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sephiroth. (02/27/07)

whats up!
ur profile rocks!
cant wait 4 FF13
how did u make the layout?
u have 2 help me make 1 like that sum time
well ttyl

Sangostwin (02/26/07)

hiiii im sango I luv ur page its rele awsome! I hope we could be friends! If u r ever bored or need someone to talk to just pm me or im me on aim!

Elena The Turk (02/25/07)


Hi im just a random person signing guestbooks lol. I love your site! Its so awesome! ^_^ Well anyway i gota skitter toodles!


Yotama (02/24/07)

Thanks for dropping by! I thought I had most of the good fanart on there, so I have no idea what you mean when you ask"where's the rest?"

Anywho, have a nice day!


InuYashaFan4-ever (02/24/07)

Hey! I think your site is the best I've seen ever since I've gotten here. Cool you're 16 I see one of my friends signed your GB. Man that comment can not be beat >> I don't usually have as long comments but I don't want to make this too short either I also don't want to end up rambling so I'll stop >>

I'll go check out your art. I love art! I have so many art kits and painting supplies in my room. My room is full of my artwork and so is my mom's. I think I'm best at anime art because every other art I've tried sucked v.v well except for paint but that was just really messy >>;

Oh I'm rambling again, well I'll stop now. Hope to see you around soon ^_^


emeraldsky (02/24/07)

I Luuuuuuuve your site!!! They layout is sooooo cool!! Such a cool theme, although I've never played any Final Fantasy games, nor have I seen any of the movies except for Advent Children. But whatever...Cool site^__^

You've been drawing for 11 years now? Well, I think it's really paid off. Because your artwork is amazingly good^^ Well, I'm not sure I wanna make my signing quite as long as Shonigoneyes93's was....so I'll just wrap this one up!Lol^^ Well, cya around! Later^^

Wensdayskitten (02/24/07)

Hi nice site. The layout is really cool and I like the FF XIII banner at the top. Must have taken a long time to make your site that way. Really cool. Have a nice weekend

Shonigoneyes93 (02/24/07)

Thanks for signing my guestbook, it's cool when people come sign your guestbook instead of you having to travel to a billion sites. Seems like nobody else signs guestbooks on the otaku besides me, but then again if that was true I wouldn't have gotten yours guestbook sign o.0

Yeah I'm noctorious for leaving long comments, like the ones I'm gonna leave you now. I just look for stuff to talk about on peoples sites, not jibber jaberish like colors or favorite characters but the person themselves. It's easy to start talking once you get to look at that persons information a little bit, I just try to relate. On the other hand, you don't have any 0.o but that's alright, your site says enough about you ^_^

I guess we both have something in common then, long comments *laughs*

*Pats you on the back* You have an awesome site here, I love the custom layout. I've been working on one just like it, Final Fantasy, for my site but I just haven't had the time to sort everything out. Currently I'm in the middle of taking HTML classes, which I have the codes to do it all I just need to bring it all together *wipes sweat off forehead* It can get very annoying and very confusing. I don't speak computer language, which would be cool if I did but then again you probably wouldn't understand me either! But it's alot different then just typing on this keyboard right now, instead of the computer translatting your stuff to internet language you have to play its game, and generally speaking learn the language *laughs*.

But your layout, put simply, is amazing. I love Final Fantasy, it's one of my favorite games (I'm stuck between a feud of Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda or Gran Turismo... probably some of the best games I've ever played). To tell you the truth, I barely play any video games, I own alot of the systems including the old ones but that's actually because my mom used to play it with me when I was little 0.o *laughs* how strange is that? But video games are addiction, once you start playing you get a sort of addiction to them.

I looked through your portfolio and noticed that you've only submitted two pieces. My reasoning for only submitting two pieces is because my girlfriend took my orange (orange is my favorite color) drawing folder down to Florida, where she is vacationing for two weeks. She'll be back in about a week, so I'll be able to upload them but in the meantime I just stick to the two pieces in there.
To tell you the truth, I excel at drawing backgrounds, objects and such. But when it comes to people, I can never get the proportions right *scratches head* usually it's the chin that I don't get right, but every once in a while I'll do a good drawing.
And like I said, she has all of my good drawings all the way down in Florida (I live in the Northeast). And now I have to listen to her bragging about how nice and warm Florida is, while it's snowing and 20 degrees out side *puts nose up to window and it gets stuck*.

