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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

And that's the Show

Well guys, it's bout that time again. This is it. In a half hour I will walk out my door and head down to my bus...and then I will be enslaved in the prison some of you might call school. Sophmore year...here goes nothing.

We flew back to NYC yesterday, it was a sort of sad affair. But at least there were good jams on the radio for some Labor Day special. Hope you all had a good holiday! (I don't really think it's that big a holiday...but hope you had a good one anywho)

Unfortunately with tennis and school I probably won't be able to get on much until next month. My messages have already started to pile up and the school year hasn't even started XD I'm getting a lot of questions about the contest. Those who have ALREADY entered have until October 1st to be JUDGED. If you had already entered then the September 1st deadline meant nothing to you. Don't worry, you're safe.

And as of two days ago I finished King of Spades. It's a rough first draft that neads a lot of work but I'm really proud of myself ^-^
Well, no sites today, SORRY!!!!!!

I love and will miss each and every one of you while I can't be on as much as I could be (but I'm beginning to think this is good because the Otaku is PMSing I swear...is it just me or are things slightly screwed up around here?) Anywhoz. If you signed my guestbook I WILL get to you later!!! ee2 thanks so much for the gif! And EternalSorrow, welcome back! I thought you'd be gone longer, I was sad T-T

Well, that's the show. See ya later!

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Friday, September 1, 2006

I was so happy when you Smiled
At peace
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Despite what so many people think I believe Michigan is just serene. I love it. It's ironic that in this place I wrote the sadest addition to my novel. And it makes me think how death kinda just sucks XD. I mean...I want to build up such a good life for myself, that's what we work for right? We go to school, we slave away, and for what? To build a future that may never exist. One small accident, or the wrong word could end it all so simply, and it might just be a one way trip.

But enough of my strange babble! Last night I reached epsiode 6 of Ouran, and was seriously wanting to go out and by the DVD's only to be shot down by Jaguar who sadly informed me that no Enligh versions of my beautiful Ouran exist
T-T and that I may have to wait an entire year for them *sobs* I've gotten used to the Japanese voices, and I like them, but it would be so nice to for once only be paying half attention when they talk XD.

This morning my Uncle woke me up early to, that's right, play tennis. So we went out to the High School and hit some balls around, we talked a lot about Shay which made me feel happy (yeah, I got the brotherly love thing too...just not scarily intimate *shivers*) and then my mom and aunt decided to go downtown (it's SOOOO CUTE THERE) to a little place called Cafe Classics, I had a Milkyway something or another, it was iced and so, so GOOD! Yum, whip cream :3 So overall I've had a really great day. I'm still trying desperately to get back on my sleep schedule before school, but I usually write at night time and so it kinda throws me off if I get a stroke of brilliance or something, lol!

Anywhoz, this is a short little post from Jungy eh? (Shortest in a while) I want to thank you all for visiting me again *bows* I know I've been a bit of a slacker lately, I'm really sorry if it seems like I haven't visited you in forever, I try so hard to keep up but I have a lot of friends! I guess that's no excuse. Well thanks anywho, and have a good day!

P.s: I made some new wallpapers, Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club, feel free to check them out ^-^

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Post Brought to you by Ayame Sohma- san

Well everyone I dedicate this post table to me. It ish my eye-candy for the day :3 Isn't it Aya? Oh you smexy little...

