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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Man, today has been a looooong day!!! Coz' I went to my first Anime Con today!!! Yay!!!

Like I didn't pre-register for it, so my dad went in at six in the morning to get a few tickets and it turned out he got the last one left!!!! So the we were all trying to make a fake copy so my parents could get in, and it turned out really awsome, lol, just like my real copy. But, when we got there it turned out that we didn't even need a badge, they weren't even checking.

And what's cooler is that my dad works with the sister of the mother of the guy who stated and coordinated the Anime Convention. And what was somewhat cool was that the mother was also the mother to the voice actor of Heero from Fruits Basket and Al from Full Metal Alchemist. Plus her like cousin is a director for Funimation! Isn't that like so awsome?

But anyways, as soon as I took 5 steps trying to make it to the main entrance a person had already stopped me and asked me to take a picture, since this was my first time lol, I din't know what kind of poses to strike so I kind of just stood there lol. But after like the first 15 pictures for the other like 75 I struck some cool poses lol. It was really fun too!!! Like at first I didn't have any needles to go with my Haku outfit (yes I was dressed as Haku from Naruto with the mask on my face) but then later today I got some and went back to the Con.

This was just like my first Con and my first Cosplay and like 50-ca-zillion people were takeing pics of me and with me. Lol, this one dude took like 13 but I think he was either doing it for the internet or a magazine coz' he was doing it with the good cosplays.

Plus I'm first in the line-up for the cosplay contest!!! And I am sooooo excited!!! It's tomarrow and right now it's like twelve-thirty so I had better get going to sleep after this but there is still soooo much to tell you!!!!!

Like that tomarrow I am goin to a lil' lunch type thing with a bunch of Naruto and Inuyasha Cosplayers!!!! First we are going to take some pictures, which I will put up here for you people to see, and then we are going to sit down and eat!!! Yay!! We all brought stuff so it's going to be pretty darn cool.

Lol, and in this one pic, that I have to show you guys, someone who Cosplayed as Kakashi was doing a Thousand Years of Pain move on me while I was strikeing my Krazy Demonic Ice Mirors pose, lol!! I soo can't wait!!

Oh, and I just visited your guys sites. They all rocked! XD So does the Con!!! XD But, gots to go, byez!!! Oh, and I posted new art a few days ago if ya' didn't know, so if ya' want you can take a peek and maybe rate! Ja mata!! ^^


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