You on the other hand, have no problem drawing. Your lines are very crisp and clean, and you draw the characters very similar to their actual counterparts in the manga. The lines and everything are accurate and smooth, it almost looks like you used a french curve to make every line (and maybe you did *laughs and stares at drawings very closely).
But either way, you have some excellent talent at drawing. I would think you'd draw something simple for you site, such as buttons or a background for your tables (don't pay too much attention to my nonsense, I just thought it'd be a good idea).

About a few of your questions...

I haven't actually been on the Otaku for that long, probably six months but my account stayed fairly innactive and drab until a month ago when I decided to actually visit sites and leave good comments. Now I'm on my way to well... simply becoming better at what the otaku is about, sharing information. My philosiphies have changed alot reading posts, and after getting used to it I like to read about peoples lives, hearts, values and pains. But I've probably been on the Otaku for four or more months.

As for my other site... a friend created the one I'm signing your guestbook with right now. The other site I created myself, because I didn't like the name (she spelled sharingan wrong). But I have come to take a liking to the mispelling, it seems like stone eyes or something similar along those lines. And plus, it's unique it's the only one like it on the internet or Otaku. I abandoned my other site, jay38932006 because it was a little to revealing about me (as it has dates in it... you see what I'm getting at ^_^) and plus the name was drab, boring, BLAH *sticks out tongue and makes weird noise that sounds like a duck with a muzzle*. I have had that site for about 3 months, but I deleted it about 2 months ago and recently renewed the name.
The reason why I have two sites is simply to test the limits of HTML and CSS. My training in CSS and HTML requires I have some sort of site to test my skills on, and plus it's very helpfull as I can test out a new layout without messing up the current one and possibly not getting it back. So it's less of a burden on my conscious knowing that I won't mess up any of my layouts experimenting on a seperate site, and I don't have to close my site for a period of time trying it out.
You may have noticed, I reffer to it as my "evil experimenting* simply because I delete everything on my other site, jay38932006, and redo every single inch of it. I find it fun, but as I stated before html and CSS can be extremely confusing.

*Laughs* I think this is the longest comment I have ever, and may ever leave but I'm not quite finished yet.

Another similarity I see is you said your a little antisocial. I'm a very serious person when it comes to work or competing, but otherwise I'm layed back and easy to talk to. Yet I've always been very quiet and self conserved, every teacher from Pre-K to the ones I have now say I have extrodinary concentrating skills and extreme determination. Sounds like you sure were determined to leave me a long comment, so I'm guessing your a determined person yourself ^_^. I hope I get to learn more about you if that's the case.

*Laughs and falls on floor* people in New York are demented?! YOUR CRAZY!!!
Actually no, your perfectly right and I agree *laughs and gets up from floor*. There are some odd people here, and the sun rarely shines.
To tell you the truth, I haven't lived my whole life in New York. A year and a half or so ago I moved from Rockville, Maryland which is about 15 minutes away from Washington D.C. The majority of people (atleast my girlfriend and close friends) aren't demented or nothing, but there are alot of odd people in New York. New Yorks a place of mixed opinions, mixed races and with it comes mixed people. Hippies, rubber burning people with mullets, the homeless and hopeless, regular people like you and me, respected corporate giants, gangs and mobs... New Yorks got it all, but in this little corner of it in this faint town most people are normal, friendly and nice. The people I associate too are pretty cool too, it just depends where you look and what your looking for.
But yes, I'm generally speaking from the south, I've spent alot of time vacationing in Beaufort and Chincoutique island. I don't have a bit of an accent though, and I'm a good mooded, good tempered person. Unlike most movies where they portray southeners with an accent and a short temper, I'm the total opposite.

*Laughs and falls on floor the third time* well, you found my sort of gig on my site... Me and my girlfriend kid around, and we thought it would be funny to put up on my site that I'm married (phhh I wish, atleast to her). It's not possible to be married until your 17 or 18 I believe, unless you get that girl pregnant and yadadada... now we're getting into a whole nother story, and if I really wanted to I'd paste the whole section from the state law books here just to make this comment a few hundred paragraphs longer.