ANYWHO! Follow along on JungWoo's day!(Times are approximate, that means they are more than likely all wrong):
4:00 am: Mother stomps loudly into room, turns on the lights RUDELY "LEA GET UP!!!!!!!"
4:00 and 2 seconds: I cry
4:30: I have just now finished packing and we're heading out the door, catching an airport shuttle to LaGuardia (I sleep on the way)
5:00: My mom is actually nice and gets me a hotdog. Yes a hotdog, at 5:00 in the morning. It tasted NOT VERY GOOD!!!
6:00: I'm sleeping again.
7:00: Boarding for flight ######## -don't-know because-I-don't-pay-attention-to-these-things from LA, NYC, to Metro-Detroit finally begins. First class passenger snobs get on now. That's us.
7:15: I'm sleeping again.
All time is lost on the plane: I indulge myself in honey glazed pretzels and nealrly have to throw up in the plane bathroom (no way in Hell)
Still lost: I commit my time to reading the "Lavatory" sign above the bathrooms, the 'L' and 'A' are burnt out and are annyoing me (I have some sort of OCD over the weirdest freakin things)
Still lost: Plane lands and they force me to sit there forever.
Lost some more: We're off and onto land! Jungy is tired and dizzy and wants to fall over onto such land!
Guess what? Still lost: We lazily make our way down to baggage claim and get picked up by Jungy's Aunt and Uncle =D " Me:I haven't seen you in ages!" Aunt J: "You're looking so good! You've even lost some weight!" Mom: She's gained some muscle from tennis: Uncle S: "So your back in the ol' tennis groove?" Me: Can we go now?
Perhaps 10:00: We stop to pick up breakfast at Bob Evans. God I miss me some Bob Evans. I've been living on Applebees lately...
10:45: We're in Aunt and Uncle's house...eating it.
11:00: Jungy is bored, tired, and more bored. She misses her friends. She get's online.
11:10: It's 11:10 right now...

I have a really bad sense of time n_n; it might be the reason I'm so slow. Anywhoz! For all of those who haven't and may still want to one more day to enter my site contest ^-^ Those who's name is on the list on Eternity~Eight are safe and don't have to worry about anything until later. But please contact me to enter or confirm or whatever! Stuff is getting heated up peeps!

So yesterday before my tennis game I found some really cool sites (aha, that's a lie) okay, LostChild found me some awesome fanfics sites so I could read up on my darling twins! *swoons* I still haven't finished the second episode yet but I might do that later today or tomorrow.

Tennis was awful. I played a hell of a game!!! 22 in fact! It was the best 2 out of 3 and that girl and I played hard! We kept getting to Deuce and going back and forth between Ad in and out T-T Jungy made the mistake of not eating anything again (mainly because there isn't anything to eat) and went to the game on an empty stomach. Not so good Jungy. I didn't kick her ass like I was supposed but I didn't get whooped either, oh no, no I did not! My mom was a bit more disappointed but Shay called and asked how the first game went and I explained it all to him (he having been a tennis player himself and getting a tennis scholarship =D I want to too!) and he said that he'd played some games like that and it had been rough. I miss him already T-T I think it sucks how I had to be dragged along with the family while he got to stay in college. But I call him almost every second I get when I know he's not in classes.

So I'll close this post with an update on how the good old lonely little Michigan state is doing. Well it's hot as hell right now T-T and my Aunt and Uncle (like the rest of my family) have temperature problems so it's down to like 65 in here. The sun is shining! The roads are quiet! But geez do people like to mow their lawns! I must experiment with this lawn mowing!

Shout outs:
blue: Cage good. Sharks great. ee2 will be wishing he did not eat those marshmellows. Let's throw in some eels too! YAY EELS!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

When in Rome, do as the Romans do; Ah! Hail Poverty!

Well everyone! The next time Jungy talks to you it will be live from Monroe, Michigan! Okay it doesn't sound that great, but since everday I'm live from New York, how demanding can ya be?! Anywhoz, Jungy's family (excluding big brother Shay who's back to college! :3 Buh-byez biggy brodder) is going back for labor day weekend (yup, RIGHT before school starts) because we have lots of family there. If none of you know where Monroe is it's a little city (okay, not too little) Just South of the big Detroit, and North of Toledo, Ohio. Sounds it's down in the right hand corner by Lake Erie. It's really pretty actually, when it decides not to rain XD anywhoz. It's just another of the many places Jungy calls home because her family is well spread out and...well endowed. Like our summer home in Northern Michigan (that's due to family tradition, but I must say the locale is great despite what you all must be thinking). Well anywhoz, I'll be bringing along my trusty laptob so I can continue to talk to you. Maybe I'll take some pictures (my good camera broke so I have to use my phone, so if I do take some...they won't be very good -_-). Anywhoz! Any of you all been? ^-^

Well today's table is dedicated, in majority, to all y'all Ha'ri lovers out there, but then of course Shigure looks just as rakish now doesn't he? Oooh fu fu fu! :3 And I found this nice picture of Sasuke that I'm going to post for absolutely no reason other than he's hot. Kudos to who made it!!!!

