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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Update! It's an Update! A pure Miracle!!

Hey, minna! i changed my theme (as u noticed ^^) it's the amazoness quartet from Sailor Moon!! i hope everyone likes it, it took me awhile to get it together. gotta get going now, and i'll visit ur sites this weekend! i promise!!! btw, guess who's b-day is this weekend???

Sailor Mercury: Sailor Jupiter's on December 5th ^_____^

Besides hers -_-;;;

Sailor Mercury: ........

Mercury-chan...just look at my profile and maybe you'll get a hint. (sheesh, the girl's got an IQ of 300 and she can't figure this out...)

Sailor Mercury: *pulls out large hammer* I heard that!

Um, gotta go, minna, bye! *runs away from sailor mercury w/ giant hammer*

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