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Sunday, January 15, 2006


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Saturday, January 14, 2006

happy eid

hey every body happy eid, what is eid you ask?it is one of the best occasion of the year in me place, it's kinda like christmas but your gifts are mony, any way i spent my last day of eid with me cousin we went out it was really fun, btw you liked the music in my site you wanna have the site i took it from and hey got new art GO AND SEEEEE, it's(http://www.vgmusic.com/).
o.k enough talk time for the story.
Well we left our young hero, Akira where he meet his first best friends, Takashi, Kyo and Magomi, any way we now go back to our little hero Akira two years later he is now 5 years old, he and his father now live at his dadís new temporary job, he now work for the military because there was a policy matter, this job was obliged on every man in the country, and Yamada was one of the men and he didnít want Akira to be alone and Akira wonít go to his grandparents house because he just donít like his grandfather, so Yamada took him with him and fortunately there was a kindergarten there, so when Yamada is in work Akira is in the kindergarten, Akira had new friends there but also didnít forget about his best friends, he always asks his father when will they go back home but Yamada just stay silent, well it wasnít in his hand so he just didnít know what to tell his son, there he(yamada) started training Akira just like what Akiraís grandfather told him two years before, it wasnít easy on the little guy he had to train on sword fighting arts, swimming, and he even taught him how to claim trees. One morning Akira was in kindergarten and the class of the day was doing simple crafts for their parents, Akira decided to do a medal for his dad, it was made from gold colored paper with purple glitter, (oh and whoís this for?) the teacher asked (itís for my dad) akira said (my dad deserve it), Akira was very happy about his achievement and couldnít wait to give the medal to his father, at noon it was finally the time to go and there was his dad waiting for him, (look dad itís for you)Akira said, (oh whatís this?)Yamada asked (itís a medal, I made it for you, itís a medal of honor), Akira placed the medal on Yamadaís chest and smile, he didnít know that this is the last time heíll see his dad in it, back at their apartment Yamada has been called there was a problem so he had to go, (stay here Akira donít ever go near the door ever you hear?)Yamada told Akira and went on his way, it was very noisy out side as there was a battle Akira was very scared, and suddenly it was very quite, it was very strange, and Akira got worried about his father, he wanted to go out to see if he was alright but every time he go near the door he remembers what his father told him so he stays back but in the end he got out, the place was a mess people were on the floor blood was every where, Akira was terrified he ran in search of his dad, after some time he fund him on the ground not moving covered with blood all over his body, young Akira was shocked he called his dad but he didnít respond or move, Akira cried so hard now heís so alone first his mother and now his father.
Well everybody this is the last part of little cute Akira next time the action begins so be sure to be there.

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

   yo everyone

hey everyone how's your life...well for me i just fineshed the final exams ,yup already,and bythe way i have ane fanart have a look. anyway of with the story now.
Well now that Sakura, Akiraís mother is gone he and his father felt so alone and their lives were so dark so cold, yamada had to get Akira in a nursery school, little Akira didnít like it there especially when itís time to leave, he hated every kid that leaves with his or her mother he hated being without his mother, when Akira goes to the nursery school he always set alone in any corner until the day ends, one day Akira was setting alone as always when some one came and asked( whatís wrong why are setting alone like that)..It was a boy (why donít you come with us we can be friends), Akira didnít answer, (hey canít you hear?), Akira still didnít want to answer, (oh I see you still canít talk right?), Akira looked at him and said (Iím not a baby I know how to talk), (then why didnít you answer?), (wellÖ.I donít know), (hey Iíll tell you one more time come with us letís be friends) Akira looked at him and lower his head, (hey come on just come with me) ,the boy grabbed Akiraís hand and lead him to his friends and pointed at them (this is Magomi and Kyo, they are my best friends and Iím Takashi whatís your name?) ,(Akira) he answer ,and from that day Akiraís life has changed he has his first group of best friends and with that some light and meanings got in his life, Takashi didnít have a mom just like Akira he lost his mom in a car accident as for the rest ,Magomi and Kyo (and by the way they are brother and sister) they still have both of their parents ,the four friends were so close with each other they even did crazy stuff such as eating sand or putting worms in their underwears O__o ,one day on the way to the nursery school Akira saw a dead cat ,he looked at it with a very sad look and then he sat next to it touched it with all care (we should bury it right dad just like mom) Akira said ,his father (Yamada)looked at him and remembered his wife (why do everything die) Akira asked ,(well. People die so that the people whoís younger then them would have their turn in life, if the old people donít die then there will be so many people that there will be no where to fit, it will be very crowded and there will be no place for you to set), Akira looked at him and looked at the cat again and said (but it still not fair), (well this is how life works we canít stop it, this is the real world).
Yes this is the real world..well thatís all for today ,hope you like it and see ya next time.
Bye bye ^^.