Meanwhile (aka besides packing T-T I'm lazy so that basically means finding stuff laying around and tossing it into a suitcase) yesterday I was watching the first two episodes of yes, you guessed it OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB! But Jungy was crying T-T (see me crying?) because she was forced to watch it in Japaenese because I was watching on the youtube AMV's and what not (yes I'm that cheap) I'll go get it eventually..Christmas maybe. Well anywhoz, who woulda thunk that I'd love Tamaki right off the bat! He's so hilarious, and pretty to boot, and I never go for blondes (platinum blondes maybe but not goldies) still the twins remain my faves (I like Kaoru because he's more girly than Hikaru, but you have to pay somewhat closer attention to realize this) closely followed by KYOUYA! Thank you all for your name help! Hunny :3 (ish sooooooooooo cute!!), Tamaki, and lastly, but not leastly lol, Mori, I think he's fun. I wish I had a Mori around me all the time ^-^ I like the series better than Fruits Basket *gasping from the crowd*. And this simple reason is because I love Haruhi (the girl who looks like a boy) as if she was one of the guys (she basically is). But I just love her attitude, you don't see Tohru calling anyone as "rich bastard" now do you? And I love when Tamaki goes into his ranting (kinda like what I'm doing now) and she's desperately trying to run away (mainly first of first episode, lol). But the twins beat anything I've ever seen. And you don't see Yuki and Kyo coming on to each other quite like this (T-T you don't at all T-T and it's sad) but there "brotherly love" *cough cough* translates mostly for Jungy as "OH MY GOD LOOK HOW CLOSE THEY ARE! HIKARU'S GONNA THROW HIM DOWN AND MAKE LOVE TO HIM LIKE A TWO DOLLAR WHORE!" This has yet to happen but I'm still waiting...and they talk so sweetly to each other I blush every time T-T *bites her nails off* they're just so....I have no word for this! I am STUMPED! (yes, ee2 this is my first: lol I got you on Momiji, I feel special :3)But damn, it's just good stuff and everyone should watch it. Well my flight leaves early tomorrow, which sucks because I have a game tonight T-T so wish me luck! I WILL be playing singles, so this is really my first REAL game of the season!
Thanks everyone for all the comments! Sorry I babbled n_n;;
*JungWoo is off, leading a confuzzled Kaoru into a dark corner*

My now faovrite scene ever:
Hikaru: And then, he said he woke up shocked from a nightmare!
Kaoru: Hikaru! Speaking of that...in front of others is...so mean...Speaking of that.
Hikaru: Kaoru. Sorry, Kaoru, you just looked so cute in that moment...I just...
*fangirl squeal* IT'S THE BROTHERLY LOVE!!!!

Here's the pic everyone! Smexiness ain't it? ^.~
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Everybody wants to be a Cat; There will be a Head for you, a Tale for me

Just to clarify things, the person in yesterday's table pic WAS Momiji Sohma, but it's when the fan girls are dreaming of him all grown up, and man does he look GOOD grown up. It makes me want to do bad things to him. Not as bad as Yuki but errr, we all get the point. Congrats to Elves for putting her disliking for tohru so damn well "Anytime Yuki or Kyou would make a move on her, she'd just get that "eh?" look. If it were me I'd be like..."hell yes!!" then grab them and run off to find a hotel room." And JungWoo would be wondering which hotel room would be the best. Maybe I could impress dear Yuki with the Waldorf-Astoria, maybe not, it doesn't look that impressive to me XD.

And I'm sure those who like Tohru have good reasons of liking her........I don't know what they are but sure. (The beginning of the Anti-Tohru Organization brews).

Well as aof yesterday I became an official member of the Ouran High School Host Club...Club, lol. Cuz I finally got the banner posted, Woot!! I was thinking about making another one that showed the twins better (because in my mind it's all about the twins). I also like Mr. Glasses, unofficially and temporarily named Mr. Glasses until I know his real name. All I know are Hikaru, Kaoru, Tamaki, and a Haruhi, who Haruhi is I don't know. But I know it's a character (Jungy's on her way). So my question for the viewers of Ouran: What is the name of the hot and smexy guy with glasses? (And it better not be Haruhi or I'll be ticked)

To go along with the club I made a Ouran Host Club wallpaper and uploaded it yesterday. I'm really loving how it's finally taking all my stuff. Anywho, the wallpaper isn't that good because of course, I'm doing this ALL on Paint and this nice little Photo Express program that came with my last digital camera. Take a look if you want! I'm off to do bad things to Yuki after I reply to these shout outs.

