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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Second post for you.
Time: 16.16pm
Listening to: Smallville on TV
Mood: Depressed but happy

So everyone, yesterday was rather short post i guess. I just wanted to let you know that i was around still and i am planning to try and stay for a while.
Well i had a wicked christmas and for those who live in the UK.. PAULINE FOWLER HAS FINALLY GONE!! (eastenders related).
Yes, christmas, i got clothes!! yay!! something i have been after for a long time, i love this!! hehehe.
Lately i guess i was down in the dumps because of a few problems i have been having, but they seem to be re-occuring. I guess i will just shove them out of the way now, because i cant be bothered.

1. What is the best christmas present you can ever get?
2. Whats your favourite movie?
3. Hungry?

See you soon!!


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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hey everyone

Letting you know that i am alive again, belated Merry Christmas to you all too!!

Thanks for the cards by the way, but me being so pre-occupied never have time for the site much.

Well thanks to kitabug's help i have changed my site for the new year to come and i hope you like it!!!

See you soon!!


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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Arghhhh!! I'm back!
And it has been another two months since i have been here. My days do i go for a long time and never return, sorry about that!
I have been good, just tied up with alot of uni work, i really do miss you guys!!
My birthday is in two days and my university friends want to take me out... cant wait.

Alot of things have happened over the past few months, i guess i will have to write about it in a story or something.

Which reminds me:
KITABUG: SORRY!! i have not been around, i hope you are ok in all. I do miss you and dill!! I hope he is ok. I will try and message you soon!!

DSM: I am good, went AWOL for a while, i hope you good... i would have emailed but my hand have been so tied up recently again. Hope you are ok!!

I will drop by again soon, i hope!! with an installment of my uni life. Which is going to be a new thing for me.

Anyone on Myspace? By anychance, i have just joined - Lady Shadowfox


see you around!!


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Friday, October 6, 2006

Long time yet again!!
Time: 19./40pm
Listening to : 19sai- sugo Shikao
Mood: Hyped!

Hello everyone!!

Long time no see, even though i did say i would have more time on the computer when i am at university, i guess i was wrong there.

Its been a while i guess, and yes i do have a site turn over to do, which i would have to wait for kita on that one because the net over here is very restricted. Which brings me on to:

Sorry for not visiting even though i do update in a full moon, maybe a blue full moon. Its not that i cant be bothered, its the fact that i cant really get around to everyone as my flat mates are always dragging me somewhere and getting drunk!

Being at university i am studing Landscape Architecture (waits: oooooh.. ahhhhh...) being at UNI for 2 days a week and yet i do not have time to come and visit you guys, i have not forgoten you!!! NO NO!!! I do visit and sign on, but i just cannot visit.
Nearly everyone has gone home this weekend so i am kinda alone.
Sharing with 10 people? Its not that bad sometimes we dont even see eachother. Made quiet a few friends up here!! no no!! No boyfriend! This place is really talentless! I was shocked and so were the girls i live with. Apart from the guys who live with us to, (apart from one) they are rather good looking, but guess what they have girlfriends, o well.
Have to keep fishing.

Three weeks i have been here and it feels like we have been together for 1 year! Thats what one of my flatmates says. lol!!

Sorry for not updating, i think the last time you heard from me was when i was going to uni and now i am here. I AM ALIVE!! yeeehaaa!! And getting drunk!

I will visits sites soon! I will make sure i do! And now that i am here i will have many intresting stories of my uni life to tell you.

I havent done much to the fanfictions just yet, they have pretty much come o a halt because of everything.

NOTE: I am not drunk at the moment, i just have not got used to typing on a laptop keyboard because i used to use the desktop at home.

I will chat to everyone soon! And i have posted 2 wallpapers today, hope you like them! One is dedicated to KITABUG! hope you like girl!!!

See you around!


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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Three days and worn out!
Time: 22.45pm
Listening/Watching: 50 Greatest TV Stars
Mood: Tired!!

