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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Lil' sumthin' for te' fan girls like me......
The pages in this doujin go down in order starting with the cover.

I have gotten permission from
to display the doujin here. I have made it so on this post you will NOT be able to save the pics, how ever if you wish to download the pics please vist
and download it from their site, for I am not allowed to distribte their scanilations. The cleaning up and translation of the doujin was done by

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the doujin. Oh wait, here's the info on it:

Manga: Naruto
Titile Tentaikansoku
Circle: Yukigakure
Manga-ka (authors): Ichihara Tetuno, Maria, Kazane Rampuru
Pairing: SasuNaru
Age Rating(Not that you'd care): 13+

Pg 1:
Page one/Cover

Pg 2:
Page Two

Pg 3:
Page Three

Pg 4:
Page Four

Pg 5:
Page Five

Pg 6:
Page 6

Pg 7:
Page Seven

Pg 8:
Page Eight

Pg 9:
Page Nine

Pg 10:
Page Ten

Pg 11:
Page Eleven

Pg 12:
Page Twelve

Pg 13:
Page thirteen

Pg 14:
Page Fourteen

Pg 15:
Page Fifteen

Pg 16:
Page Sixteen

Pg 17:
Page Seventeen

Pg 18:
Page Eighteen

Pg 19:
Page Nineteen

Pg 20:
Page Twenty

Pg 21:
Page Twenty-one

Pg 22:
Page Twenty-two

Pg 23:
Page Twenty-three

Pg 24:
Page Twenty-four

Pg 25:
Page Twenty-five

Pg 26:
Page Twenty-six

Pg 27:
Page Twenty-seven

Pg 28:
Page Twenty-eight

Pg 29:
Page Twenty-nine

Pg 30:
Page Thrity

Pg 31:
Page Thirty-one

Pg 32:
Page Thirty-two

Pg 33:
Page Thirty-three

Pg 34:
Page Thirty-four

Pg 35:
Page Thirty-five

Pg 36:
Page Thirty-six

Pg 37:
Page Thirty-seven

Pg 38:
Page Thirty-eight

Pg 39:
Page Thirty-nine

Pg 40:
Page Fourty

Pg 41:
Page Fourty-one

Pg 42:
Page Fourty-two

Credits Page:
Credits Page

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading that!!! I know I shure did. Lol, my favorite one was the one where Naru and Sasu were star gazing. XD So kawaii!!!! Catch ya' later!


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