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Thursday, December 9, 2004

   Car accident..
My Onii-chan got into a car accident today, he didn't break anything but he bruised his knee (pretty well), and the whole front of his car is gone!
;_; I feel so bad for him because he doesn't deserve it, and plus the guy was going 50 mph and hit Onii-chan's front of the car and took it off. He didn't whind up going to work or school. I just feel really bad for him.

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   Lost in Japanese
I normally bother a teacher that does; Science, History, and Geography (Short on teachers); I'll call him.. Mr. B. 0_o;; And I speak to him in japanese it's really fun. And he asked me something about the Japanese and I didn't know so he says, "AHA! So you don't know everything about the Japanese! *evil smirk*" lol I haven't been speaking to him in japanese lately but when I do he speaks in spanish to me XD. It's pretty funny, I think it annoys him and plus a lot of people get nicknames, and I'm waiting to get one from him ^^;;;;;
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   School play
Everyone always hates the school play but we're forced- music grade X--x;; and then I have a part like 2 paragraphs I have to memorize. But it's halarious, it may not seem it but my friends and I always try to make fun of it, 'It's an all Australlian christmas!' (Supposed to be 'It's an all American christmas!') Lmao, it's halarious and then we scream the songs XD Were evil demon spawn. And, we had to write a sequel for the 'Love Letter' and my person dies in it from a broken heart, and I let Ry-chan read mine and he was crying (not really) during Pre-Algbra, He's like, "I give you a 9.8 Why'd you make him DIE!?" XD yesh.. sad romance novels my specialty!
**steals Shigure-san's glasses** ^__^

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   Kingdom Hearts (GBA)
*Is listening to 3 days grace* ...This is a very interesting game. It's good but, very complex Xb, if your good with the hanners then this is a game for you. It doesn't really start off from where you were in the PS2 game, but the card game thingie is scarey. Oh well it's good and I got past the Traverse town and I had the choice to choice between some towns and I chose Halloween town.
This is a very hard level and I already know who my boss is; Boogie Oogie man, he stole the potion (for true memories) and I have to go after him, And i have Jack skellington in my party XD He acted like he was going to betray us in the beginning and my reaction: 'Wt? 0__0;;" That's it for now Xb

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Wednesday, December 8, 2004

So far, I like this background. It looks pretty nice ^__^; It's Ayu from Kanon if you guys didn't know.
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I'm bored okay I think I'm gonna see if I can find some background stuff and add to my wedsite :D You'll know if anything is new if your on my friends and have been here. Also I know how to make tags so I think I might make a tag for my webbie ^__^; I'll just have to see what I can get done. I might be done with the DN Angel background.. hmn.
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yuck... I almost fainted in church, or something. I got all light headed and stuff. Thanks to my evil spanish teacher she brought me to the school and my step dad picked me up X__x; I've been home for a bit; toast w/ peanut butter... yum ^^;; Yeah and all I've been doing is watching my step dad wrap presents and helping him put them into boxes so mom can't figure out what they are (All she has to do is shake the box and she alreadt knows what it is..) And then I read the 2nd vol of Imadoki ^__^ I loved it, I kept on reading it over.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2004

   NJHS Inductee XD
So now I am apart of the NJHS, because we had the meeting today and I got pinned by my Dad. And it was pretty funny XD 'Cause my step Dad would take pictures with his big camera and then I was embarrased coming up to where I had to sit.
I guess I have so many mixed feeling about today.. I can't say it was the best, or the worst. And I have to study for 2 tests tommorow. So I have no idea what to tell you. I'll most likely post again when I can figure them out for myself.

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   End of day..
Eep *puts bag over her head* I was pretending to be Ry-chan and Chris-san kept on saying, "Chelsea loves you Ryan!!" And was yelling it so everyone could hear. and then she would say things like, "Chelsea, Ryan loves you!" He must have been so embarrassed. It was supposed to be a secret. I don't think I can really trust her anymore. My trust is hard to get, and she just lost it..., completely.
Um, if you were wondering my real name is Chelsea. .__. So now ryan knows and then I went to give ryan back something and I went into his bus room and Kathleen says, "Hey Ryan your girl-friend is here!" I was so embarrassed I couldn't even look at Ry-chan when I gave his thing back. >_<;; And I tried to tell Stacy-san what happened but she wouldn't listen to me cause I ignored her because whenever I looked back to Stacy-san, alex would look back at me then Stacy-san. So I just acted like no one was talking to me... Komomo is a bad girl ;_;

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Monday, December 6, 2004

Ruroni Kenshin 09
Rae-chan also let me borrow Ruroken, the ninth one. I like to borrow manga since I'm the one who's giving it out all the time X__x;; I haven't really finished I should probably finish it soon, by tommorow, so I wont have to read it all week XD
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