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Monday, March 21, 2005

   You guys must read this:
"...One more question, from one high-collared cool guy to another. Why is it that when I ask girls if they want to see my worm, they slap me and run away? Seriously, my worms are the COOLEST. They're squishy...and long...and sometimes they get hard if you touch them right..." -Shino
Sasuke: ... Um... Okay. The first interpretation of your "worm" that you're saying it as a invertebrate. ... Maybe girls just don't like bugs and squishy or slimy things. I mean, maybe people in general don't like squishy and slimy things. I know I don't like bugs. So maybe you should show them a spider? I saw Sakura eat a spider once. Okay. Second interpretation of your "worm". ... I wouldn't want to see it either. So please keep your pants on. >_>;;
Naruto: ... uhh?? What Sasuke said! x_x Bugs scare me; I admit it! They're so icky! I only reason didn't squeak during the Chunnin Exam while you were fighting that Sound dude is because Hinata and Sakura was there!! That's so gross, though! -Girlish scream.- Oh, and your worm!! That reminds me of my ... that thing.. you know... x_o that thing.

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