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Saturday, May 12, 2007

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Post: Vacant
Time: 1:00 PM
Theme: Peace of Mind


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Friday, March 16, 2007

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Post: She’s the Real
Time: 7:00 PM
Theme: Lesser Than by Jisuk Cho

It's been a while hasn't it?
After a few strenuous months (which I'm sure most of you can agree with) I, Jung Woo, your one and only personal Jungy, has returned.

I've been called back to action by a few nagging thoughts (okay a lot) and the need of a stress-relievant (yes, I just made that up).

However fun it is to be back I, again, can't say it will be for very long. But, school ends soon, as odd as that may sound. And hopefully my Otaku-filled days will come back! I remember clearly the days when new-school-year anxiety hit the Otaku. That sucked big time. But not everyone's struggling down the last few months. It doesn't feel to great now, but rest assure my wonderful, young buddies, the end is near! (In a perfectly good way)!

So with that I'm off to pick up my vice prez *skips off* and give her a piggy back ride. The poor thing. Lots of luff Zakino!!! Thankies so much! Your Jungy loves you!
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P.S: For all those who suffered the ACT's. My sympathies.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

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Post: Vacant
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

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Post: Don't Know Anymore
Time: 1:23 PM
Theme: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Jungy's still pretty sick. Well, all joking and optimism aside I think it's getting worse. I only have today and tomorrow to get back on my feet until school, I hate missing school, but in reality I can't stand on my own two feet. If my mother weren't currently MIA I'd ask her if it's time to take Jungy to the Hospital but, the truth of the matter is, I have no idea where she is.

But just in case I didn't get a chance to in the near future (always a just in case) I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

Though, my theme isn't quite Valentine-y, it's something I love all the same. But it seems, my body didn't agree with my getting online today so I'll be heading back to bed quickly.

Thank you for visiting.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Post: Shoot me now.
Time: 2:45 PM
Theme: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

For those who actually worry when I'm gone I've decided to post so at least you know I'm barely alive T-T

We had two snow days at the start of this week...which would be sweet say if I hadn't caught the virus of the lifetime. I'm just gonna say it's the flu but it kinda feels like DEATH. I've been sick since Sunday night and I had to miss school today, grrrr!!!

On top of my being sick we had a power outage! Can you believe it! For like 12 hours!!!! My mom got so pissed she called up the energy plants to see what time it would come back on, and she got an automated voice message saying: "If you're having trouble contacting the company about a power outage, please try us at our website..."

We'll get right on that.

So at 6:44 this morning it decided to come back on. In another addition I'm stressed out because I'm chairperson of this so called carnaval supposedly being held Friday only with the way things are looking I'm pushing for it to get cancled. Sorry but I'm fucking stressed out I DO NOT need this T_T Is it too much to ask?

And lastly I got my report card Tuesday. Hahaha.
Wonderful timing.

Someone. SOME FUCKING HOW I got an F for my second marking period grade in Geometry and my mom did not think the whole sick thing was good enough an excuse to avoid the severe yelling.

Not cool.

So needless to say I've had a bad week. And I know I've been gone for heheh about a month and a bunch of you are going "Yeah Jungy, you told us about the week, what happened to the other 105 days you weren't online?". Okay, I'm tired so we'll just say laziness.

But...still sick. And I've lost nearly 5 pounds from my lounging about the house escapades. Not to mention I have the lovely taste of sand in my mouth. You know how not delicious sand is? Yeah.

And before this I was working....relatively slow...on a new layout. You know how that goes.

Well as soon as I find my remote I've got about 7 episodes of Prince of Tennis saved on my TiVo. If nothing else, I think I have enough energy for some anime.

"So Loki threw down his fiery sword and gave God the finger."

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Post: Just another grey day
Time: 5:19 PM
Theme: Aya Matsuura

Sheesh, it's been a while, I know. I have to update, I'm getting yelled at XD

Ah well it's been a busy month. I went to go see the Phantom of the Opera with Rei, it was really great! I love that show, and if any of you get the chance to see it I would HIGHLY recommend it.

The next weekend was Winterfest, it was pretty fun though not a lot of my friend's went so it could have been more fun, but hey *shrug* when a girl's gotta dance, a girl's gotta dance, and frankly, I love to dance.

But THIS week really kicked the bucket. It's EXAM week, which means tests all day everyday T_T Luckily I did get to exempt out of French, because I know if I took it I'd surely fail. I can't speak, write, or read French worth a crud.

So after two tiresome tests today, I was sentenced to Shakespeare reading. For those who haven't read up, I despise Shakespeare, I really do. But I was awarded the part of Brutus by my oh-so-loveable-and-hot English teacher and hey, when a hot English teacher gives you the part, read damn it.

After all that I kicked back with my bi-bud Ellerby (he's a little smexy) and we watched this scary movie "See No Evil" because we both thought it was lame and we wanted a good, sadistic laugh.

That's pretty much all that's up. I'll post some piccies, if you can see the difference in my hair congrats! I haven't taken any specific hair shots yet though...gotta catch myself on a good day. Oh wellz. Well thankies for caring enough to shake me back into gear guys!

And Le Kun: what's the deal with the new name =O?! And I think I'm done for in the chatbox area.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me...being stupid.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yay for overhead! A little blurry, messy room XD

Have a good day!

