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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Long time no see!!!
OMG! it has been a very long time indeed! My good friend Kita has got me hooked up to "The O Story" so i am online and back!


P.S - yes, my site has gone back to basics, need to start my wallpapering again!!!

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

im here again
hey everyone!! sorry for not being around for such a long time, i have been so busy with uni work and working and living my life with my boyfriend at the moment, i couldnt be any happier!!! its brilliant..

i'll be updating shortly.. but i dont know when. at the moment, my site will look basic for renovations.

hope to see everyone soon!!!


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Friday, March 9, 2007

Another I'm Alive post...
hey everyone!

Sorry it has been a very long time indeed. I have quiet much alive at the moment, university course is getting quiet on top of me at the moment and i don't even seem o have time to talk to my friends as well. I have just completed my third project and passed successfully.. woot! Even though i was 2% away from getting a higher mark, which i have kinda made myself do. Only if i had handed in work at that time i would have got it higher mark!

Well, i dont know where to start neither do i have strength to write at the moment, i have been here, there, pretty much everywhere at the moment. Apart from myself. Meh, i don't know what to do sometimes, i just feel really down and depressed. I have been home for the passed week or so and well i thought it would have done me good, but i guess it hasn't.
But it has finally made me see what the source of my problems have been.

And this is the question which i ask myself:

"How do you let go of something, when it so hard to let go off?"
Sometimes i just think i drag myself down, when i should move on, but it is really hard to at some point and i just get really fed up. But its something that is constantly in my face... urgh.

Apart from all that crap, things are going ok... out partying, getting work done and attempting to sort my life out as it comes and goes.

It has pretty much come to my attention that AnimeYume has come to a stop. It's still there but seeing that i haven had time to keep it up and running i was hoping that if i said hat we need memebers to participate i may and the rest of the staff add more things to it.

I hope all of you are ok... it will be nice to hear from you too!


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Friday, December 29, 2006

Time: 22.55pm
Mood: meh..
Listening to: Movie called "Jawbreaker"

So today was better than yesterday, bit tired because of work, these sales can really kill you!!! Honestly i swear as i was trying to tidy store everyone just kept making it mess again! DONT CUSTOMERS HAVE NO SENSE TIDYNESS!! ARGHH! then on top of it they demard the store to look clean and nice.

Update on "the situation," its all gone out the window and i am happy now!! woop woop!! new years is coming and its about time i left things and started a new year in style! yes yes!

Talking about new years, got any plans?
Well i might be going to dance the night away again! have been waiting for that! And i love it, get out and have fun!!

So i got bored so i took a bleach quiz:

Which Bleach sword should you possess? (13 Results w\ Pics)

You should possess "Senbonzakura" which belongs to the 6th squad Captain "Kuchiki Byakuya"You show no signs of having any kind of emotion what-so-ever. You do care for people but you never show it. Your very quiet & say little.Shikai; Release Command-ScatterBoy, where to begin. Uh, you get those energy things of many cherry blossoms that go woosh & whoom & bang. You can control them better w/ your hand & man are they fast. Bankai; You get a wall of Countless swords that can either attack the enemy at once or you can use them yourself.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

hehehee i love it!

Try it and see what you get!!

see you around!

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Time: 20.31pm
Mood: Got a headache.
Listening to: Eastenders on TV.

Hello again everyone! Well today was a good work out, couldnt sleep most the night even though i had a headache i guess it has continued into today too. Which really sucks. Have you ever had one of those nights where you just can't sleep. Its rather annoying especially when you have so many things on your mind and then you have a re-occuring song stuck in your head and you just can't sleep, i should have got some nytol or does anyone know any good sleeping remedies? I could use some now.

Considering i have had certain entertaining problems, i feel like i am doing really well about it, family hasnt notice much difference in my behaviour which is a good thing. It doesnt help if i cant sleep at night though, i guess all i want is to be forgiven for things which i dont think is entirly my fault. I prefer not to say the situation at the moment because i fear that the person may visit this site as i always tend to blog here then myspace.
As time passes i guess it will heal.

So other than that, it all good.


1. What are you watching on Tv?
2. Snow?
3. Tea?

I know rather random, but yep, this is what i think of at the time.

And to let you know, i am on myspace:


I am known as " .: shadowfox :. "

See you soon!!


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