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Thursday, December 28, 2017

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

It had been so long since I had sat down and actually thought of drawing a new picture. I may find myself looking at old pictures, trying to get myself inspired to create something new. When the feeling actually hit me to draw something, the blank page would become too overwhelming and I would dismiss the idea almost immediately. However, every once in a great while, I will face the blank canvas and create and picture I could only dream of completing. My drawings are always very simple. I draw in the style of manga (Japanese comics), a style of art that takes time to master, but I taught myself. I began the drawing with an idea, but the actual idea never actually appeared on the paper. I normally draw things that I myself do not own (in this case, I wanted to draw a girl wearing a red plaid skirt). What I ended up with turned out better than I could have imagined and I am proud to gaze upon my masterpiece. Before I think of a color scheme (in this case, I only had watercolor to work with, which is my most limited medium because watercolor is EXPENSIVE) I usually play around with the picture on my computer. I try to think of how I want the character to be portrayed, what colors would best express the personality that her pose is giving off, that type of stuff. Her pose is playful so I decided to go with some bright colors that would accentuate that. The only problem I ever really have with a character is figuring out what color hair to give them. I went through several ideas until I finally came up with auburn.

Pictured below is my creation from the first stage to the last. I hope you enjoy it!

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

History Trip
I am normally one to hold high expectations. This trip was no exception. From my television experiences on Ripley's Believe it or Not, I have quite often seen clips of Philadelphia's famous Mutter Museum. Seeing the exhibits of crazy medical disbeliefs seemed intriguing and I had hoped one day I would be able to experience it. Not only that, but my younger brother had gotten a game called The Suffering in which he plays a prison escapee with the ability to turn into a monster. The prison in this game was partially inspired by Philadelphia's world renowned Eastern State Penitentiary. After watching a special feature on the game about Eastern State, my little brother and I became fascinated and wanted badly to travel there to see what we could find. When I finally got into HACC and was passed a paper saying we would be taking a trip down to these two places, I was ecstatic. This was my chance!

Immediately I got the money together and waited patiently for Halloween to approach. Finally, yesterday came. As our group walked into the museum...I was sadly disappointed. It is true when people say TV makes everything look glamorous. The museum was only two floors, only four rooms. Plus, with so many people, it was hard to even see the entirety of it. I ended up finding a classmate of mine from high school and chilling with her for the remainder of our stay. However, walking around Manayuk (probably spelled that wrong) was not all too bad. This was our opportunity to find some great eats. My boyfriend and I ended up going to a burrito bar that was really laid back and really fun to be in. We talked to the man who had opened the place and he turned out to be a really down-to-earth guy. Later, after having eaten, we sat down near the old canal and started talking to an old man about to begin his workout. He was very kind and took this opportunity to tell us all the sites we should see before we headed to the Penitentiary.

Speaking of, the time finally came to get back on the bus. Upon arrival to the Penitentiary, our group was amazed at the long line, but it was okay; we were already reserved. We walked in (did I mention we all had to sign waivers?) and stood in line for our turn to waltz in. My high school friend turned out to be a scaredy cat and she ended up attracting a lot of the "undead". My boyfriend jumped several times at the attractions and I managed to be unfazed the entire time. I was hoping for more of a history trip opposed to the fun house that we ended up exploring. At the end of the long excursion, the tunnel opened up into...a carnival? A big sign reading Funnel Cakes was the first thing all of us saw upon walking out of the Penitentiary. Among other things, the scariest part of the entire trip was reading...Funnel Cakes...$5.00!?!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Awesome Aunt
I visited my aunt today. She is by far one of the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Out of four children, she being the youngest, she is by far the strongest mentally, socially, and spiritually. I love going over to her house (not just because of the high speed internet access) because she brings great conversation. She has three children: One who can be really nosy, one with a ridiculous infatuation with Hannah Montana, and one with a crazy obsession with Transformers. And out of this house, she is about the only normal one. Whenever I go over there, I am greeted with love and hugs and, most importantly FRESH TEA. If there should be one thing you know about me, let it be that I simply LOVE having tea parties. And I mean, TEA PARTIES. Gotta have the tea pot, tea cups, sugar, the works. I just recently bought my aunt a small set of tongs to pick up sugar cubes with. she had always wanted a pair and I finally found something similar. It is not necessarily a set of tongs, it is actually a tea bag squeezer, but it can double as a pair of tongs. Anyway, she loves anything I get her. She is not one to judge on such menial things. She appreciates the fact that you took the time to stop and think about her for a change. She was appreciative in the same way the day I gave her an elephant (her favorite animal) pendant. She loves it and she could not believe I had gotten it for her. It is just one of those small things in life that makes a person happy.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So Much Stuff
I get incredibly stressed over the smallest things and, over time, it really does start effecting my performance, not only in school, but at work and my personal life. It is not that I have a whole lot on my plate, but apparently even the smallest morsel is enough to give me a tummy ache. Take this week for example. On my calendar inside my planner I had, what seemed to be, a relatively open week. However, it is the assignments ahead that are giving me trouble. I have a research assignment in Psych that I must complete at the end of next month. I also have to contact my advisor and figure out my schedule for next semester. It is really the slightest things that mess with my head and, in the end, my mental and physical health pay for it. I just want to scream at the top of my lungs. I find that venting is a really good way to get rid of stress. According to today's history lesson, Freud gave us psychoanalysis, which is awesome because I find that talking my problems out really helps me relax. Especially on these days that I just do not feel my greatest. When I saw that we would be presenting our blogs later on, I had a small explosion go off in my head. I am not afraid of standing up in front of people and talking (I used to be in a choir and had solos quite a few times), but these blog entries are somewhat personal to me. They are my babies. They come from my mind and they are mine. Maybe I need to psychoanalyze myself one of these days...
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