"Je ne sais pas, touche pi pi??????????!"

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Post: Emo is the new pink
Time: 2:46 PM
Theme: Aya Matsuura

Well not much to report her so you can all take a breather ^.~ except, like I said, I got my hair cut. I got about a foot cut off XD and it's so weird dragging my fingers through it and it just stops!

Jungy's hair used to be about to her waist but it's shoulder length now, and yeshies, I have an emo bang!!!!!!

I'm thinking about red for highlights, I think it will look so sweet! I really love the style, it's cute on me :3 Piccies to come soon!

Well have a good day everyone!!!
"I had a dream I was eating a marshmallow and when I woke up my pillow was gone."

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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Post: It's Not Over- COOL!
Time: 12:38 PM
Theme: Aya Matsuura

Well I survived a night of my grandma. We didn't sit at the same table so it was okay XD But I sat with another distant, strange cousin and I don't really like her :( She's one of those know-it-alls, I mean, I like smart people but I hate when people are making comments about you yourself and thinking they're right about YOU. It's like dude, you barely know me! I didn't even know her name till I asked my mom on the way home!!!! But it was really stupid stuff she argued about like:

Nameless Evil Cousin: Hey Lea, you have black hair.
Jungy: What?! No I don't! It's brown =O!
NEC: *sigh* no it isn't honey.
Jungy: WHAT THE FUZZ *turns to mother* can you believe this?!
Jungy's mommy: *laugh chuckle*
NEC: My little girl has hair just like yours.
Jungy: I'm not your little girl! (and I honestly don't give a flying fuzz)
NEC: There the sweetest little girls!
Jungy: I'm probably the girl at school who bullys the sweet little girls *glare*
NEC: *laugh chuckle*

It seems like all my family ever talk about it hair. OMG! Sometimes I really can't stand who I'm related to.

So to blow of some steam mom and I are going shopping today. Jungy's going to try and break in the Magna Carta idea...I don't know how it will go XD

And for those who were a little confused yesterday, it's not my birthday (that's not till December) it's my Otaku anniversary ^-^ it will be on January 22. Hope that clears some stuff up!

Well have a good day!!! Jungy loves you :3

"I like the universe."

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Friday, January 5, 2007

Post: Everyone has that ONE family member...
Time: 5:05 PM
Theme: Aya Matsuura

Guess what!!!! =D In a few weeks it will be Jungy’s Otaku Anniversary! *cheers and claps* For those who looked O_O it’s the 22nd. It will have been a full two years for Jungy. To some that might seem short but I feel like it’s been forever. It’s been a long time with great people like you guys! I thankful for that ^-^

Today is my great grandma’s 80th birthday. She’s one of the only members of my family who live by me, so we’ll be driving out West to see her. Now that I mention it I don’t really like her…she’s really set in her ways, the strict kind like you see in movies -_- I have to be ready for the third degree.

Mean Grandma: So Lea, what are you studying for?
Jungy: Oh, only what I’ve told you I’ve been studying for the past 10 years of my life.
Grandma: Oh? (incredulous much?) So any BOYfriends?
Jungy: Yeah, I’m dating this thug guy from Chicago, his names Q-Tip.
Jungy: I said no Grandma.
Grandma: I like what you’ve done with your hair (she sounds like she’s lying).
Jungy: Oh thanks! I was thinking of dying it red or blue…
Grandma: WHY ON EARTH…
Jungy: *fume fume*

So yeah, not looking forward to it. Anybody else got crazy/mean/weird family members?

Anyways, I am looking forward to the Winterfest dance coming up!!! I’ve got my dress and everything and I’m going with my friend Adrien (he’s gay) he’s a Freshmen but the boy can dance! XD

Well that’s all for me! Wish me luck during dinner (I need lots of luck). And on finding a new theme n_n;; old idea…yeah…down the drain. Have a good day!
“You don’t know me, but I think we can change that with time.”

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Post: Send Me on My Way =D
Time: 2:44 PM
Theme: Aya Matsuura

Thank you all for reading my siper long posts lately! I don't know what's up with that XD It's so not Jungy to babble TOO much.

Today was boring I guess, not much to talk about except that my english teacher (the hot and sexy one) suddenly grew a beard O_O Jungy wasn't expecting that. We're starting in to our yearly Shakespeare section *sigh* I don't like Shakespeare that much. I suggested we do a debate on whether Shakespeare was really worth the trouble...I don't know how far I'll get. But I love arguing about the old pimp =D! but we're reading Julius Caesar, at least I like Julius there...let's hope for the best.

Yesterday I checked the mail (I was is a super bad mood yesterday for those who didn't read the post XD I mean Jungy was like oober bitch, not cool) but what I found made me happier!

I'd sent away for a test for a writing school, it's like a mentor program meant for writer's preparing for publishing so I thought "Hey, why not take the test and see if I can pass?" the test itself is free of charge and even if I miraculously found myself enrolled I probably would decide agaisnt it. I'm really just taking it for myself, to see how I measure up. Wish me luck!!!

Well I'll see what I can do about visiting them there sites ^.~ and changing my theme.....

"I would like to reach out my hand, I may see you, I may tell you to run. You know what they say about the young."

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