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Monday, November 20, 2006

Well today was VERY boring. Ack! XD I hate boring days. But it seems lately that EVERYONE is having a birthday. Four 3 of my friends are celebrating their birthdays in December, 3 more in January! My one friend Courtney (Ghoon Hahm on the Otaku) got a tattoo of a butterfly for her birthday. Haven't seen it yet, tattoo's kinda gross me out XD

And not to mention my birthday is on DECEMBER 1st y'all *dances* That's right, Jungy will be running with the big boys and girls because I will FINALLY be 15. A decade and a half. Woot!!!

Thanks for all the theme compliments! I'm still working on finding some cool stuff to post but your replies are all so kind!!! Well here are some avatars I just thought were funny, sexy, and/or true!
Have a Good day everyone! Thanks for reading!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ah mornings; gotta love them. The lost scent of delicious breakfast foods, the quiet of the house before anyone's up (or if you're weird like me, the hustle and bustle of my mommy in the kitchen ^_^) It's been a while since I've posted this early and liked it.

So what's everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Me? EATING of course *cheers* I don't like half the stuff we eat on Thanksgiving, but the stuff I do like we eat a lot of, and the stuff Shay doesn't force down my throat. I love any holidays because my big brother comes home for extended periods to help me defend against parents (grrrr, parents).

A few of you were wondering about my unfinished thought about the slut on my last post. Well here's the story (All my hopes and dreams destroyed): That new guy, Nick, who I'd been spending a lot of time with lately, has foolishly been captured by the tempest charm of my ex-friend (she's been an ex-friend for a while, but we both pretend to still be friends for the better of our other friends). So in other words: she fricken stole him. So I'm totally pissed. Guess things just never look up for me!!!

Have a Good day everyone! Thanks for reading!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Some people are just sluts. And I just hate them.

Well it was a semi-restful weekend I suppose. I had a slow, groggy week (not the slow and groggy isn't fun... -_-) so just about any sort of make-up for my four-day sleep-deprivation is considered a treat.

I went to my Aunt's house again, I tend to spend my weekends their now, and she was babysitting. I didn't know she was babysitting until it was too late. See one of Jungy's biggest pet peeves is children. In other words I. Hate. Children. Well the 2-year-old and I did a whole lot of staring at each other, I mean I'm no gonna say kids are stupid. They can sense when someone doesn't like them. What's worse was how my aunt kept encouraging the child to attack me. She like "Go give Lea a kiss! Say Hi to Lea! Go give Lea a high-five" LEA DOES NOT WANT A HIGH FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides that...my aunt and I went to the mall for some window-shopping fun,. I've discovered my new favorite store is Forever 21 (oooh ahhhh).

They had this adorable navy blue dress thingy in the window, ya know, one of those outfits you have to wear with leggins, anymawhozits, I went up in the counter, sparkles in my eyes- the whole deal, and I'm like "Can I try on that dress-majigger-thing?"

And the snobby salesgirl was like "It's the only an it's already on hold" so of course I was in a rage thes rest of the day, but I few hot skater boys perked me up a little bit, skaterz are hot as frick XD SQUEEEEE!

Well enough about me how was everybody else's weekend????? Hope they were good! Here's some questions from this hilarious surey I found last night!

1.) Do you still lock the bathroom door when there's no one in the house?

My answer: XD Yesh

2.) When there's a power-outage do you still walk into a room and try to turn on the lights?

My answer: XD XD YESH!

3.) Did you know that 666 on the phone spells MOM?

My answer: NO! HAHAHAHAHA!

Okay, I'm done.
Jungy out.

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

Well itís been two weeks since Winnie, I still miss him so much but I know I canít go back now. We got a new kitten just a little while ago, heís teeny tiny, he was the runt and his weakness was probably the only reason we got another cat so fast. Anywho, heís black and white and named after two of my most famous vampires, Louis (first) Lestat (middle).

