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Monday, December 6, 2004

   Rae's manga
Okay, so I think she's starting the cover today.. It will look really spiff, and stuff because she's great at drawing anime/manga. I suck at it, though I should try to draw at times. I'm not bad but I'm not good so Xb.
I still have to do some pre algebra, my math teacher gave us so much home work, -__-;; it's so un fair oh well, I can't change anything right ;_;? And I still want to update some stuff on here ^_~ (when I can.. *sigh*)

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It snowed today ^__^ In school, I was sooo happy (Emi: That's super cool!- comic party). Except when Ry-chan kept pretending to swallow stapels.
And I also have gotten confirmed by Rae-chan, that she was going to the Otakon, she said I was also invited too. I hope I can go, I have to ask my mom... she might say 'yes'. And plus I'm not doing much in the summer. If I whind up going I'm gonna cosplay as an anime Char, Not sure which one yet. I'll probably paste some ideas on here XD

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Sunday, December 5, 2004

   New York...
From baby sitting yesterday I saw the 5th episode of FMA, it was good. Don't know if anyone else has seen it either. But it was my first one and I think I'm going to try to watch it every saturday and I was wondering if it was a short series? If anyone could tel me thanks a bunch.
And New york? I got a shirt that says, 'I do whatever the voices inside my head tell me to do...'. It's halarious (Sp?) And then I went to Kinokuniya a Japanese book store and I kept on getting lost with my grandma, wrong directions and then I got there (finally) and I found the Furuba art book, it's been out for a while but I was happy I found it. and I'm dead tired, head hurts and I think I'm going to bed. I also saw the radio christmas thingie.. it was good..

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Saturday, December 4, 2004

I didn't find fruits basket yet, YET! lol I'll get it soon, I actually read a new series called 'Imadoki' It's a really cute light manga, and it's very funny. I read the 1 vol at the book store and got the second, they alreayd have the 3rd out I'll probably read that at the store too XD And then I also found D.N. Angel 5th vol. I wont be able to read both because I have to study for a huge science test >_<;; I don't want to butI think I should, and I'm going to NY tommorow, so I'll have to study on the train and when I get back at 7 p.m. I have to wake up at 6 a.m. tommorow, from Baby sitting tonight, until 1 a.m.! I'm gonna be soo dead and plus yesterday I didn't go to bed until- 11 p.m. Bad Chelser-chan *hits self with boken lightly*
And I'm also entering a contest, it's Yote-san's you should ask her if your interested in joining, it sounds like a lot of fun too! ^^

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National Junior Honor Society!!
I applied and got accepted, (next try for Spanish NJHS, which I don't think I can get into that, I just want the medal XD)!! Which is erily (Not spelt correctly) Because I can't spell words right and I'm an Honor student, I wish I was 'High Honors' but probably I can do better, but I don't like to study, at LEAST, I study for tests XD Some of my friends don't and regret it but act all cool about it.

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   KH game? Do I or don't I?
I think I want to get the Kindom hearts game that just came out. I've been debating slightly. I like rpgs and I loved KH but I just don't like the cards that's how you attack.. 0__o;; I think I have issues with cards or something. My Onii-chan wanted to get some type of card dueling game, I'm not into these and he's like but it's fun!!. >_<;; We didn't get it, its just not my thing.
I also had a strange dream, if people learn things about me it's this; that I believe in Tarrot cards and I believe dreams have special signs and can foretell a little of your future. Maybe I'm getting way into this magik thing (not harry potter Xx;;)

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Friday, December 3, 2004

   Yay ^^
I get to go to the dance tonight, I should be getting fururba and DN Angel volume 5, I have volume 5 in japanese but being able to read it should be even better lol, I'm probably going to play Super smash brothers mele with Onii-chan too, well when he gets out of the shower at least, We had a half day at school, and then at one point we just turned on the t.v. Everyone was watching teletubies, Komomo's reaction: 'Wt.. 0__o;;' The classic, and everyone's like, "Listen to the wise baby sun," Lmao. I got a little homework done. I thought of this really cool poem at 4 im the morning and was going to write it down and I forgot it but it was really good u__u;; Oh well, hopefully I remember it soon...
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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

I did't have that good of a day today. We wound up having to write almost a full page in spanish about a made up soccer game.. 0__o;; yeah, and then at lunch it wasn't a pretty site for me and Chris. She said Becky wasn't trustworthy but of course I glared and said she's more than she thinks Becky is. Becky can let things slip at times but not on purpus. And at least Becky doesn't tell anyone 'bout my grandma!!
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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

   My manga ^^;;
I asked Rei-chan (SN: Rumiko-chan) if she wanted to join the mangas together, since we've both decided to do ones. I'm not too sure what to do mine on but hopefully most of it will be in japanese, the pages with the author (myself) on them those will be in color. Rei-chan's will be close based to Zelda but... not really. If we do join them together I was telling her that we will make copies ^^;; I hope she agrees because I think it will be a lot of fun. I'll get back to this topic a little later probably tommorow..
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Monday, November 29, 2004

   >_< Feeling ___
I don't feel so good, -_-;; my mom just says that it's a pulled muscle, but it hurts really badly. Oww.. >_<;;
And on another side note, I'm actually trying to write a manga in... JAPANESE! (Dun dun dunn..) I think it will be hard but a good accomplishment, I think it will be good because I'm getting better at drawing and japanese XD (Has to get better at eyes..)
And I finished reading a new type magazine, it was last month's issue and I think I'm gonna read another back issue, hopefully if I have the time tonight ^^;;

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