O my days, what a day it has been! I was awake at 7am today thinking me and my sisters were goin gto go shopping because i know how much my older sister hates shopping when it is busy. Geez, was i wrong.
Well, i was awake at early hours whilest everyone else slept away, as i had nothing better to do i was going to the kitchen getting something to eat as i get rather hungry during the day when i wake up now.
I realised that my mum was awake and so made soem tea and had breakfast then went to go and get ready seeing that my sister was up as well.
I was wrong again.
She was not up, infact she woke up and got ready for 1pm!!! 1PM!! O MY DAYS! but we did go shopping to and outlet village where everything is cheap, got myself a reebok jumper and some books on how to make cocktails along with some make up! Why not treat yourself!!
Well spent most the day out and came home and watched star wars- return of the jedi, very enetertaining!!!


First word game - remember it is the first word that comes in to your head.

1. frost
2. jedi
3. star
4. princess
5. Warrior

Here are mine:

1. Bite
2. knight
3. wars
4. Prince
5. Sword

have fun!!


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Friday, September 8, 2006

Good evening to you!
Time: 20.10pm
Listening to: Re-Run of Home and Away
Mood: Happy!!!

Hello everyone!!

NEW THEME!!!!!!!

WHat do you think?

How are you on this fine evening? Me, wll i am doing good, most of what i need to go to university is almost packed but there are a few things which i need that i will have to buy.
Well, i have justed finsihed watching a program called "hollyoaks," and well lets say i ended up crying in it because there was so much drama in it.
*SPOILER* For those who do not watch it, a big explosion happened and well nealy half the crew died in it, well the characters not the actually crew. It was so enetertaining but so said, the ones who i didnt want to die did! I was so disapointed!!!

On with the forum news:
Well i have to congrat Phuonggt becomeing a mod on the forums, she volunteered to be one and now is in charge of the "talent country," she is part of the Otaku:


Make sure you visit her site!!! thanks!!

The poll:
Looks like nearly everyone who took part actaully prefers rain over sun.

As i am feeling a bit like i have a lot of time i am going to do what you think of first:

1. Black
2. Hello
3. Hate
4. Three
5. Work

Here are mine:

1. White
2. Goodbye
3. Love
4. Four
5. Miss

See you around!! Going to go and visit your sites now!!



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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Update second day in a row!!
Time: 18.20
Listening to: Home and Away in the background
Mood: Spaced out and happy!

Hey everyone! How are you all??
I would like to start with yesterdays poll, which kind i have to say ended up with a tie, but then again i have to say i do to prefer a mix of sitting at home and going out shopping.
Today has been ok, i am still packing for university but it doesnt seem to be going anywhere but in a way it is, if you get me.

Anywhoo, i had some friends around yesterday if you remember by "sugar honey iced tea," post. Yep my crazy friends were around this time and it was at my house. They came pretty late just to see me and we sat in the garden till after 9pm, which was really good and had jokes.

You know, going to university has REALLY started to give my butterflies because i am going to be leaving home and it is going to feel a bit werid not having mum and dad around, feeling a bit lonely huh?? i guess i will do for the first few weeks. first nerves.

I have a new wallpaper up, this time i used a different software, it is still photoshop, but it is the elements version which is kinda hard to grasp as i do find 7.0 easier. (for those who understand photoshop).
I hope it looks good.

As for my site, i want to go and change it around, my next theme is going to be based on gakuen heaven!! yeeha!!! i just finished watching it and now i really want more, for a guy flick and not a chick flick, it was really good! Definatly if you liked gravitation then you will like gakuen heaven!!

I am now going to round my post up with another poll:

Who prefers rain over sun?
1. yes
2. no

easy as that.

see you around!!


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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

how do i say it?
Time: 23.10pm
Listening to: The fast and furious movie in the background
Mood: Happy!!!!!

Hello everyone! How are you this fine evening? I would like to start with a thannk you for my great mr.fantastic for letting you know that i was missing because of work. You may catch me on msn sometimes but not most the time i guess. As kita would know.
A lot has happened since i have last wrote up on here, yesterday was my last day at work, i am in the process of packing to go to university, i just ot piad and i am flat broke already, my PC had has a hardrive failure and i dont know which one it is (it has two hard drives) so i cannot download any anime and i have a new laptop, which i guess you can say it is a good thing!!
Other than that, i guess everything has been happy happy, i am hoping to give ANIME-YUME a boost in numbers soon, so i can add more anime to it and create a scans and wallpaper gallery.
There is not much i really have to say apart from i am alive!!!

