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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Yo mina-san.

*Takes deep breaths* I just got done reading Gravitation volume 3 and....OMG I need more!!! I have more, but it's two in the morning and I have ta' go to bed, I'm going to be sooo sleepy in the morning. Well, night.


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Saturday, April 2, 2005


How do you guys like the new layout? And, I finally got some pics to show you from the con!! Yay!!

Here's the link:

[link]And, I'm Haku from Naruto in all of em'.


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Monday, March 28, 2005

The magnificent third day!!! Yay!!!

Wow, today was like jammed-packed with things, well, not really jammed-packed but pretty packed lol.

Well, lets begin with last night. Last night, after we came home and stuff my mom told me that she told Aaron and his mom that I would burn him the Ninja of the Night AMV and The Narutrix AMV along with some Naruto episodes. Since I figured that they wouldn't have DivX (the program you need to have installed before you can watch any bittorrent downloads, or any other types of things like that) so I was up typeing a very long and detailed tutorial on how to install it for them. With like a ton of pics to go along side it. I really enjoyed making it, it just took like forever. Then, after all of that stuff was done, I went to burn some Naruto episodes for him. My computer somehow messed up all of my blank discs so I had to bun it onto blank cds instead of blank dvds, and using my parents computer. And with the blank cds I could only burn 3 episodes onto one disc and it was taking forever, plus it was almost 2 a.m. so I only got to get him episodes 1 thru 9. Then after that I went to bed hopeing my mom would wake me up early enough to go see Aaron coz' the next day (Sunday) was his last day.

So, I woke up all panick-struck, afraid that it was like really super late, and found out that it was 11 a.m. so I totally freaked, got out of my bed as fast as I could, was running to the door and I slipped and fell down landing in an ninja pose gone wrong and hurt my toe and knee. My knee still hurts but my toe is fine. Moving on though, I went out to find that my mom was sitting in her pjs still and just woke up like thirty minutes ago. Then I went into a total crazy "Omg we are going to not to get to see Aaron" frenzy. Lol, but we got there and saw Aaron on time. I also brought the Naruto stuff and my Full Metal Alchemist wall scroll for Travis (who plays Roy Mustang), Colleen (who plays Rose and Hawkeye), and Aaron (who plays Alphonse Elrick) to sign. Well, lol, since I am Aaron's pal I didn't get in the line and just waited around chatting with his mom and my mom. Lol, and before Travis and Colleen sogned it Aaron's mom got him to come down from his post to sign mine first! (Yay! I feel sooo special! ^^) But, then my mom had this idea for me to go and make Aaron put something more personal on it, so he wrote (in print) "Was the sushi good smelling?" since I went out and ate sushi with him, lol. Then after all of the signing was done my mom told me to run up to Travis and ask him to take a pic with her and he did!! Lol, he is like really tall so she stood on one of the stage steps to take a picture with him, lol. After the pic was taken and while we started to walk off I told Travis, "My mom thinks you're HOT!!!" And he just grinned as my mom blushed, lol, while I gigled at the fact that she was blushing and he had that "Yeah, so, what's new?" grin on his face. Lol.

After all of that fun, we all went to the game room, and my mom was going back to the house to get the laptop for Aaron and me to watch some Naruto on it. So, Aaron went back to his tiny Halo II corner to go play with them, coz' he's a hard-core gammer (or so his mom says, lol). And I went over to the place where they were playing DDR, and I was like, "omg no way...." coz' they were all crazy Heavy mode players and we were playing the Japanese verson (Yay!). When my mom got back, Aaron's mom asked us if we were hungry and told us that she instisted on buying us lunch, since we treated them yesterday. So, we went to the restraunt inside of the Hotel, it was pretty good too. It was only me, Aaron's mom, and my own mom that ate though coz' we couldn't drag Aaron out of the game room, lol. After we ate we went to the game room again, (Oh, and I forgot to ell you that before my mom got back with the laptop we went to the vendors and Aaron bought volumes 3-5 or 6 I really don't remember but then as my mom got back, I was playing Standard mode DDR and Sasuke who was now dressed as Haku was cheering me on! ^^ I felt so loved! Oh and she is getting married this Friday, yay for her!!) only got Aaron out of it by saying that my mom was back with the laptop and that we could watch Naruto on it. Lol. So, we went to Aaron's hotel room and watched the first episode while eating grapes together (lol). After that we got into this huge pillow fight that lasted like 20 minutes (lol) and when ever he got tired he would make up excusese like, "Well, she's older then me." or, "I haven't had a pillow fight in a looooong time." Lol. We were having a lot of fun too!! ^^ Lol, I'm good at aiming for heads in pillow fights, so, I had to trade him pillows (since he claimed his was fluffier and mine was harder, lol). It was a ton of fun though.