I noticed in todays post your considering buying a PS3. I have to say, I've loved my Playstation 1 and Playstation 2, but the new one is ridiculously expensive *sighs*. I've read the raves and reviews, and it seems like the Xbox 360 is a better system too. But I'm sure all the good games that I'll want to buy are gonna be on the PS3, and in the end it'll have more memory... that leaves one contendor...
I myself have been seriously considering a Wii, in my opinion it looks better than either the PS3 or Xbox 360 and is 1/3 the size. The size difference is almost as big as the price difference too, and I seriously want to get my greedy little hands on the new Zelda game, it looks extremely promising. Not only that but they have all sorts of retro games, and heritage to back it up.
But please, go with your decision their all bloody good systems. I'm simply basing my decision on the current price and that damn Zelda game XP I'm not a fanatic, but the Zelda series have always been excellent games in my opinion.

Am I tiring you eyes out yet?

Yes, I'm very active I play alot of sports. I currently only play soccer and I plan on doing either lacrosse or baseball, but the school team was so big (and for such a small school district *growls at sign up sheet*) that I didn't care to join... I would get little playing time at all, if even that. Aside from recess and open gym Thursday nights with the high schoolers, I don't play basketball alot.
Soccer and baseball though, is my greatest talent. I've played soccer ever since 5th grade, am one of the fastest runners in the county, and have an amazing batting range. I really enjoy playing sports, but there's alot of snots that enjoy joining just for the fun of it so I sometimes end up not playing. But oh well though, it's their decision and their loss.

Mehh I've always like Dragon Ball Z, I'm not a big fanatic and I think the card game is sort of dorky but it's alright. Until the recent episodes which have become ridiculous with all the super saiyans or whatever... I haven't cared to watch it since 2 years ago, so I'm not too much into it anymore. Now it seems it's become drab, BLAH.

My sister "ino" is not actually my sister, but a close friend who I consider like a sister. I've kept that on my site ever since it's creation, and the same for that banner that says "Jay C. 'Jay Jay the Jetplane'". They're sort of like my landmarks on my site, they're to be left there for as long as I have the site (even if it does conflict with the nature of this new layout I'm convincing myself to slowly create).

Yes, one day I hope to become a car designer. I agree with you on alot of things, some people have ridiculous goals, and even more have NO goals at all and seem... depressed maybe?
I already have the drawing and sculpting talent, the tools, and the requirements to one day become one. I just have to further advance my career into a college, but in the meantime I sit on a couch or in school day dreaming and sketching cars. The one on my site now I drew almost three years ago, I have seriously advanced my drawing skills from there.
But I've always been into cars, it pays good and it's a very interesting job. You get a glimsp into the future... excuse me, let me take that back, your MAKING insights to what may come in the future. But it's an interesting career that wouldn't be terribly hard for me to reach, and I would enjoy it very much ^_^

Hmm I may consider what you asked on my site, Kurama, but for now I'm a little impacient to get my folder back. In the meantime, I'll try *grabs a piece of printer paper and shoves pencil into sharpener. Pencil slowly dissapears until it's a fourth of an inch long... big woops!*

About my site. I created it myself, with no help at all from anybody besides W3 (it's an internet based college) and home brewed codes. Aside from hiding the navibar, and putting in a background since it won't allow me to simply upload one (I have to use an html for that too) I've created all the codes myself and am on my way to creating a custom 4 bar layout. Similar to yours, but with a fourth bar on the left.

My mom loves to cook, and yep I treat her with the respect she deserves. Of course I'm a teen, and I know my limits and nerves and I can get mad sometimes, or brash, but I treat her good ^_^

Anyways I believe this comment has gome more than far enough, I have many other things that I can talk about but that would start to get into jibberish territory. Of course you may add me, and I will add you in return and visit. I've been good lately at keeping with a visiting routine, but every once in a while I'll probably miss a post. Have an awesome weekend, unless it's already gone reading this comment! Hey, you never know time flies by FAST.


MissDarkAngel (02/23/07)

heyy. its me, SorasLUV, but with the account im always on, MissDarkAngel. im sorry i never got back to you. very sorry. can you forgive me? i luv the site. it looks awesome ^^ i hope youre not mad at me for the long-awaited sign... are you? im very sorry if you are. ill sign your site with my other name (SorasLUV), kk? i will. can you please visit this account though and sign my gb? please? i hope its not too much trouble. ill add you ^^ cya!


darkwolfgirl (02/23/07)

I love your site! It's really awesome ^^ You know some HTML too I see. Can I add you as a friend?

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