School been tough, itís the end of the marking period so Iím working to get some loose ends tied up, not to mention that half a bajillion clubs Iíve joined. Ack! *dies* So Iím VERY SORRY I havenít been on
T-T and I bet you all are getting real tired of hearing me say that. IíM SO SORRY!!!!!! *bows*

Hereís the 411 on the contest thos of you have been waiting for: The Second Annual Site Masterís Contest, originally scheduled for November, has been postponed until further notice for personal reasons. I just donít have the time at the moment. Right now my focus has been directed at the Literary Society (seemingly the harder of the two) and of course my poor site which is falling apart right before my eyes, hence temporary Ouran theme T-T. I donít know what to do anymore. Iíve definitely lost it.

Good news is I totally hit it off with this great guy at school (finally) lol, n_n;;;;; his name is Nick and heís really funny! So weíve been talking a lot, now Iíve been looking forward to school days, thatís a rarity dontcha think?

And last of all: biggie problem! Does anyone know how to send a message to more than one person? PLEASE HELPERZ! T-T I'll love you forever

Well thatís all for today! And the wait is over, those of you who wanted to see what Jungy look like irl this is your chance XD let the overpowering disappointment flood in! Oh yeah, and I posted a piccie of my new kitten to make up for lack of cuteness XD

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Winston I love you Kitty :3 I'll Try I'm Sorry

I know this post is long, very long in fact, but if youíd take the time to read every last bit of it I would be so eternally grateful for that. Thank you nonetheless, itís good to have friends like you no matter what.

Well yesterday could just possibly have been the worst day of my life.
I got home around 3:00 and my mom and I had arranged to take my one and a half year old baby kittenz, Winston to the vet because lately heíd been a little down and lazy when usually heís a really REALLY hyper cat.

So we packed him up in his little pet carrier and brought him in around 4:00. We went through the routine discussion of symptoms, how heís been acting, what heís like, previous medical history and for the most part heís been a perfectly healthy cat. Nothing could have thrown us off except a little out of character behavior.

So the vet said he might have gotten into something around the house that could have been poisonous and though me and mom swore up and down he couldnít possibly have gotten into anything we agreed that what was important was how we could get him better.

The Vet said he was anemic, Iíd read a book about a girl who became anemic right before she was diagnosed with Leukemia, so of course, Iím freaking out. The doctor says it could be treatable but he really needs a blood sample so he gives Winnie a Cortisone shot and takes some blood, but me little rebel just doesnít buy it and fights before they take the sample out of the neck, OUT OF THE NECK? Why there of all places?!!! He prescribes some meds and we load my pretty kitty back into his cat carrier and I go out with him into the waiting room while my mom signs some paper and whatever.

Meanwhile, some lady walks in and says ďHey wow, that cat is pantingĒ and Iím staring blankly at her while sheís staring bemusedly at my cat, and my mom looks over and nearly screams. So we take him back into the room and Iím shaking uncontrollably because this is the LAST thing I want to happen is my kitty going through pain right along with my awful week. Then the doctor rushes us into the back half of the clinic and puts Winston on the table and by this time heís started drooling and foaming at the mouth and I donít know whether to faint or cry and of course I stand there while they mask him and crank up their little oxygen tank thing.

After a good half hour we get my kittyís breathing back to normal, and letís just say he didnít like the masks one bit. Then mom notices that where they took the blood sample his neck is swelling up and the doctor tries to explain it away like itís a normal occurrence and I bought into every bit of it, because itís normal to WANT to believe something good will happen, that you have to let the positive thoughts overwhelm the negative so at least you have hope. And I did have hope, my kitty was strong, it wasnít supposed to be serious.

The other vet came in and announced that Winnie was officially dehydrated and that there his red blood cell count was really low. They also said he had breathing trouble, but heíd always been a little off we just thought it was normal for him. But they decided it was okay to take him off the mask, yet Iíd noticed how calm he was, too calm, ya know? I donít recall a lot about the end, that might be because I didnít want to. All I know is that he wasnít moving except his foot twitched a little and I had to leave the room. It only took 5 minutes for the nurse to call me back and when I saw my mom she said he wasnít going to make it and he was barely there when I spent my very last moments with him.

I really just could not believe it. How could it have happened that fast? We took him into the vet to see what was wrong, to make him better, and now I swear to God thatís what killed him.