Then, we left the con and went to go and eat. After we ate we went to a boling alley where I could play some awsome DDR and I played for like 30 minutes straight on Standard mode. And this one guy who worked there gave me a coin b/c I think he thought I was good at it. ^^ After playing my last round, and as we were walking off the dude that gave me the coin started playing Heavy mode, so I went back to watch him and I was all O.O. Coz' it was soooo crazy fast. The first sond he did was Love Shine, my all time favorite!!! And he rocked! The second was Rhythem and Police, I love that one too but I can only do that on Light mode. And the last one he did was sooo fast it was like "omg no way...." He said that he was working on it, so that's why he failed it but he was so awsome in the begining. And, now here I am and it's like almost ten p.m. and I have school tomarrow >.> coz' they only gave me one week of spring break, and it's not even like they are going to give me a long summer, we only get like 2 months! But, night everyone, ja ne. And sometime in the next few days I'll pist pics from the Con.


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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Second day!!! W00t!!

Omigawd, I have had soooo much fun in the Con!!! n.n

Thanks for all of the good luck wishing, with the Cosplay Contest! I didn't win but it was really fun! It took like for ever to get it to start though! But, it was great fun!

Oh, and like before that we had this huge Naruto photo shoot, and we were all in the picture except Naruto!!! He showed up like 1 hour later!!! But, we still got really awsome pics. Oh, and a couple of awsome scenes that we did were like soooo awsome!!! XD One was when I (Haku) jumped in front of Zabuza when Kakashi was stabbing Zabuza with his Chidori! And another was when Naruto was all crazily punching me and Sasuke was laying there dead with Sakura crying over him. It was soooo awsome! And in the group picture we were like standing there for like 3 hours coz' so many people were taking pictures.

And I made a new friend, well, a couple! Yay!!! One of them were cosplaying as Sasuke (from Naruto)and she was like 21!!!! And I was all omg no way... And she was all Yes way!!! It was like sooooo fun! And tomarrow she is going as Haku too, coz' we all know he's the femmy bomb, and we are going to walk around together. She is going to be like the dead bloody Haku and I'm the live and kicking Haku. Sooo, fun! XD

And my other new pal, is soooo awsome too!!! You guys so will not belive this, you know Al from Full Metal Alchemist? Well, I'm friend's with his voice actor, w00t!! Lol, I was like the the first girl ever to swing my arm around him and take a pic with him. Lol, when I did that he was all grinning and blushing and looking down coz' he was probably shy or something. Lol, it was really funny, I'll post the pic. Oh, and his first name is Aaron, I forget his last name, I belive it starts with a D. Ooo and tomarrow we are going to go and see if he will sign my wall scroll of Full Metal Alchemist!!! He's like a really nice kid, lol, and I got him hooked on Naruto manga! Score!!! Plus, we took him and his mom out to lunch at this Korean place and I we drank Japanese Soda together!!! ^^ He has like a really awsome personality too! Lol. And I ate luch with him like twice today! First we had ramen at the con and the girl Sasuke was all "Omg!!! Haku is eathing with him!! One of our special guests!!" Lol, well, that's what she told me while we were waiting in line to start the cosplay, well, while I was waiting in line, but she kept me company ^^.

Most of the people I met were awsome too! Especialy Sasuke and Aaron!!! Ooo and this one Kakashi that was there. n.n I had a really great time. Oh and I'll post all of the pics once they're done, until tomarrow night, have fun and see you around!


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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Man, today has been a looooong day!!! Coz' I went to my first Anime Con today!!! Yay!!!

Like I didn't pre-register for it, so my dad went in at six in the morning to get a few tickets and it turned out he got the last one left!!!! So the we were all trying to make a fake copy so my parents could get in, and it turned out really awsome, lol, just like my real copy. But, when we got there it turned out that we didn't even need a badge, they weren't even checking.

And what's cooler is that my dad works with the sister of the mother of the guy who stated and coordinated the Anime Convention. And what was somewhat cool was that the mother was also the mother to the voice actor of Heero from Fruits Basket and Al from Full Metal Alchemist. Plus her like cousin is a director for Funimation! Isn't that like so awsome?

But anyways, as soon as I took 5 steps trying to make it to the main entrance a person had already stopped me and asked me to take a picture, since this was my first time lol, I din't know what kind of poses to strike so I kind of just stood there lol. But after like the first 15 pictures for the other like 75 I struck some cool poses lol. It was really fun too!!! Like at first I didn't have any needles to go with my Haku outfit (yes I was dressed as Haku from Naruto with the mask on my face) but then later today I got some and went back to the Con.

This was just like my first Con and my first Cosplay and like 50-ca-zillion people were takeing pics of me and with me. Lol, this one dude took like 13 but I think he was either doing it for the internet or a magazine coz' he was doing it with the good cosplays.

Plus I'm first in the line-up for the cosplay contest!!! And I am sooooo excited!!! It's tomarrow and right now it's like twelve-thirty so I had better get going to sleep after this but there is still soooo much to tell you!!!!!

Like that tomarrow I am goin to a lil' lunch type thing with a bunch of Naruto and Inuyasha Cosplayers!!!! First we are going to take some pictures, which I will put up here for you people to see, and then we are going to sit down and eat!!! Yay!! We all brought stuff so it's going to be pretty darn cool.

