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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Post: No new progress. Way to fail.
Time: 2:51 PM
Theme: Aya Matsuura

I am so easily sidetracked I tell you. TOO easily. Yesterday I promised myself I would get to bed on time for school! You all know how my insomnia gets during breaks @_@ so I tried for 8:30, sounded like a good time.

So it's eight and the phone rings, it's Rei (Jungy's best friend IRL), and before I can tell my mom not to answer it she picks it up and starts yelling at me to get the cordless and, of course, Jungy's like "Aw Hell" because I know if I talk to Rei I'll be on the phone with her for HOURS.

And that's exactly what happens -_- Jungy doesn't get to bed at midnight. The morning goes okay I suppose...could be worse. Amazing thing is, I slept through the night =D!

First day was boring and I have this really hard writing assignment due tomorrow. It's hard because I don't really get the instructions, and not only but it's topic is bogus. We have to write a biographical narrative in which we have two stories that involve peoples who have changed our lives or who's lives have changed us and I am sorry, I HATE writing about myself, even my made up self! So I'm all "This is cheesy MC (MC is what I call my English teacher, yes, the hot sexy one) and he says it's not meant to be cheesy but it SO IS.

If I write this it'll end up packed full of BS in a Mitch Albom "The 5 People You Meet In Heaven" kinda way. So Jungy is SCREWED. And I'm no longer ranked one in English T_T Jungy is ranked one is 5 out of 8 classes and I would have loved to keep it that way. SO NOT HAPPY!

Not only that but now I have an American History project we have to do about the Roaring 20's. Okay, this time around the topic is awesome, however my GROUP is so not. I'm working with four of my friends but our ideas TOTALLY clash. My friend Dee wants to do a film and her heart is set on it. I'm like WE ARE NOT GOING THROUGH ALL THAT TROUBLE JUST FOR A HISTORY PROJECT.

So I say we should focus on who we're going to do it on and I opt for Billie Holiday cuz I love her! But NOOOOOO, my friends Stephie says Duke Ellington (the guy who wrote "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing"). So I'm all GRRRRR! FINE! We'll Duke Whoziwhatsit!!!!!! And the other two people in the group are just lazy!!!! So Andrew (we don't REALLY like each other, he's cute and Jungy likes him :3 but he doesn't like Jungy T_T, she thinks it's because the guy can't take a joke), anyhow, he proposes that we do something simple so all he has to do is read off an index card and get an A.

So ME! Not anyone else, JUNGY! has to whip everyones ideas into one big bread dough and roll out some spiffy idea so that at least half of everyone's desires are fulfilled. Is anyone happy? No -_- Jungy fails again. So not only am I pissed with them and they're pissed at me but I have to put the slideshow together to prove to them it's the easiest way to go.

THERE! I'm done complaining *passes out brownies* good job all.

Another thing about today was that Jungy has decided to get an Emo swish! Heeee^^ *is content* that means they'll have to cut my hair and make my bangs come back T___T (I have'nt had bangs for YEARS) but it looks so cute and I want it!!!!

Well I hope everyone else had a good, less busy, and less stressful day!!!!!

Oh, and Dear Le Kun: Thanks for the spelling tip O_o Jungy doesn't like Rikku (that chick) but she likes Riku (KH dude). And yes, I have TOTALLY got to get my cbox back, yours scares me T____T!!!!!

"We're not learning the song on the piano! We're not dressing up as flappers! And we're not fucking making a movie!!!!"

Otaku Literary Society
Ehhh...3rd Newsletter coming SOON!

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Post: What the fuzz am I doing up this early??
Time: 9:34 AM
Theme: Aya Matsuura

Oi well, I'm not ALL bad, Jungy got to SOME sites today T___T *hits herself* I'm so lazy it's not even funny.

Well today is the last day of break for me and it's back to school in the year 07 (Dear Blue eyes: I KNOW IT SUCKS! I DOESN'T EVEN SOUND RIGHT!) I'll have a mega attack of school meetings piling up because apparently Jungy is the Vice President of everything T-T I have A Renissance meeting Wednesday, French Thursday, ah geez no time at all!

