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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Second day!!! W00t!!
Omigawd, I have had soooo much fun in the Con!!! n.n

Thanks for all of the good luck wishing, with the Cosplay Contest! I didn't win but it was really fun! It took like for ever to get it to start though! But, it was great fun!

Oh, and like before that we had this huge Naruto photo shoot, and we were all in the picture except Naruto!!! He showed up like 1 hour later!!! But, we still got really awsome pics. Oh, and a couple of awsome scenes that we did were like soooo awsome!!! XD One was when I (Haku) jumped in front of Zabuza when Kakashi was stabbing Zabuza with his Chidori! And another was when Naruto was all crazily punching me and Sasuke was laying there dead with Sakura crying over him. It was soooo awsome! And in the group picture we were like standing there for like 3 hours coz' so many people were taking pictures.

And I made a new friend, well, a couple! Yay!!! One of them were cosplaying as Sasuke (from Naruto)and she was like 21!!!! And I was all omg no way... And she was all Yes way!!! It was like sooooo fun! And tomarrow she is going as Haku too, coz' we all know he's the femmy bomb, and we are going to walk around together. She is going to be like the dead bloody Haku and I'm the live and kicking Haku. Sooo, fun! XD

And my other new pal, is soooo awsome too!!! You guys so will not belive this, you know Al from Full Metal Alchemist? Well, I'm friend's with his voice actor, w00t!! Lol, I was like the the first girl ever to swing my arm around him and take a pic with him. Lol, when I did that he was all grinning and blushing and looking down coz' he was probably shy or something. Lol, it was really funny, I'll post the pic. Oh, and his first name is Aaron, I forget his last name, I belive it starts with a D. Ooo and tomarrow we are going to go and see if he will sign my wall scroll of Full Metal Alchemist!!! He's like a really nice kid, lol, and I got him hooked on Naruto manga! Score!!! Plus, we took him and his mom out to lunch at this Korean place and I we drank Japanese Soda together!!! ^^ He has like a really awsome personality too! Lol. And I ate luch with him like twice today! First we had ramen at the con and the girl Sasuke was all "Omg!!! Haku is eathing with him!! One of our special guests!!" Lol, well, that's what she told me while we were waiting in line to start the cosplay, well, while I was waiting in line, but she kept me company ^^.

Most of the people I met were awsome too! Especialy Sasuke and Aaron!!! Ooo and this one Kakashi that was there. n.n I had a really great time. Oh and I'll post all of the pics once they're done, until tomarrow night, have fun and see you around!


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