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Friday, December 17, 2004

Tonight I get to go to Youth Ministry's Christmas Caroling thing. Tonight is also my Christmas eve, with my mom's side of the family. I'm spending X-mas in florida with my Dad's side. It will be fun. I also caught some type of sore-throat. It's a little itchy and scratchy so crackers get easily stuck in my throat I was chocking at lunch XD lol. Oh well and I get to see Ry-chan at YM!!! ^__^ I'm muy-happy.
Well I never really got a chance to do anything I wanted to get done yesterday so maybe I can do it now, since we were supposed to have a Spanish test but we're having it on Monday -__-;;; and I had chores on tues and thurs...

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

For some reason I went to most of my friends sites, and I plan to go to the rest today if I can. and the play was fun because I was supposed to have this book that had my lines in them and then I went to resite them when I opened the book they weren't in there I panicked. But I happened to remember my lines better then most people XD, Ry-chan said my part was the best because I was jumping around with wide eyes, realizing I didn't have my lines Xb Oh well...
And on a better line, I guess if you can say it's better I'm close to beating the Monstro stage in KH... And I have a huge spanish test. I really don't want to study for it, but she's gonna have time stuff we did last year on it >_< And then we have mid-terms when we get back from X-mas brake. Some Merry Christmas right? -__-;;;
I think that's it. I'll come back and add anything else.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Okay so I joined another FB rp besides my own on Gaia. But sometimes I get bored, her name happens to be, "Shino" I couldn't think of anything else and then she's the Tiger of the Juunishi, because it's Next Generation (I own one that's like that :D).
Tonight is our school play, can't say I'm happy about it but we have to wear these fake Santa hats and some strange scarves XD lol. Oh well **starts singing** -__-

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Monday, December 13, 2004

   Yay ^^
It's snowing or was snowing or still is ^__^;; Oh well at least it was a fluffy flurrie snowy um.. thingie ^^
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   Today Sucked
Okay to go along with the suckingness of my day :) Let's count them down, Shall we?
01. Becky-chan got yelled at by Chris-san, for asking a question, Obviously Chris-san didn't know or didn't want to talk.
02. I got stuck into the group with Ry-chan, Rishi-san, and Chris-san. Denis-san wanted to be in the group I was in because all of his group members weren't doing anything. Guess who switched with him :D ? Then Ry-chan wanted me back I didn't answer him for the whole period. And then she was talking with an accent, she was trying to act Ghetto.
03. Then both Chris-san's sat with us at Lunch when Becky-chan and I go to the older girls to get away from Chris-san who is mean to Becky-chan >_<; Kathleen and Kelly asked if I went to Six flags with Ry-chan because they got onto the topic of me and Ry-chan so I said, "No, I never went with ryan.. o__o" And I have but I found out Denis told because they were bothering him about it -__-;;
04. I tried to play Capture the flag with my class, and Denis-san would'nt allow me so he said to talk to Zack-kun. I went to Zack-kun and he ignored me, Me: o__o .... 0__o;; X__x; So then I started not to talk for the entire day since no one could care less to what happens to me..
05. Pre-aljebra period and Ry-chan's like, "Chelsea, Chelsea!" And Rishi's like, "She's angry at you." I still didn't comment.
06. Then when I was sitting by myself still not talking to anyone, Ry-chan runs by my desk and says, "Are you mad at me?" No reply from me and then he's like, "Oh okay cool." I still didn't say anything 0__o
07. My friends in the older grade asked if I was okay and I just nodded so, that's how my day went. :D Let's not do this again, Arigatou! ^__^

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

I found Images of Imadoki, and I have just found out they only have 5 volumes so I might whind up buying them all because I only have the second volume but I've read 1 and 3 vols in the series so far. And I think I might put one up here ^__^;; I have to see what I can do..
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Last night I wanted to watch FMA but I decided, if it's not a long series (Like Inu-yasha) Then they might put it out on The Anime Network ^^;; And then I was going to set my alarm clock but I didn't, I guess I was too tired. I'm still disapointed in myself for not doing it -__-;;
I got past Hades, the part I was stuck on ^__^; and then I decided to go into Monstro, the impossible task, I think I'm lost in there XD.
I went to my grandma's house and did her tree, and ate lunch... And Now I have to study for Geography test on Monday >_<; But I think I'm gonna clean my room first Xb

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

I just made this button, and it took 2 hours! >_<; I had another pic I wanted and I was editing it with black background when I noticed the frame thingie wasn't visable so I started over, on a new pic! I like this one and I hope you guys like it too ^__^;; It was pretty easy and probably took about a half hour to 45 mins to make this one since I'm new to button making X_x;; XD

I think I'm gonna get offline right after I check something in my guild on, Gaiaonline. And I'm gonna do some Hw too X__x;;

Ja Ne ^__^;;

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   KH (GBA)
*evil laugh, then chokes* I'm on the 5th level in Kh and then I went to the Colliseum, thinking 'sure this will be easy..' Well I had to fight Cloud (K-chan: Gomen Ne!, Cloud-san! >_<;), and I beat him, then I had to fight Hades! Grr, I never )(NEVER!)( Lost a battle and this is my first lose.. >_< I was at lv. 18! And Now I have to start the level over, I'm just afriad that I'm at lv. 14 again >_<;; and then I have to fight all those Heartless, grab cards go through doors, and race to the finish line do all that stuff again >__< rawr.. I guess videogames were meant to be challenging, Oh well, I need to beat that level today ^__~ And I will. K-chan always tries her best, and sucks at the video-games! XD
That's a promise Xb

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Friday, December 10, 2004

)(Field trip)(
I got to sit next to Ry-chan when we saw the Orchestra at some collegue, we made fun of the Conducter (sorry Xx;;) because at times it looked like he was; having a sword fight with himself, doing the robot, having a spasim, and then... he disaperated (disappeared and evaporated XD)! We were talking to eachother when we weren't supposed to be and then they killed meh with the HP songs Xb
And now we have to write a 100 word report on the band, what we saw, music we heard, which was our favorite performance, and all the other stuff you put into a report! ^^;;

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