Well I spent my morning (I woke up at like 2:30 am today because I REALLY couldn't sleep) watchnig AMV's and trying to type out a page 15 of my newest story, is 15 pages really so much to ask?!!!! *shakes fist* T_T but I officially got no where and got sucked into the "Emo Song" ah, it still makes me laugh....NO!

But I watched a slideshow on the Naruto time skip, I can't quite understand how every got so big (and Neji got EVEN prettIER) since I stopped watching Naruto *hits herself again* but I still think they look good grown up, especially Naruto himself seeing as how I hated him as a kid -_- However Sakura, not so much.

I'm also currently obsessed with Magna Carta, I want it so bad! but everytime I mention going near EB mom shoots me down. I'm dead without that flipping game!!!! Calintz is soooo hot!!! (Is she boy crazy, or is she boy crazy?)

But I don't think I'd be able to play it with my one-game-till-win-complez; because I'm still stuck on Kingdom Hearts (Jungy has just emerged into the gaming world believe or not, and, course, the first games I got were Kingdom Hearts # 1 and Tekken 5, heart Tekken). Yeah but I'm really BAD at video games and once I got to Ursala I remember going a little something like "Fuck this" and moving onto Halloween town where I came face-to-face with Oogey Boogey and after one roll in the roulet table of DEATH (sorta reminds of that trip to Montreal.......) I promptly said "Well fuck this" and stormed back to Hercules-land or whatever where I lost a total count of 7 games to Leon and Yuffie (Leon is SO HOT, I call him my Mr.Looks-Good-In-Those Sexy-Hot-Pants-Man)((sorta reminds me of Cetan...)) and went with Hikki: "This sucks I go home now" and I haven't touched the game in two weeks.

I'm about to pay someone to come beat it for me, I just want to watch the pretty cut scenes with hot and sexy Rikku. Why couldn't the KH world be calm and wonderful like at the very beginning of the game?!!!

I guess that's the point of video games.

Well Jungy has had a good rant, congrats and cookies for those who read that whole thing =D!!!!

By the way, has anyone heard from Eternal Sorrow? I miss her, maybe it's just me. I have to go look.
"It's grabbing a hold and tightening it's grip, tighter than a pair of my little sisters jeans, which look great on me, by the way."

Otaku Literary Society
For everyone who HAS A PARTNER please send me both your names and your buttons, I need your buttons to make banners for the new site. If you don’t have a button or need help making one I will be happy to supply advice. And for those who are finding errors when they try to get on the homepage just go to the link that says FORMS on LinLang’s page and enter the info. In there. You should have no problem getting in. Thankies all my lovie writers ^-^

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Post: 2007 Awaits!
Time: 8:26 pm
Theme: Aya Matsuura

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Well Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 06 was good to you and that 07 will prove even better (even if it sounds a little funky...)

How was everyone's Holiday break? I hope that went well also! I know I basically just bummed around, did a little working out. I'm conditioning for conditioning for soccer (no, you read that right) I'm getting in shape so that when the soccer season starts I won't be totally in pain (*cough cough* like Tennis season T_T)

Besides that I had a Godfather marathon last night. I love the Godfather, tis very good. A laughed so hard when the horse head in the bed part rolled by, that was so funny, but kinda sick too (guess that's why it's funny).

Well hope everyone has a good new years and rocks out (with their socks out, of course)HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!!!! *opens a bottle of champagne*
"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."

Otaku Literary Society
For everyone who HAS A PARTNER please send me both your names and your buttons, I need your buttons to make banners for the new site. If you don’t have a button or need help making one I will be happy to supply advice. And for those who are finding errors when they try to get on the homepage just go to the link that says FORMS on LinLang’s page and enter the info. In there. You should have no problem getting in. Thankies all my lovie writers ^-^

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear
Time: 7:53 pm
Theme: Aya Matsuura

So Christmas is done and gone (except for the French) and the new year is settling in. It'll be 2007- 07, I don't think I like 07 as much as 06 or 05...oh well.

