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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Don't steal any of the crappy stuff I have in this site, if YOU do i'll hunt you down and kill you.
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Ysianel is the name also known as Lenaisy (lenaisy is ysianel spelled backwards). 01/05/92 is my D.O.B, and is currently 14 yrs old and attending Maples Colligiate as a freshmen. I spended 10 yrs of my life in the Philippines and is now living here in Canada. I love Graphic and all, but my life is mostly all about anime, which is why I made this Otaku your in right now. I was a member since 07/29/2005, But i took a 3 months hiatus. One lasting if you need anyhelp just ask and I'll try to help but please don't ask me for the DIV LAYOUT Code cause it's not mine to give out so just go to the credits area for that. Sign the Guestbook, Friend Me, And I'll be doing the same right back at you. Enjoy


oh wow i had a very long and interesting day i think first a school...we had options then after that ins then math, lunch grrr a very annoying a adluck one.... we were in da library and all then i started listening to my cd player then for no reason it droped on the floor and broke grrr and then we started talking about at first i was laughing and all but my eyes suddenly started to cry... that's how i am when people started and go saying awww that's when my eyes get all sad and all... so yeah when the lunch break was over i was still crying but this time it wasn't about my cd player anymore... iunno, all i knoe is when i cry and then get over but then when i laugh tears still come out... so yeah people kept making me laugh so much that my eyes turned red from crying and all.

after school when i got home i ran to my room and started taking my cd player apart to fix it and stuff so yeah well guess wat i actually fixed it and it works the wonderful thing is that it only took me like 5 minutes... so yeah i was so happy a told my friends on the phone and all hehe.... ok so yeah about 7 we went to this open house for my upcoming school next yr... at first i thought my teacher adviser was odl and mean but it turned out shes funny and nice so i guess i'm gonna keep her as my TA and also paulien and krel better change their TA's to go with me hehe well yeah w/e i'm gonna bye bye now to watch naruto episode 173 and also i have my social project due tomrw

oh yeah one funny and un thinkkable thing was that when pauline and her mom went to the open house when i said hi chibim mom suddenly slap me with this piece of paper so krel and pauline was like when did that come from? haha but it didn't hurt though hehe that was so funny