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Monday, April 18, 2005

   One Year Aniversary

Hey guys. ^^ this is my official "one year aniversary post! :D whoo! its nice to have been here that long.

well first, I want to shout out to my close friends. ^^

Mitz: omg you are the best. ^^ I just love talking to you, and we just have so much to say to each other. ^^ I couldn't ask for more.

Frost: man, you are one heck of a friend. :) make sure we don't leave again ok. ^^

Eve: Wow, we have not talked to much, but I really think your a great person. ^^ you have a deep mind and I love to read what you post out of it. that sounded weird didn't it? =P

The Ticker: I love talking to you. ^^ and that was so cool how you stuck up for me before. ^^ I wont forget that, and I hope to have many more PMs from you. :D

Monkey Orange: though we don't exactly "talk" much. ^^ you are an incredible person. you have a lot to say, and I love to read it. ^^ I just think we have a good friendship. :)

Ju: you just joined MyOtaku, and you are doing great here so far. ^^ and I have to say, you are an awsome friend! :D I can count on you when ever I need to talk.

Amcgirl: you are a great person and I love hearing from you. :) I hope you stay around for a long time. ^^

now if I didn't mension you, don't worry, I can't say something for every one I know, or I just met you. ^^ but you know, I love you all. :D *huge hugs* I am so lucky to have such awsomely uber coolishly shibby friends!

So thank you every one for putting up with me for a year, and here is to annother great year on MyOtaku. :D


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Sunday, April 17, 2005


Hey guys. ^^ I am just loving this new me, well, the new site. ^^ I changed some things as you can tell like my avatar and intro. and well, I just love all the change. :) though I am keeping the colours.

aaaand, I have to say, I am getting high on the popularity ranking, I am at 803, and I have had 803 visits. that was so funny to see. XD but I have a question to all you guys (and gals =P), whats your popularity ranking? ^^

but yeah, I think today I might be going out with Glacial Drake and his ex girlfriend. they are just having a get together and have not seen each other for a long time and well, I might go hang with them for a bit. ^^ that might be fun. oh, and tommorow is my ONE YEAR ANIVERSARY HERE! THAT IS SO SHIBBY! so I am really happy about that! :D

well thats all I have to say for now. ^^ peach out!


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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Hello every one. Please, about that person, bloodbath, that signed my guest book, and was a little offencive. please, stop sending him awful PMs and such, he is a nice guy and here are some words from him, they were a comment on my last post:

"Hi JuliasPeach and whoever is reading,id like to set one thing strait.I havent been on myO for 2 weeks now.and when i came on i saw all these Pm's calling me worthless BASTARD and shit like that.

I didnt even know who you were untill i came on your site and see a signature under MY name.Id like to tell you that it was not me who sighned your gb because i wasnt here at the time.

Another thing,my idiotic brother knows my Password to myO so he can get on no doubt.IT WAS HIM,you know how i know,because he told me without any care.I am sorry for what he said to you.It was wrong.and i am sorry to your friends also.And i am sorry for this BIG mix up.

sorry to write all this but i wanted everyone to know how it really went down."

Now, I belive him, and you should to. and please, I am really happy every one stuck up for me, but this is all over now, it was not his fault and I don't want him to suffer anymore.


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   A few new things at my site! :D

Hey guys! :) I think I am over my loss about finishing angel season one. =P but I just have a question for you guys. ^^ Turn on your volume, and well, can you hear my new music on my site? Its awsome! :D also, I have my new avatar! ^^ yay! its peach from the game "mario & luigi superstar saga" and well yeah, its cool. Also, I re-did my intro, its much better now to! so just tell me what you guys think of my new features and if you have a sugestion I want to hear it! :D

peach out


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Friday, April 15, 2005


NOO! I finished the first season of angel. >.< I am all sad now. -_- I want angel back. MUST GET SEASON TWO! =P yes I am obbsesed. XD

but yeah, anyway, nothing new again. >.>

though I am having my birthday party soon. ^^ on the 30th or 1st. I don't know yet, but I am just having friends over and playing video games. :)


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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

   My day as it went so far,

Hey there guys. ^^ Today has been pretty good. :) I have been going to other blogs and such and it seems every one is complaining about some one else today. XD

also, I have been watching my first season of Angel today, and am OBBSESSED! I watch like 5 eppisodes a day. XD but yes, I also did school. how fun.

but yes. also, last night, I went to my friends concert, and that was fun. :) she is really good, she is in a school band and plays precussion. but yes, I knew a few people there and they were talking to me. o.O but it was still fun, infact, I kind of like it when random people talk to me. XD


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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

   A friend!

Hi there every one. ^^ a close friend of mine has just joined MyOtaku! :D she is a great person. :) her user name here is Ju, and you can find her in my friends list, and well, if you can do me this favor and maybe go say hi to her or something, that would be great. ^^

an also, I saw that some of you guys helped me with that guy that came over to my site and said some mean things on my guest book. :) that was really nice of you guys. and I'll not forget it either. so if any one needs anything, I owe you. ^^


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Monday, April 11, 2005

   Nothing too new

Hi every one. ^^ Sorry again for not posting to recently, and no, I am not dead. =P but like I said, nothing is really new, I am still going to go to that weight training, and well yeah, :) and my birth day is coming soon. ^^ *can't wait*

but also, I got an odd guest book signing and PM from this bloodbath user, by looking at the guest book signing, you can guess what the PM was like! XD but yes, he is pretty young so I don't really care what he thinks, so yeah, thats all for that story. :) peach out


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Thursday, April 7, 2005

   nothing special

Hi every one. ^^ Nothing special has been happening latly, so um, nothing to say really. though I am going to be joining a program at a comunity near me. I will be in a class teaching how to use weight equipment, so I hope to get good at that, and use the gym there. so that will be fun, and maybe I will meet some one! you never know! :D

but also, about the yard work I have been doing, well its all over! and I have to say ot was fun. ^^ I got a nice work out and well, it was just fun. :) so yeah, peach out!


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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

   I did more yard work

lor, yes, I did more yard work, and it was ok, I got a good work out again, so it was worth it. :) and to toxic flounder, don't worry about it, I was just making a point. :) but any way, those comics I was reading, Boy meets boy, well I read them all, I was so sad after, They were such good comics, so I think I am going to read them all again. :D lor, I am pethetic. =P well thats all I have to say for now. peach out!


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