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Friday, December 29, 2006

Time: 22.55pm
Mood: meh..
Listening to: Movie called "Jawbreaker"

So today was better than yesterday, bit tired because of work, these sales can really kill you!!! Honestly i swear as i was trying to tidy store everyone just kept making it mess again! DONT CUSTOMERS HAVE NO SENSE TIDYNESS!! ARGHH! then on top of it they demard the store to look clean and nice.

Update on "the situation," its all gone out the window and i am happy now!! woop woop!! new years is coming and its about time i left things and started a new year in style! yes yes!

Talking about new years, got any plans?
Well i might be going to dance the night away again! have been waiting for that! And i love it, get out and have fun!!

So i got bored so i took a bleach quiz:

Which Bleach sword should you possess? (13 Results w\ Pics)

You should possess "Senbonzakura" which belongs to the 6th squad Captain "Kuchiki Byakuya"You show no signs of having any kind of emotion what-so-ever. You do care for people but you never show it. Your very quiet & say little.Shikai; Release Command-ScatterBoy, where to begin. Uh, you get those energy things of many cherry blossoms that go woosh & whoom & bang. You can control them better w/ your hand & man are they fast. Bankai; You get a wall of Countless swords that can either attack the enemy at once or you can use them yourself.
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hehehee i love it!

Try it and see what you get!!

see you around!

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