Blue: But I don't want to burn ee2! Maybe we can just skewer him like in Pirates of the Carribean 2?

ee2: It is Momiji XD but I already answered that, what I meant to say is I love your avi!!!
Bitch please.

Well say goodbye Yuki! (he can't, he is currently bound and gagged) Let's indulge our Kyo lovers out there with TODAY'S table pic :3. I'm off!
*JungWoo is VERY busy*

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Circles and Eyeballs: Circles are pretty: A tasty wonderful: Just like black grapies

Yesterday I FINALLY went school supply shopping. No biggie. My grandma buys just about anything I want, I was trying to find a program that I could buy to make wallpapers. No such luck since neither I, or the people working at the store knew what the hell I was talking about. So once I got home I decided to take a leaf out of EternalSorrow's book and search for half an hour in her archives to find the programs SHE used for hers. But in the end, Jungy has nothing. EXCEPT for a bundle of 10 new music CD's that I'm currently burning (cough cough stealing) some anime music onto. I just cannot live my life without Lacus Kline's Mizu no Akashi anymore!!!

But I COULD live life without Tohru. Some of you ask how I can hate her but seriously, that's all too simple. Everything about her ticks me off. Like she can't hold a romantic moment to save her life. Sure there's a level of interrupting-the-kissing I can tolerate but not for her to just burst out in tears and make Kyo/Yuki feel like idiots. But then of course, yes, I'd love to be her. To be in that house with them *dies* now that's living right there. Anywho, I've stepped out of my Yuki swooning to give Momiji a place in the spotlight (points to other side of tables) at least grown up Momiji :3 oh so cute.

Shout outs:
EternalSorrow: Question n_n; I found this PM from you that I honestly don't know if I replied to or not T-T but it's about the Lit. club Erm...maybe I'll just PM you again.

Blue Eyes: I'm so sorry T-T I don't even know how I could forget you! I'M SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!

Midnight shadow: heheh...I did forget some letters. How did I manage that. Well it's better now, I'll put the new one up as soon as I'm done with this.

Nana: I know you wrote him like a guy, that's what I'm saying XD I think guy's are funny when they're really being guys as opposed to just perverts. And I recall informing you (but here we go on this memory thing again) that I wanted to see if you could creep me out with your story, and YOU FAILED! *punchs the air* :3 but it was still a good story.

Well that's all folks!
*Yuki belongs to JungWoo*

P.S: Thanks for the 29 comments! A New Record!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Thanks Ayumi Chan :3!

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yesh, Jungy is screwed up in the head. NNM couldn't, can you past the test?

Well Jungy was a bad girl at the scrimage yesterday morning. The stupid varsity coach who KNOWS I HATE doubles put me as DOUBLES with the number one JV singles player. Neither of us had practiced it at all during the season and we both hate it because we're ball hogs and it's just easier for me to command the court on my own. Not only that but the girls we were playing were completely clueless and their coach had to stand by us at all times to walk them through the game of tennis. ARG >_ But we still beat them 6-3 I believe. No celebratory pop or pizza, just a day of going home and brooding! I had hit a couple of bad shots and lets just say my racket got thrown more times in this game then in my entire tennis career (I'm not usually a racket thrower but man I was pissed! And Jungy is not pissed of easily!)

Saturday I didn't get on at all T-T I'm so sorry everyone, I feel like I've missed everything! I'll try and get to some old posts early this morning before you all re-post so it makes it seem like Jungy was here :3

But your comments were so funny! I'm so glad the majority of you like my new theme! The truth is, I despise Tohru Honda with every fiber of my being. But's it's hard to find good pics of Yuki and Kyo without her in it. Not to mention group photos XD I'm also glad that some of you took a look at myO family picture. You seemed surprised to find your name! But you're so good to me I wish I could hug you all in person! I love you all :3

24 Comments is my new record, beating my old record by two comments (Maybe it was Neko Nana Mode who posted twice XD just kidding!) I also got some new club and contest members/entrants. Thanks everyone! And it's NEVER too alte ^_~

Shout outs:
Scar: BY YOUR HEAD? OMG! THAT'S DANGEROUS. Perhaps you should sleep in a plastic bubble.

