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Monday, January 31, 2005

   FMA Game
I finished the FMA game with Onii-chan today, it only took 3 days tod beat it :D
Well I'm hapy and something's wrong with this... website.. I need to figure it out soon XX Okay well Ja Ne

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ne Minna-san
How are you guys? I'm good I can't complain, I guess..
I'm starting my cosplay outfit tommorow, I went with Edward... man I'm too obsessed XX;;
-I just had my first Gaian Birthday yesterday. happy gaian b-day to meh? 0o;;

I got the 4th vol of Tsubasa today at the mall, I haven't read it but hope to. And I think I might watch FMA tonight, I want to atleast.

I kept on laughing in Mc. Donalds, cause I kept on calling it Mc Meaty's (From Invader Zim). I couldn't stop laughing I saw a sign with, 'Wonder bread', on it and started laughing really badly... don't worry I'm partly as sane as I can get, which is insane..
Uh yeah... Ja Ne!! ^__^

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Friday, January 28, 2005

   New Theme
Okay so I guess this is my Furuba theme. It might be slightly under construction.. not sure. Hope you enjoy it!! ^__^

I'm thinking of Cosplaying as either Ed from FMA or Chi from Chobits, because Rei-chan wants to be Dark Chi aka Faya, and it would be really cool.
I might be able to get Tsubasa vol 4 tonight! not sure yet ^^;; And I will probably get the fabrics too.
Ja Ne!!

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm thinking of Cosplaying as Sakura from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. I have a couple things planned out, I have to go to the fabric store and get some fabrics..
Well that's all I wanted to say;
Ja Ne!! ^______^

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Snow day?! Again!!
Sorry bout yesterday.. it just sucked X__x;;
Yes we got a snow day today ^^;; I made this huge snow mound and jumped on it it was fun. Man i have lots of hw to get done -__- I don't want to do any if you can tell XD

I played FMA, best game ever, 7 hours staright!! Just to show how much I have a life.. I should buy one on ebay ^__^;;

And I'll probably go to most of my friends sites to make up from yesterday.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Well >__
My tab key wont work T__T I used it so much too.... it was like.. my brother. Or something 0__o;;
Not happy bout what's happening at school..

I'm getting physically abussed by one of my good friends.. evidentally everyone in my class finds laughter out of my pain..
I got kicked by that person pretty hard, under the ankle, I collasped (Yet.. no one cared) and almost didn't go to scrabble club....
and I'm getting mentally abused by someone I hate.. My mom wanted to call the school I told her not to...
And my brother got mad at me so I don't think I'm gonna play much videogames (I haven't started FMA yet..)or any.. He hid all of the game counsel cords on me, and all the other wires. So everything is unplugged. Lovely isn't it?
I just suck at everything!! I think I'm gonna wind up returning my FMA game.. and Idk..
Ja Ne...

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Monday, January 24, 2005

   At School... of doomness?
I'm on at school.. I don't have much time so I wont go to anyone's websites.. I just felt special.. and Um... I'm gonna get Full metal Alchemist the videogame for PS2 and then I'll get the manga when it comes out.
We also had a 90 minute delay in the morning thanks to the snow ^^;;

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Blizzard of doom? O__o;;
OKay so... the storm wasn't that bad, and it's sunny (WTH?)... Okay so my perfect snow storm is gone, rawr. but we did get snow ^^;; I think I'll go to the beach to sled or someting... thought it might be hig tide, bad idea.. yeah nevermind Lol.
Well Denis asked Ryan out for me -__- even more grrness. I didn't know about this until I went on aim, or I-chat for mac Xx;; I'm really mad but I'm just gonna put it away until I get really angry.

On a better note (Damn I just felt dizzy..) I'm making a website about meh XD And I'm not done with it but maybe i can finish it today.
And Juvenile Orion the 5th vol was really good!! I'm happy I got the boxset too. And I wasn't able to find Sta-chan a present yet for her B-day...
Ja ne

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

   Impending snowstorm of doom!!
Go snow go!! Connecticut has a blizzard warning. Maybe no school on monday. Wait... that means I'm going to have to shovel with Onii-san. Oh well I might not be able to go watch the B-Ball game at my school..

Juvenile orion only has 5 mangas, I got the box set with the last volume, it also comes with A Tomonori and Tsukasa Keychains!!

Anyone heard of 'X'? It's made by clamp. I went to Block Buster and rented the movie.. or DVD and I haven't watched all of it but it's really cool!!

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Friday, January 21, 2005

   Sorry and finally ^__^;;;
Sorry I wasn't able to get to you guys yesterday Xx;;; I was studying for several tests. And this weekend will be pretty nice :D I think I'm gonna go see the boys in action playing b-ball XD I have to be a cheerleader (Note: I'm a tomboy Xx;;) yeah.. right I'm getting donations for the youth ministry.

I've been able to read the newest chapters on Fruits basket.. and I finally was able to read the vol 1 of Wolf's rain. Man... I love that anime now, and I was also able to watch one of the episodes ^_^ I love Toboe!! And.... I was thinking of getting the FMA game, since I found it $40.00 at K-mart!! YAY XD But I don't think I'm gonna get it even though Devore-san (Onii-chan's friend) said it was easy..
And my Grandma got me some anime magazine.. I hate it but I've been reading it and thinking about getting new type this weekend XD You gotta love the anime, right? I'm letting Ryan-chan read Fruits basket, He's confused because he can't read right to left. I'm trying to get him into anime.. I'll see how he goes with it...
Ja Ne!! ^____^

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