Along with the Holiday goes Jungy's precious Christmas theme and sadly my chatbox which won't return until next theme or perhaps the theme after that T-T

Anyhow, Christmas was okay. Honestly I don't like Christmas day, I sort of just like the winter. But this year I got a NEW digital camera *huggles her digi* so expect LOTS of pictures of EVERYTHING =] Just as soon as Jungy loads the program in. In addition to that I got a new iPod, it's a 30 GB (Holy muffins!!!) and I adore it. But the battery is always running low because the screen takes up to much energy -_- (angered Jungy). I also got a pair of green and purple Kangaroos, they're so cute! I don't care what ANYONE says! And a one of a king Jon Bon Jovi special edition T-shirt from when Jonny was on the Today Show! It's flippin awesome!!!

So what did everyone else get? I hope your Christmas Holiday went well and you were happily met with all your hearts desires (or at least the ones money can buy because I totally DID NOT get a naked Cetan Clawson under the Christmas tree grrrrrr...hm, maybe next year)

Well have a good night everyone! ^-^

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

So yesh! The concert totally ROCKED!!!!! I fell in love with Cetan and that's all there is to it. Jungy's first words to Mr. Clawson: "Ohhhhh..." And I think I must have turned so red XD He goes around before the show and greets everyone, he's so nice! We told him we'd heard about him from like half a million people at school (eh he's pretty popular) and he told my friend Ash and I that he loved our outfits (everyone was dressed up).

But in addition to loving him I really like his music. In fact I don't think there was a song they played I didn't like. He plays a sort of up-beat blues, it's really awesome, but I guess you really have to be open to that sort of thing. But I think his entire band are really good at their instruments.

After the show I asked him to take a picture with us and he said yesh, it was awesome! But my friend sucks at taking pics so she got it when Cetan was in the middle of talking (well he was complaining he looked really bad that night but I told him he was sexy and probably no way he could look bad) and I was trying to explain to the photographer how to work my cell phone XD

Then Ash asked if he could sign her dollar and he did but then we went to buy T-shirts, which were like twice as expensive as I'd thought they'd be and we totally didn't have enough but his Cetan's girlfriend (who I give credit for being nicer than I orginally thought) just let us take em, but Ash totally spent the dollar Cetan had JUST SIGNED! and didn't realize it till we were walking home XXXXXD I felt bad for her.

My feet really hurt from walking in like 4 inch stiletto's but it was a perfect night!!! And as promised I got some piccies! (The one with me in it is really bad T__________T be kind to Jungy)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Cetan and band

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Cetan playing with his teeth (IT WAS SO COOL!!! He played the National Anthem:3)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Cetan by his lonesome, sexy self

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ash, Cetan, and me

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Mine and Ash's Milky Way Cappuccino's (for 78th dude XD sorry it's not cheese cake lol!!)


Otaku Literary Society Updates:
Jungy has posted her response to the first Writing Excercise on the club homepage under the Writing Excercise category, feel free to take a look ^-^ Comments are encouraged and loved :3

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Well the rest of yesterday was pretty good. I got to talk to Rei, I hadn't had the time to call her in about 2 weeks and I missdeded her T-T
I also had the pleasure of another wonderful bathing of the kitten ceremony -_- Jungy is not amused.

Apparently my moron kitten thought it would be a good idea to knock Jungy's mommy's can of Sprite over onto himself and Jungy was assigned the dirty task of cleaning him.

So I got in the bath and turned some warm water on and let's just say little Louis (who's only had about 5 baths in his whole lifetime) has not yet grown accostmed to Jungy's irritable bathing rituals. I always use my Strawberry Shortcake and Finding Nemo squishies to scrub my cats and I think he's a little scared of Strawberry Shortcake because the figurine has a really hard hat XD and I think I might have hit him in the head a few times.

Here's to kitty's Christmas Holiday getting better!!!
Ah and for those who didn't get to check out the Cetan stuff I've posted it again. And yup Scar, he is REALLY good, he can play with his teeth =D I'm so excited!!! I heart Cetan (eh, pronounced Chetta by the way :3)

Happy Holidays!