EternalSorrow: Never seen Fruits Basket?! *aghast* I can't blame you, I haven't seen a lot of things T-T

Angel Zakuro: Lol! NNM can't be a pervert or I would be too! Jungy doesn't want to be a pervert XD

kay2000: Kyo turns into a monster because he is the cat in the zodiac and it's basically all his rage/anger towards Yuki (well the rat) shining through I suppose you could say n_n; I suppose if you ask different people you will get different answers

The Rest of you really don't have to read this
Neko Nana Mode: (I saved you for last because yours will probably be really long, guess I just love you the most! Lol, jk, I have a lot to say about your story) 1st Comment: The Literary Club is generally easy (I believe so but I made it up so I would now wouldn't I?) but anywho, it's a community of writers and readers who work together to help each other. The readers read the writers work and give advice and opinions on what they liked or didn't and can help our writers improve there writing. But it's fairly new so thing's are still a little shakey, I'm slowly working out the kinks (just cuz I am a slow person) Lol, fortunately I think I'll stick with this Furuba wallpaper, but I'll still use the one you gave me when I go back to my Yuri theme. And yes, I told you, I'm not right or something. Nothing gets under my skin like that. But no, really, I loved your character. I thought he was soooooo funny the way he talked about the girls like that (I've never been inside the mind of a guy so it's kinda fun eh?) and when he was talking about how he saw that girls mom and how she'd be disgusted if she knew what he was thinking about her daughter. That was funny. It just was!!!! Errrrrr! 2nd Post: Once he hit stalker mode I started to like him less but however, him admitting how he was not very strong and yet was going to kidnap and totally destroy the girl was pretty funny too. And I was sad that he lost his limbs. I guess I don't like limbless people O.O
Well, told ya it was long!

Hee, Jungy is messed up!

Yeah, I've seen them before too but they really fill me with happiness so I'll post it (I'm a romantic person, lol!)

Girl: Do i ever cross ur mind
Boy: No
Girl: Do you like me?
Boy: Not really
Girl: Do you want me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you cry if I left?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you live for me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you do anything for me?
Boy: No
Girl: Choose--me or ur life
Boy: my life

The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says...

The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind.
The reason why I don't like you is because I love you.
The reason I don't want you is because I need you.
The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left.
The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you.
The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you.
The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Errr...yes, site change! Heheh...bet you didn't expect THIS when I said there was still some things to be done! XD Actually I wasn't either. I haven't given up on the Yuri theme, it'll probably be back some time next month (oh yipee I know). So how do you guys like it? ^-^

Tomorrow, EARLY as heck, I have a scrimage with the school biggest rival *narrowing eyes* I'm gonna whoop em. Well anywho, I got bumped up (but that's okay, drills are over) to play with the Varsity because I'm 3 singles. Yay! I hope I'll be good. We have a heck of a varsity team!

Today anyhow, we celebrated the last of the pre-game practices with pizza and pop! Which would have been good if it wasn't 10:00 in the morning XD Our assistant coach gave us a 'firework' show by dropping Mento's candies into Diet Coke. It was hilarious! It was fizzing everywhere and my friend was complaining she got some on her shoe! Lol! Then my other friend wanted to try it (she's a klutz so we were a bit concerned) and I took a picture. It isn't a very good picture and I didn't get any of the fizz because once she dropped them it exploded and I had to run. So This is all I could get -- picture at end of post :3.

Well I guess that's about all for today. But I wanted to let anyone who was interested know that I finally got my lazy butt into 'linking gear' and have posted the links to my Site contest and Literary Club in my profile. I think it was elvesatemyramen who asked about the contest, all the details are written on the main page, you can take a look there if you'd like and ask me anything afterwards. I also got a bit of Eternity~Eight's site redesigned so it's a little better than before, or at least I think (for all who have seen it). Well thanks for reading today, I'm off to visit sites!