Lol, and in this one pic, that I have to show you guys, someone who Cosplayed as Kakashi was doing a Thousand Years of Pain move on me while I was strikeing my Krazy Demonic Ice Mirors pose, lol!! I soo can't wait!!

Oh, and I just visited your guys sites. They all rocked! XD So does the Con!!! XD But, gots to go, byez!!! Oh, and I posted new art a few days ago if ya' didn't know, so if ya' want you can take a peek and maybe rate! Ja mata!! ^^


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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Demon Dairy...

Omigawd!!! *Puts on Rae's happy puppy face* I just finished reading Demon Dairy!!!! I was sooo goood!!!!!! I <3ed it!!! I think that every person who likes really soft (no kissin') shonen-ai should read it. It's not that anyone has crushes on anyone but...Never mind dat, you must read it thou! And I'm going to draw a Rae fan art, well, try to atleast lol.


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I just read some really, really hard core SasuNaru yaoi doujin and *gets all excited* it was soooo awsome!!!! XD I'm sorry to those of you who are reading this and dislike yaoi, but, it was sooooooo good!!! *Drools* *Is being a total pervert* Teehehehe! I wish my pal was online so I could gross him out more and like talk to him about SasuNaru hard core. Teehehehe! *Sighs* But no one is online coz' it's 2 in the morning, so I guess I had better get off. Oh and by the way, I'm not always like this soooo....I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not always supper nutty and pervy as I am now. So I bid all of you a fair night and if you have any doujin of SasuNaru please send them to me! Ja ne.


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Lil' sumthin' for te' fan girls like me......

The pages in this doujin go down in order starting with the cover.

I have gotten permission from
to display the doujin here. I have made it so on this post you will NOT be able to save the pics, how ever if you wish to download the pics please vist
and download it from their site, for I am not allowed to distribte their scanilations. The cleaning up and translation of the doujin was done by

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the doujin. Oh wait, here's the info on it:

Manga: Naruto
Titile Tentaikansoku
Circle: Yukigakure
Manga-ka (authors): Ichihara Tetuno, Maria, Kazane Rampuru
Pairing: SasuNaru
Age Rating(Not that you'd care): 13+

Pg 1:
Page one/Cover

Pg 2:
Page Two

Pg 3:
Page Three

Pg 4:
Page Four

Pg 5:
Page Five

Pg 6:
Page 6

Pg 7:
Page Seven

Pg 8:
Page Eight

Pg 9:
Page Nine

Pg 10:
Page Ten

Pg 11:
Page Eleven

Pg 12:
Page Twelve

Pg 13:
Page thirteen

Pg 14:
Page Fourteen

Pg 15:
Page Fifteen

Pg 16:
Page Sixteen

Pg 17:
Page Seventeen

Pg 18:
Page Eighteen

Pg 19:
Page Nineteen

Pg 20:
Page Twenty

Pg 21:
Page Twenty-one

Pg 22:
Page Twenty-two

Pg 23:
Page Twenty-three

Pg 24:
Page Twenty-four

Pg 25:
Page Twenty-five

Pg 26:
Page Twenty-six

Pg 27:
Page Twenty-seven

Pg 28:
Page Twenty-eight

Pg 29:
Page Twenty-nine

Pg 30:
Page Thrity

Pg 31:
Page Thirty-one

Pg 32:
Page Thirty-two

Pg 33:
Page Thirty-three

Pg 34:
Page Thirty-four

Pg 35:
Page Thirty-five

Pg 36:
Page Thirty-six

Pg 37:
Page Thirty-seven

Pg 38:
Page Thirty-eight

Pg 39:
Page Thirty-nine

Pg 40:
Page Fourty

Pg 41:
Page Fourty-one

Pg 42:
Page Fourty-two

Credits Page:
Credits Page

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading that!!! I know I shure did. Lol, my favorite one was the one where Naru and Sasu were star gazing. XD So kawaii!!!! Catch ya' later!


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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So true, so true.

You're a Shounen-ai fangirl

Are you a yaoi fangirl?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Monday, March 21, 2005

   You guys must read this:

"...One more question, from one high-collared cool guy to another. Why is it that when I ask girls if they want to see my worm, they slap me and run away? Seriously, my worms are the COOLEST. They're squishy...and long...and sometimes they get hard if you touch them right..." -Shino
Sasuke: ... Um... Okay. The first interpretation of your "worm" that you're saying it as a invertebrate. ... Maybe girls just don't like bugs and squishy or slimy things. I mean, maybe people in general don't like squishy and slimy things. I know I don't like bugs. So maybe you should show them a spider? I saw Sakura eat a spider once. Okay. Second interpretation of your "worm". ... I wouldn't want to see it either. So please keep your pants on. >_>;;
Naruto: ... uhh?? What Sasuke said! x_x Bugs scare me; I admit it! They're so icky! I only reason didn't squeak during the Chunnin Exam while you were fighting that Sound dude is because Hinata and Sakura was there!! That's so gross, though! -Girlish scream.- Oh, and your worm!! That reminds me of my ... that thing.. you know... x_o that thing.

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