I will leave you with a poll:

How many of you would prefer to sit at home and watch anime?
A. Of course! That would be life!
B. I need to get out, cant stay in the house!

Laters! LSF!

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Time: 11.30am
Listening to: Random song

Hi everyone. This is shadowfox's friend. Sorry but she is not going to around at the moment, so i will be doing some posting work and such for her. She has gone AWOL with her workig and that. She texted me the other day to say if i coiuld update for her.
As i dont have the template to what she writes on its going to be rather plain at the moment.I am on the phone to her at the moment, she says she misses you a lot and she is at work.
She visited some sites in the morning before she goes to work but then she wont be able to after so i will be going to her site.
O, you can call me by my nick name she gives me, which is "mr. fantastic," i know, its weird but that's what she calls me.
Well i got to shoot, she says hi to you all and she might post from a internet point somewhere around her place at work tomorrow!

mr fantastic

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Random- Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Friends Links:

Mood: Hype hype hype!
Listening to: Random Song.
Time: 22.00pm

Helllllo everyone!

Today has been one hell of a day! I went out to see my friend and chill at their places today; it made a big difference not being at home like I have been for the past few days.
I am not going to post a story up today because I think what I am going to write up will hopefully be long enough, or it might just end up being one of the shortest posts I have ever done. But there is so much to write about.
But first things first:

I would like to start of with IT BEEN ONE YEAR for me on the otaku and I have made so many friends. Thanks for coming around to my site and commenting and thanks for the guestbook signs as well! A special thanks to KITABUG for being there for me, even through drunk and sober! Lol! O, and thanks for being such a good editor and keeping me going on the fanfics!

And now on for the day I had today. Well I was awake at 8 as I was excited to see my friends after such a long time and catch up with them! So I got ready was out the house by 9.30 and went to go and meet them. I met up first with my other friend, done some shopping, I was in need of some retail therapy as I have worked a lot and not done any shopping. So, I got some tops and that, after three hours of shopping we went to my other’s friends house to chill out.
Now here is where the fun starts.
It first started off with the sun glasses I was wearing, they said they made me look like a superstar, I do not know how, but they do. My friends tried them on and we took photos and posed, of course they made me pose as superman!! It was really funny, one posed at a gangster and the other was peace out kind of thing. Took some more random photos which I dare not to post up.
Then we hit the internet as they wanted to show me something they stumbled across, one of the sites was a harry potter creation of many comics which a artist had made and made them funny. Here is a link:
Simply Potterific Comics
They are so funny, when you have time I advise you to read through them, the artist has done a really good work on them!
And then I showed them the FF-AC clip they have on you tube which I saw on someone else otaku site (apologies to who it was as I cannot remember) it was titled Mr. Fluffy. Worth watching if you want a laugh!
So after watching the clip we thought we would go on and watch Advent Children, so we did. Of course with running commentary with it. I have to say, I am not entirely happy with the English dubbed version as some parts were completely out of sync with the words and mouth. As one of my friend’s had never watched FF in her life we had to explain the storyline to her, the deal with “mother” and “brother” which took a while as she kept going in to day dream land. But eventually she got it, but the conversation ended with “mrs krypto from krypton,” being “mother.” Rather weird ending to the conversation, but she got there eventually.
After watching FF-AC we went to watch a re-run of Jonathon Ross, Friday night show. Paul Bettany was on it! Yay, I have to say, he was well worth it for watch the Da Vinci Code and then Willian Shattner was on it too.
Then all of a sudden we went on to “disguising swear word,” because they were bleeping out the swear words that were on the show. As I have watched Madagascar I said “Sugar Honey Ice Tea,” and then my friend came out with “Super Human In Training,” which was another good one!
As it is late when I am posting I have not included all of everything that has happened so I would like to direct you to my friends Blog sites that they have and if possible comment on it please!
Original Dory’s Blog Spot
Erutan Xiku Blog Spot


********************************JOIN ANIME-YUME!*********************************

Forum news:
Job Hunting! Check forums to see if you can do them.


More words for your brain to pick on, remember it’s the first word that comes in to your head when you read it.

1. Climate
2. Primate
3. Beer
4. Sweet
5. Cry

Mine are:
1. Warm
2. Animal
3. Drink
4. Sour
5. Laugh

see you around!!


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