P.S: I FINALLY got a wallpaper uploaded onto the site! It's Princess Ai! YAY! (I'm very happy it worked) check it out if you get the chance. Bye again :3!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yes, I know, I'm not the smartest person in the world eating brownie batter. Hey, at least it was split three ways. And mom was very curious when she came home and her children were well...dying. Shay wrapped it all by blaming it on last night's dinner at that it was mom's fault for being a bad cook. It'll all be good until mom sees that the brownie mix is no longer in existance.

EternalSorrow! You are a geek! You named half a bajillion songs XD! But ya, Nightmare Before Christmas IS Dinsey where as Anastasia IS NOT.

Practice was canceled due to morning rain showers (thank you rain) and overall I'm feeling better after recovering from eating raw batter. Rei and I snickered about our escapades at 12:00 on the phone, hopefully she'll be back soon :3 I miss her!

Yesterday I got like 3 new entrants in my Site Contest! Yay! Things are turning out really nicely! And I'm definitely and totally on about having another one after this perhaps in September or October. I think I'll be aiming for October just because school is starting and I want to get into a groove before I start piling stuff on my plate. And yesh :3 I am happy announce that if he'll still take the position ee2 will be a second judge to the contest! Woot! *Stares at the brownie* oh my god *runs away*.

Also, a big thanks to Neko Nana Mode who found a TON of yuri wallpapers for me! I've found one that I particularly like and won't have to change a lot of my site to match with. Maybe my colors (well yes, my colors) but besides that I'm good to go (EXCEPT FOR THE DAMN TABLES!) I'm never gonna get them. I just know it T-T.

Well here's hoping I got everyone's name right (nvm) and may YOUR chain hang low.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yesterday my bestest best friend Rei-chan came over after afternoon practice. Her family was in the neighborhood and her mom dropped her off at my house and then went to hang out with my mom. The point is we were home alone and we decided it would be fun to be bad, since we don't get the chance often :3 I thought breaking something was a little drastic, and unfortunately I'm not well acquainted with any biker gangs so no awesomely cool parties. So Rei, Shay (hey it rhymes! =D), and I settled for mixing some brownie batter and then eating it all right out of the bowl.

Needless to say the three of us spent the rest of the night throwing the brownie batter back up.

So I was dying in morning practice X_X (me) and I lost my first game 3-6 T-T (me). But me and the girl I was playing had a good 20 minute rally on the deuce score...I lost it. I blame it all on the brownie batter. And for whoever asked...I have A LOT of practice. Morning and afternoon for two hours a day, and when school starts after school every day for two hours until I think late October...I could be wrong. I'm not good with dates. And only when we don't have games, our first is next Monday. I think I'll be fine.

Anywho, Rei also helped me a little on my stories and we like to RPW or Role Playing Writing. It's what I call writing together, back and forth....um ya. So that was squeet, Rei is such a good writer! She loves comedy and she's really good at it. I'm glad she got some time to hang out because her mom is strict and more or less really bitchy so Rei gets pissed and upset a lot and of course she calls me.

Besides that I made a mix CD of my grandma's Disney soundtracks, it's so awesome! I have totally concluded that my favorite Disney Movie song is "He Lives in You" from the Lion King 2 closely followed by "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid. I know, I'm such a kid!!!

But anywho, I have a question today! Yay questions!:

What is your favorite Disney movie song?

Thanks for all the comments yesterday, they were really funny. Lol Blue, we can only hope that ee2 doesn't eat all the marshmellows! And Scar I don't know if I'll use the BG, I was looking for something that made have misc. anime characters in it, well preferably. I guess in the end I'll just use what I can get. Thanks a lot anywho! And I'm so surprised how many of you don't or have never been to Applebee's *in awe* how ghastly! APPLEBEE'S IS YUMMY! In fact I'm going again tonight cuz grandma and I scheduled another dinner :3

Okay, going now! Sorry for such a long post! (I often write long posts...my life isn't even that interesting) Sorry again!
Peace out!

P.S: Avoid eating large amounts raw brownie batter at ALL costs.

P.S.S: Anastasia is not a Disney movie peeps, ya can't get off that easy (even though all the songs rock)

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