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Well well well!!!!.....welcome to the convoluded, crazy, highspeed highway that is my mind, enjoy the ride!!!!!

^Kitsune Foxfire did this....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Inspired by a woman's scorn
Here are a couple of songs i wrote that i want to share now. Also this gives me a post since its been awhile.

Bleeding by Jeri Conaway II

Walking in time, walking in my own mind
Donít know if I'm asleep or am awake, Images of you passing in front of me, the more I see the more I love you.
Yet here I am, a man thatís broken down
The swords are sharp the wounds are deep
You wield that sword and slay me with your words
And here I kneel my heart bleeding
Losing my lifeís essence
Wishing for redemption in your unspoken eyes

I cry, bleeding my heart
Breaking apart
Falling into the void
Will I ever find my way again

Your first wound hurt me, but I was getting better
But then you had to puncture me again
Cause the first wound to fester
My hearts getting colder
As I bleed my lifeís essence
Loving you without question
Trying to make me hate you
But it wonít work
Even though my heart is bleeding
Still I stand here singing
The love I have for you
Never fading, never dying, never going away

This previous song is still a work in progress.

Grassy Knoll by Jeri Conaway II

Lying up upon the knoll,
We would stare at the stars together,
I swore when I looked into your eyes,
That there were stars shining in there

Then one day she left this land
Leaving me behind
And still every night I lie upon the knoll
And I watch those stars in the sky

So tell me when does a true love meet
When does a true love end
I do, I still love her still
I still have to love her yet

Working through the emotions
I tend my fields and sell my goods
Some nights when im on that knoll
I am there till the morning light

So tell me when does a true love meet
When does a true love end
I do, I still love her still
I still have to love her yet

Tell me when does a true love meet
When does a true love end
I still love her, I still love her still
I still have to love her yet

Let me know what you think....i write songs and poems from time to time, i find it hard to share cause im always feeling they aren't good, let me know what you think.

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Saturday, June 3, 2006

So i haven't posted in awhile again. Summer has been hectic with my summer position with Res. Life and then trying to find myself a job off campus that pays. I could walk into McDonald's and have a job on the spot, but im hesitant and waiting to see what happens with the really nice hotel in town for a job. I'll catch ya'll later and sorry to those who have signed my guestbook and added me as friends that i havn't gotten to....sorry things have and continue to be crazy laterz
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Posting again
I have been very busy with class and trying to get things done. This has left me little time to enjoy May and also left me behind on several things...grrrr. well im posting again so yay! I have recently been invited as a cameo character in kitsune foxfire's and friends online comic. THL Satan...he he he....well several of them have pictures of who would play them if there were ever a tv series or movie made im guessing, well i found who would play my character cause he has the right look for it....Kevin Smith, the guy who was Ares (thier spelling not mine) in the Hercules show.
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