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Sunday, January 1, 2006

   happy new year

hello everyone and happy new year ^^ yep me hyper today soo hyper i wokeup so happy and i recall the memeries that happened to me this year and one of them and the most important is joining this site, well not much to say off with the story:
As we knew last time that little Akira almost got crushed by a truck but he was so so very luck that he fell .and he seem to be enjoying what happen. O__o at this day his parents had so much doubt about him thereís something strange about him, for example when he cries the doors starts to slam and some glass materials crack or even get broken, and he was strong for his size(I donít mean strong as like super man or Gohan). When his grandfather heard about it he wanted to see what this kid can do, his grandfather Mezawa didnít like Akira all because he was different but when he tested him he had other thoughts he wanted him to stay at his place for some time yamada didnít refuse ,and so he did first day was like any other but the second was training , and the first lesson was how to swim and guess what mezawa did ,well he threw Akira in the middle of a lake and watched what would Akira do in this situation, well as a normal kid he almost drowned well that was for the first day ,in the second day he some how managed to keep his head above the water and the third was the same ,the fourth day was different Akira managed to move in the water ,after a week Akira returned home mezawa told his father to train him well specially in the martial art and the sword fighting art yamada was surprised in the beginning but he agrees in the end when he heard what happen in the last week ,after a while the little family went out to a traditional festival , Akira was so happy especially that thereís no training in this or getting threw in lakes ,after running around and feeling so free akira stops at a pet shop looking at some rabbits (you want one?)Yamada asked, Akira looked at his father and stepped forward to the rabbits and reached his hand to touch them when suddenly one of them jumped in his face, Akira stepped back and grabbed his mother (do you still want a bunny ,but akira promise me that you would take care of it and never let him die, donít torture it no matter what) of course Akira didnít understand the word die ,after a few days Akira was playing out side and suddenly a woman cam to him and said (so it is true) and left after that his mother told him to get in .just when he got in his mother fell on the ground and started to cry .Akira got scared and called his dad as they got back to her she was dead, it was a shock for all of the family while she got buried Akira remembered what she tolled him about taking care of those bunnies (so that what die means) he asked .
Well guys thatís all for part 3 be sure to here for part4 see ya all.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

merry christmas

hello every body how's everything well for me i got new fanart for ya,well i notice that you didn't know that i posted a pic before and here it is
and the part 2 of the story
The dead end -Part 2 (the adoption):
The baby (Alexander)was found in a middle of the woods with the dead couple ,he was found by the young man yamada .when yamada sow the scene he thought that the baby was already dead ,but , when the baby began to cry ,of course he stopped thinking that way ,still he didnít know what to do. In the end he took him to the police .and there they began the investigations. But because that there were no information about the baby and they had more important things they cared less about the case and closed it in a very sort time. In the other hand Julian was in shock when she heard what happened to the couple and all most went crazy.
After those investigations yamada began to think (why donít we adopt this boy?). He thought (we always wanted a baby so why not?). And so he did one day he retuned to his house with a surprise, Yamada: itís whatís we always wanted. Sakura :( his wife): where did you get him, heís all bland, heís so beautiful, whatís his name? Yamada: Akira, weíre going to call him Akira.
3 Years passed and young Akira grows ready to learn about this life. Even though that people were talking about how strange it is to a Japanese couple to have a bland kid but not the couple neither Akira did care about it .but one day Christopher heard about the boy and had doubt that it was that baby he wanted to get ride of specially when he knew that his henchmen didnít make sure that his really dead so he got scared that someday he might come back and decided to watch this boy. any way back to akira , Akiraís parents were out with there little boy for a walk in the city and suddenly there were some robbers who started to threat whoeverís on the street the couple got carried away with the event and forgot about their kid, as they were watching Akira ran after a flying bug to the middle of the street ,at the same time Sakura notice that he was missing and started to look for him she and her husband and then they found him in the middle of the street and about to get crushed by a truck , he was so far to reach so there was no hope of getting him out of danger but just before getting hit he fell down and the truck passed over him (that was a close call)he was alright .but he wasnít scared at all there was something wrong in his age he should notice the things that scares .his parents thought that thereís something with this boy.
Well youíll know that next time so get ready and see ya next time.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

   nothing new

hey guys ... short post there's nothing new at all except a new christmas pic and other on the way, anyway this is a pic of me cousen's baby girl.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Hey everybody howís everything, itís me birthday today ^^ yup got older but still Iím me :P. me friend and cousin sent me messages and me mom too it was so cool even though that at first I was depressed but it turned out not bad in the end.
Anyway well itís story time.
The dead end -part one (the birth):
well our story begins in a dark cold days sometime in the near future, people in that time would do anything to have power and when I say anything I mean even killing their most dear people to have this power ,anyway our hero Alexander (Akira) was borne to a women that lived in a society that is reclusive from other societies and well known for their strict laws and because Alexanderís father was from the out said world and unknown the leaders decided to throw little Alexander out to die in the wild lands ,that is not the only reason Alexander was thrown out it is also because that heís a son of one of the future leaders of his land and he might be a leader so Christopher Miler (his uncle) decided to get ride of him and then his mother so he would make sure that he would be the leader and no one else .and so the day of getting ride of Alexander had come but somehow Julian (Alexanderís mother ) knew and somehow was lucky to find someone that is ready to help save the childís life even with their own .
at noon the couple took the baby and ran away but Christopher knew somehow and sent his henchmen to kill them all ,the chase took hours till they finally found the runners ,they killed the couple ,there were some blood on the baby, and when they were about to make sure that the baby was dead they heard sounds and foot steps so they ran away before making sure that the baby was dead ,fortunately the baby was alive and the sound was of a man who was just walking around and sow the baby and the dead couple but didnít see the henchmen ,so Yamada (the man)took Alexander and named him (Akira) .he and his wife always wanted a chilled but they couldnít have one for some reason .
Well thatís the end of part one is it long? Hope you liked it and wait for part 2.
See ya.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005


yo yo everybody how's it going well for me i'm soooooooo hyper and happy ,why?well got me photoshop back got almost all A's in me all subjects ^^ and now i can work on me christmas thingis so wait and see.
and i'm gonna complet me story thingi(yup lots to do).well hope ya all well and see ya.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2005


yo every body how're ya i'm sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyyy and my tummy hurts.i'm posting from college and i'm so bored ,anyway i found a way to have the photoshop my friend's going to copy it from her computer i just hope that it works i have alot to do for chirstmas .anyway i have to go and cheke me brother's site ,bye bye.

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

   new pics

yo guys new pics are up go and have a look.
me birthday is just days a way ^^.......yeeepeeee.

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