm all healthy again, well i had to go to see a doctor and take injections but hey all that worth it to be back on my feet, anyway you know about an anime named k.o beast? it's hilarious, i first saw that anime when i was 8 years old i had the first tape but now a after 12 years i found it in DVD and i bout 2 DVDs, that really brought back memories.

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Saturday, February 3, 2007

what's with the world?!

yo guys how are ya.
well i KNOW that i'm so not o.k, why? well...after being well i got sick AGAIN today, i feel so bad and i think that i'm gonna throw up anyway they always say that the best cure for illness is forgetting about it and how bad it is, sooo i'll stop thinking about it now.
anyway i just put up a new manga page.
i'm not doing anything right now i'm so bord and my family members are sick....well not all of them.
last week i went to a anime shop, it sales lots of anime things from toys to tools for drawing manga comics and i found two softwares for manga drawings i was gonna have it....until the owner shoke me with the prise...but i'm gonna have both in the neer futur i will.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

still sick

yo guys how are ya.
well i'm sill sick, that's the longest time to be sick, well i get sick but noy for long i mean for a day or two yeah but for a WEEK...that never happen befor.
o.k all done with that, i've added a new page in my manga so take a look.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

no title!!

hey guys, well i'm sick AGAIN.....my throwt hurts :( it's so dry.
anyway got a new page in the manga, i know i took a long time doing it i was busy.
well that a short post :P.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

back again ^^

yo everybody how are ya all, hope your all well, i'm done with the finals, it went well, last wedensday we went to my cousin engagement party, it was cool my cousin and i were so close to each other so when i saw her in the dress getting ready i cried then she came and huged me, she was going to cry but i told her not so she won't ruin her make-up.
i still can't believe that she's gonna be merried.

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