Otaku Literary Society Updates:
Is it me or do people keep complaining about the little things? XD That's it, I'm hiring associates!!! I need a Vice Prez T-T Jungy will look into this...

Jungy has also posted her response to the first Writing Excercise on the clup homepage under the Writing Excercise category, feel free to take a look ^-^ Comments are encouraged and loved :3

Second newsletter sent out!!!

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Friday, December 22, 2006

   The Cetan Clawson Revolution

Well some of you asked who I'm going to see tomorrow night, I'm going to see Cetan Clawson, he's a really, REALLY good guitarist, and not to mention drop dead gorgeous (eh but I know his dumb girlfriend T-T)
Anyhow, if you wanted to know more about him or his music you can check out his myspace =D

Well I'll try taking piccies (I have that damned camera phone still so they won't be good -_-) Well that's all for today! Happy Holidays!

Otaku Literary Society Updates:
New CBoxes up and running (finally n_n;;)submitted forms are posted so everyone can go check them out! Find your buddy and PM them to me :3

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

*sighs with relief* Finally my Christmas break is here! I feel as if it's very well earned. How bout you? Jungy's been working very hard this year, I just hope it all pays off T-T

So anybody going on any cool vacations? Not me, I'm stuck at home. But that's okay, I think I just want to relax at home, feels like I haven't enjoyed being here in years!

Oh, but to kick of my vacation festivities I'll be going to a concert on Saturday with a big group of my friends to see this local band, I'm so excited! They're said to be REALLY good and this is my first time seeing them =D I can't wait. I've really gone from a rap girl to a rocker (It was the emo swish that turned me. No lie.) but I'll still be loyal to my heritage...eh n_n;;;;; that's not really what I'd call 'heritage'. How about...semi, miniscule culture???

Never mind ^^;;;;;;;;;;

Well here's hoping everyone has a good Holiday! And thanks to all of you who have sent me Christmas gifts!!!! *huggles* Well talk to ya later!

Otaku Literary Society Updates:
The brand new "looking list" has been posted and the forms that have been submitted are all up! Go check em out, you SHOULD be looking for partners now that you've accomplished your first task ^-^

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hello all! I'm glad to hear so many of you love my new theme, I half to say I kinda like it too. But a block setup (that's what I'm christening this...) is really difficult to work with because the codes don't always go where I want them to XD There's a bunch of stuff I WANTED to do but as for right now it's not working out. Guess we'll have to see.

I'm also FINALLY (yes finally) getting in gear and kicking off my Literary club for real, and I've decided to adopt the Beta/Gamma way of life. For all those in the OLS, you'll be receiving your first real Otaku Literary Society Newsletter very soon ^-^

For all those who think they might want to check into that here's a linkie: http://www.myotaku.com/users/linlang/

Other than that, as most of you know, I sent all my Christmas cards! Woot!!!! But I just know that some people didn't get theirs for some reason, either it didn't go through, or in some cases it says their inbox is full (*cough cough* Dark Wolves Faith), or I just skipped over you while I was copying and pasting T-T I'm so sorry! My eyes hurt after a while looking down my long list of friend T-T PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

Well I've posted the card so you can save it to your file ^-^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ooohhh and also, if you get a chance you should really watch the Ouran HSHC AMV at the bottom of my site, it's to the song "The 12 Pains of Christmas" and it will make you laugh I garuntee, especially at the RIGGING UP THE FRIGGEN CHRISTMAS LIGHTS part ^-^

Well that's al lfor today! See ya and Happy Holidays!

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Jungy has merrily come this night to introduce her new themie ^-^ Hope you all enjoy, it puts me in the Christmasy mood, a White Christmas! *does dance* T-T But I fear we may not have a White Christmas this year.

I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for me *huggles all and passes out cookies =D* THANKIES! THANKIES! THANKIES! I love you all so very much!!! ^-^

Well nighty night! Jungy has Chemistry homework to finish yet T-T

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