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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

   RPG continued....

k, hello, minna ^^ we got some new ppl for the rpg and here they are:









anime from-origanal

personality-a loner, but nice to friends, enimes Beware!

Apperance-short black hair. Red eyes. Black pants, and black cloak. Fangs and claws.

Brief Bio- Orphaned. Has no memory of family, doesn't hnow what he is. Few friends. Loves animals, and can talk to animals. Likes to laugh.

Fav Color- Black and red

Torn From Chaos:

Name: Hiroko

Age: 16

Height: 5’5

Race: Half demon

Occupation: ….none?

Item(s),Weapon(s)or Power(s): If I can use the tetsaiga…..then yeah…
Side: Neutral

Anime or videogame they r from: inuayasha?

Personality: Stubborn, headstrong, arrogant, strong, wants attention

Appearance: She has a white Kimono, like inuyasha’s. She has short silver hair and yeah, you get the picture

Brief Bio: As a child, Hiroko was neglected and was only acknowledged as a monster and a demon girl who shouldn't be alive. She grew up without any parents, without the love of another person. In fact, Hiroko has been entirely alone her entire life. So, it's no wonder she is always reaching out for people's attention. She always wanted someone to be looking at her, to acknowledge she existed, even at the expense of her reputation and education. In the short term it worked, all the children laughed at her and exclaimed what a funny girl she was, but it still didn't make her feel wanted by anyone. The children's parents would still grimace in her direction and talk about her behind her back, which ultimately put her back where he started.

anyway, thanx everyone who's written so far. the most recent entry so far is from LPpunkrocka:

Hasegawa Chiaki was sitting on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. She didn't know why, but the sight always calmed her. Whenever she had time like is to relax, time just sped right by, and before she knew it, the sun was setting, but it seemed a little too early.
This, of course, was confusing to Chiaki. "What in the world?" She questioned herself. The sun was still high in the sky, yet it had gotten darker. She rubbed her eyes, only to find that it had gotten darker still. Now she was begginning to become afraid. Cautiously she reached for her knife. "W-Who's there?" she called. She was answered by dead silence.
Then, the sky became an eerie shade of black, with the sun appearing to fade away. Chiaki was terrified, yet angry. "Do you desire to have a piece of me?!!!!!" she cried as she waved her knife around in the air. "SHOW YOURSELF!!!!!!!"
Finally, a gust of wind started up. Chiaki sensed something bad, that something bad was about to happen, when she felt an odd force from behind her. Nervous, she turned around and saw what appeared to be a blackish-colored vortex, with a force that was pulling her in. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" she shouted furiously. She tried to step back, but almost fell off the cliff. feeling cornered, and not knowing what else to do, and out of courage and curiostiy, Chiaki hesitantly walked into the portal...

and everyone can work from there ^^

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