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Sunday, November 28, 2004

   Yay ^^
I think I'm learning how to use this site more and more, thanks to the people that have helped me out with everything ^_^ I really appreciate it and you know who you are ^^
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We set up the Christmas tree today... K-mart special XD My Oniichan works there, so we also got a discount, but he hates it... Oh well.. I would've never told the difference from the new tree to the last like 18 year old tree, lol (These trees aren't the real type..). The only thing I hate about puting up the christmas tree is the- ...ornaments!!
Dun..dun...dunnn!! XD

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   Cardcaptor Sakura vol 3:: This was a good manga ^^ This one she captures the mirror card, I like this one because it shows a bit of Toya's magic... (I already have the series when sakura's master of the clow..) And I'm thinking of getting the first one because that's when she captures 'The Watery' and 'The Illusion'. If you didn't know those are my favorite tarrot cards (Clow cards).
Naruto vol 5:: This volume wasn't one of my favorite mangas because it had to do with the competition..., but I don't read ahead so I'm stuck with these... It was okay, I thnk my favorite volume so far is the 3rd volume in Naruto ^^;; But I can't wait for the sixth one because at the end of Naruto 5, it was getting better..

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

   MALL!!! >_
Okay so the past 2 days, I have been going to mall, to get 15 dollars for the store, Well I have to wake up at 5 a.m. each morning X__x;; so much for my vacation. Today I went, my mom said the doors opened at 6 a.m. but they opened at 7!! So Dad and I went to the mall at 5:30 in the MORNING! And to add to it, it was freezing >_<; They weren't allowing kids under 16 get the cards (They only were passing out 100 of 'em) SO I had to take off my Kyou (^^) hat, and take it from them. I don't thin they really noticed me, which was good. That's one of my talents.. being invisible I should add that!! ^__^;;
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I'm really happy! Seven people have come to check out My little corner ^__^ (Page). Well that's good, and I have to find out my friend Rae-chan's name on here, so I can look at her journal ^^.
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Friday, November 26, 2004

I still have to do more updates and stuff.. I finally got the hang of stuff, somewhat..
I have to read Naruto and Wolf's Rain and I also got CCS the 3rd volume..

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Newbie (spelt how I want it to be ^^; )
Hi, I'm Komomo-chan, ^^ All the stuff on my left pretty much describes who I am XD. Oh well I want to try and edit everything to be how I like/Want it to be. I was wondering if anyone has ever hear of Dear? A manga made by Coca Fujiwara? It's really good ^^ but the third manga kinda drops off downhill form where it was in the 2nd manga.. Oh well. I also recently have gotten 'Wolf's Rain', I've only read like 3 pages )lo( and I can't say what I think of it. I haven't read much of it. Hopefully it's good.I think I'm gonna stop with Inu-yasha there are just too many mangas in the series.. I was looking through a Japanese Book store and they had like 50 mangas, Komomo's: WT-! 0__0;;
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