I think what people fear most about death is that you canít do anything about it, that as far as we know you canít change it. Nothing makes the pain go away, or makes it easier. All you can do is sit and remember, and wonder, and wish, but nothing is going to bring that person or pet back. Nothing can replace them or fill that empty feeling that you really didnít know you had until it was goneÖjust like that.

I havenít a whole lot of experience with death *knock on wood* and I am so grateful for it. And I hate the thought of it now, how death is really just a bitch. What logic is there? Why is there non? Is the reason we are scared is because of that mystery? Maybe. Maybe not.

All I know is that I feel empty, I feel lonely. I keep contradicting everything; I donít want to stay at my house, I donít want to leave it. I donít want to think about it anymore, I want to think about it.

Another thing I hated was not having an ounce of closure. That is too much to ask for, isnít it? We hate death because we donít know when it will come, for us, or for those we love. How can we hold on? What power do we have? The only thing we CAN control is the time we spend with them now. That we really canít take that for granted.

What Iíll miss most about him now that heís gone is burying my nose into his fur. He was always so warm, and that fuzzy feeling was the most comforting. I knew he wouldnít betray me, he was a good friend. And how can you say a pet is not a good friend? When he lay there on that table and I pushed my nose into his coat one last time all I could smell was the wrenched scent of rubbing alcohol. And the emptiness surrounded me like a wave of water.

I know this post was really long, and Iím sorry. But for those who did get this far I am so grateful that you did because I really want to hear your replies, in fact I need to hear them. An awful end to an awful week.

May your days be better than mine.
Theme: Iíll Miss You

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Friday, October 27, 2006

And Again!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Theme: Continuing Rocky Horror Picture Show (yesh, it's my fav. too)
So no wonder my music wasn't playing automatically. XD Ack!

Well yesterday my field trip was alright, it would have been more fun if I hadn't had an allergic reaction halfway through and now my eyes are all watery and my nose is stuffy, and every time I sneeze I sneeze exactly four times. My friend Ericka said I have a cute sneeze, how does that work? SNEEZES ARE ANYTHING BUT CUTE!!

Question of the Day:
What are your favorite phrases/lines you use throughout the day?

My Answer:
1.) Bomb diggietiest
2.) Buttmunch and /or buttmunchious
3.) Oh yeah son!

I'm weird I know T-T

I'm bored this morning so I'll just answer posties, see if I can get to some sites quickly before I have to go:

Eternal: Ah! You're so right! JUST like Elvis *crosses arms* c'mon people!

Roiben: LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! *joins in dancing* I know it's the awesomest!

TrigunMax: Yeah I know I OUGHT to take the ad down but I don't have enough time with the schedule I'm on because it's in my profile (there's a lot of copy/paste included) so as soon as I get back to the afternoon schedule I'll take it off. I knew it was still there, don't worry XD
Happy Halloween!

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let's do the Time Warp Again!

Today's Theme: Rocky Horror Picture Show

That's right! Celebrating my ungroundedness, and yesh! I still get to go to the party ^-^

Some of you asked who Steven Tyler was in the last post *aghast* HE'S THE LEAD SINGER OF AEROSMITH HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THAT?!

Moving on...It's okay if you didn't know (people who do that bug me too) anymawhozits, I have to tell you the most important news ever!! I found my guitar pic aha!!!! YAY! It seems life can't get any better *knocks on wood* it is Halloween soon.

That's right, it is almost Halloween, shouldn't I be hosting like a Halloween writing contest or something? Isn't that what? I do? Jungy's slacknig. Maybe I'll hurry and fix one up :3 It all depends on you guys!

Well talkiz to ya later, I have a field trip today!

Happy Halloween!

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

   Stuck in Reverse

Today's Theme: The X-Files

Just when I thought I was Otaku bound again, Jungy gets grounded -_- I say it's been a long, slow week for me. Sorry again guys T-T

Right now I'm at my awesome aunt's house =D! She's the best and time here allows me to get away from home stress and my mom (obviously the cause of my grounding grrrrrrr) But hopefully I'll be back on my feet next week. I know I say this often. I'm SO SORRY!!!!!!

