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Friday, July 16, 2004

   NOTICE: to all people that registered to my site!

hello! if you have registered to my forum boards then "please" go to the "help" board and vote on which "post rank names" should be used for the site! And if your not registered please go register! I really need more members! thank! ~_^

now for my real post! ^_^

well to day is VERY hot and silly enough there were tornado warnings for calgary! I dont think there "ever" has been a tornado any where near here! its very odd! and there was a warning for golf ball size hail! woah! thats big! i never thought anything like that would happen here! but then there was only a bit of hail and lots of rain and a flood on the other side of the city! so its all good! ^_^ weird though! so dont forget to check out my site! ^_^


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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

   Want an RPG maker

I was going to install an RPG maker that every one sugested to me a little while ago, and the whole process of downloading it is too complicated! O_O I have to download the file, and the patch that you have to upgrade it with. also the help file and i have to go to another site to download this extracter program to beable to use the RPG maker! O_O little complicated huh? well i tried and i failed! U_U why are computers like this! oh well I try again in a little while! ^_^ so talk to you later!

and dont forget to visit my site! ^_^


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Monday, July 12, 2004

   Just made a real web site!

wow i'm real excited! I just mad a web site, though not a very good one, and I think it will turn out prety good! I cant get a guest book yet for some odd reason, the site host wont let ypu get a GB until you have had your site for 7 days. but anyway, please check it out and give my your input! ^_^ i know i needs more but i hope its ok for now! later all!

Link to my site!


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Sunday, July 11, 2004

   This is sooo cool!

Yay! i finally found another person on myotaku with "peach" in their name! ^_^ his name is "Peach boy" and has a very cool site! so check his site out some time! (in friends list!) anyway, i'm still waiting for my GF to come back! U_U oh how i miss her! well at least she is having fun, i hope, so lets all hope i make it through this horible lonly time!

and guess what i'm going to say next.... thats right! dont forget to check out my site! its kinda dying! thats not good!


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Saturday, July 10, 2004

   YAY! I'm Back!

hehehe! i can finally post here again! and use my little peach emoticons! "looks above" hehehe, any way I'm really glad Panda is back we all really missed her didnt we? WE DID PANDA! WE REALLY DID! so i'm glad you came back! and also my girlfriend is coming back from manitoba on tuesday and she hase been gone for a whole week! U_U i really miss her....

so talk to you all later and dont forget to visit my boards! hehe.

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Thursday, July 8, 2004

   sorry i have not posted for so long!

well i cant use the computer right now, it doesnt work, surprise there, and i'm kinda grounded from it. heh heh... any way right now i'm posting from a library and it kinda stinks! so talk to you all later when i can!


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Saturday, July 3, 2004


well, I want to thank every one that helped me over my last post! It was really nice to see that so many of you cared! ^_^, and i would also like to say that i think i can get on with life now! though it was startling what happened i think i'm ok! And unfortunely i didnt get as much support at the otaku baords, not many people belived me there! U_U But your all such great friends! Thank you all!

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Friday, July 2, 2004

   I kinda got kidnaped!

OMG! today, which is canada day. I almost got kidnaped! it was so scary! I was standing around with some of my friends and some guys came up to me and grabbed me by the neck and said that i shouldnt make a noise or i'd get hurt. So i was trying to make noises at my friends but they sorta thought i knew the person because of how he was holding me. So then he started to drag me away and my friends were confused. the kidnaper was chocking me and led me out of the market (thats where i was) and my friends came dashing after me because they knew something was up. So the person dragged me out side and his friend was just infront of us and they stopped and said i was getting kicked out of the mall and that i was doing drugs (which i soooo wouldnt) and then started to yell at me. I was so freaked out. Then they dragged me on some more and then my friends came out side and i dashed away from the person who let go of me for a second. then my friends were so worried and felt for me. but i was so scared. I coulkd of been murdered or something. what a way to spend Canada Day.

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

   New Members!

Well. I found out yesterday that two people I know have just joined MyOtaku! Yup, their names are Wild eyes and Xenomorph. Thats just two more people i know that have joined here! ^_^ so go give them a shout and check out there sites! Also I have had a new member on my forum board! So things are going good there! Why dont "you" join my forum board! ^_^

Click Here to go to Peach's Place!

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Monday, June 28, 2004

   In the top 1000 sites!

yup! I dont know how that happened but i'm in the top 1000 sites! my ranking has gone down to 3 digits! So I would like to thank all you wonderful people that visied my site and to thank even more the people who comment on my site and even more to my friends! ^_^ you know who you are! ~_^ So everyone who reads this I am giving you a BIG hug! YAY!

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