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Monday, January 24, 2005

   Dear Diary,
I want 2 announce 2 everyone now! i'm adopting a new kitten soon, she's very small and her fur is white and she has the cutest pink nose ever, i'm going 2 name her Kilala (from Inuyasha) i hope i'll be able 2 post pics later on *if i ever figure out how 2 work my computer*
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   Anime Soundtracks
Anybody out there listen 2 anime soundtracks? What is your favorite and why? I need advice on what 2 buy next. I already absolutely LOVE the Fruits Basket track, it's the best!
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Lives Outside of Manga/Anime
Lives outside of manga and anime are boring beyond compare and definitely uneventful. at least mine is. i'm studying for about 15 tests this month, u want 2 call that fun? Without manga or anime i don't know where i'd be, it's an obsession i know. Anybody actually have a life outside of manga/anime? please tell me what it feels like. r we all this obsessed?
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Sunday, January 23, 2005

   Dear Diary,
Today soemone pushed me down the stairs. No, i didn't fall, someone diliberatly shoved me down the stairs at school. Really, they lunged at me. Lunged!
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   Hidden Meanings
My mom always used to yell at me because she despised all anime/manga. Anybody elses paretns act that wya towards manga or anime? It's annoying isn't it? There's nothing wrong with being a tiny bit obsessed. Anywyas, she said it was stupid and for peopel who don't have brains. I don't have much of a brain, that's what my bf is for.
Sh, look for the hidden meaning!
(There is no hidden meaning so don't look for it)

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   Puddle of Tears
I wrote this a while ago after one of my close friends died, I just wanted to know what everyone thought about it...

Tears are pointless, some people say, but soon it's the end and it all goes away
The things you have missed are all but a blur, and things you knew then are now so unsure,
Memories are faded, distant, and dry, your past has becoming nothing but a true lie,
You understand what has passed, gone away it never does last,
One thing can seem so worthless to you, but you'll soon find that it's precious too,
Friendship has become quite a connection, and when it has fled then there's only depression,
For one thing can throw of such a strong balance, something has come that has dared to challenge,
Do not fear death for death is pain, but pain is death, it's all the same,
You think it easy, you think there's no crime, the crime is the loss, you do the time,
People are stubborn they don't look ahead, as simple as that you can loose a friend

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   Your favorite anime charac.
I just want to see what everyone's wathcing these days so i hope u can answer my question. Who is your absolute most favorite anime or manga character ever? Mine is Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket *of course*
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