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Saturday, February 6, 2010

� I have an explanation for my absence lately �

Doyobi, Nigatsu muika:

K, so I've been sick... yes that's my explanation. Well, sick and trying my best to get to work and everything. I haven't really been up to posting. I"ve thought about it buuuuut I just haven't felt like it.

So a day or so before I really got sick, I made this new February layout (made it on January 31 right on time yay!) I used the header that I had accidentally lost before... I found it again lol -.-' I freak out too easy. Anyway, So this layout took me hours to make, so I hope you peoples like it and stuff.

I'm basically over my sickness right now. Lately I've been missing wheat foods and dairy foods -.- Especially since I've been sick and only eating on mashed potatoes, rice and apple sauce -_- Maybe I'll make me something with my rice flour today if I'm up to it. I don't know. I'm not feeling that awesome right now so yeah lol. Blar >.<

Anyway, sooo... I'm not really sure what else to post about. @.@ It's kind of a short post. Gomen ne ^^'

Talk to you all later! I'm off to comment on pages!! Byeeeeee


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