So is anyone going trick or treating? It's not something I commonly do XD and it's iffy now that I've got in trouble whether or not I can still go to my friend's party. Anywhoz! This leads me to my question of the day:

What/Who are you going to be for Halloween?

My Answer: I'm being Steven Tyler y'all! ^-^

Happy Halloween!

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Subliminal Messages: No False Advertising

Today's Theme: Thriller

Original Full Version

So now you all realize that when I say I'm not going to do something, then I'm probably going to do it XD But the truth is, I didn't want to do a Halloween theme, and this was really an experimentation for my layout project that I ended up liking. Thankies for all the compliments ^-^!

Further news is the Otaku Errors: Yeah, so there's definitely something WRONG. Yesterday I had to RELOAD all of my wallpapers, needless to say I was pissed, and it looks like my comments aren't coming back either. That sucks! And I know what you mean Blue, it keeps saying I have 2 unread messages and I really don't. GRRRR!

Subliminal Messages: I'm sure you've all heard of the Disney Movie Subliminal scandals but I'm telling you, THEY'RE REALLY THERE! I'll probably never look at a Disney movie the same XD Especially the Little Mermaid. My Psych. teacher was showing us the clips on Friday and I thought they were really cool even if they weren't correct. The Aladdin one is audio related, and you kind of have to use your imagination to get it so I didn't really believe that, but The Rescuers was pretty messed up- theme showing that nude woman pic in the background, it's still pretty small though. You'd have to be like Mondo-Observant to catch it. The Lion King's takes a bit of creativity too but I can see where people are coming from.

For your own enjoyment I've posted some piccies and what not including the subliminal messages, I've also posted the one in Three Men and a Baby, and the clip from The Wizard of Oz because both of those freaked me out and it is Halloween! Watch if you'd like, along with my mega-cool Michael Jackson's vidz ^_~!

The Wizard of Oz:
Here's the link because I can't copy the clip in here, if you go to the bottom of the page and click on "VIDEO CLIP FROM WIZARD OF OZ" and watch the clip the part is at the very end when Dorothy, the Tin man, and the Scarecrow have walked to the end of the path and on the Scarecrow's side you can see something 'swinging' in the background. It's said to be the director of the movie who hanged himself during the production (this is true) but the swinging figure is actually some sort of bird let loose on the set (funky, I know).


Three Men and A Baby:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

You can pretty much see the figure of a little boy in the curtains. The rumor is the boy shot himself on the set, this of course is false, and the little boy is actually a standee who got into the frame on accident.

The Lion King
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Supposedly the dust kicked up by the falling Simba, while floating in the air spells out SEX. You have to look a little closely but I could see it (of course I wanted to see it so that's another story).

Hope you had fun with those!
Happy Halloween!

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Suicide and Hot Chocolate

My Vow of Devotion: JungWoo shall be on ALL DAY LONG (I don't know if this is good or bad)

So last night I went skating with my friend Kayla, it was totally awesome! Even depsite the fact that my other buttheadie friends canceled on us -_- Anywhoz, the skating rink really knows how to play some good music and I was proud to be the lead of Y.M.C.A! Yay ^-^

Today I going to try again to build a layout (I'm searching the internet, desperately-like, for tips and tutorials). But It seems all the tutorials out there are based on programs like Photoshop and other things I haven't heard of. I'm stuck here with paint, so I'm trying to improvise but it's not that easy XD.

Still I promise to post all my findings so that others as desperate and confused as me can find their way! (I have yet to find these findings...)

But right now I'm trying to work with an Ouran layout that I'd LIKE but what I really wanted for my next theme was Magna Carta (I probably won't be doing a Halloween theme) If I was it would probably be Nightmare Before Christmas, but so many people are already using that (understandable). I don't like Sally anyways.

One last thing: I don't know if it's the Otaku, my computer, or what! Everytime I go to my portfolio it says that I only have like 5 wallpapers when I have like 20 and I only have 119 comments when I really have 300! What's up with that? Is anyone else experiencing this or like problems? And maybe it's just me but could someone go check to see how many wallpapers are in my portfolio? T-T I'll love you forever...

Well have a good day!

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