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Saturday, May 29, 2004

   Hello every one!

ahhh! ive just finished my work at fundraising!!! ive raised about $87 to scout trees and i think i did my part! and thank you all for being my frineds! ^_^ as you can see i have been getting alot of new friends and you guys are "GREAT"! oh Tepocoora's friend, ChloeGrrl needs friends! so check out their sites! they're both in my friends list! ^_^

now back to my busy weekend! i cant do the bottle drive tommorro because i have to do my canoe tranning and it ends to late to be able to make it there in time! U_U so i'll have to just miss it...

oh and i'm having a lot of fun with my new peach smiliys! ^_^ and remeber to vote on the WTF contest at Panda's! so vote for me! lol just kidding!

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   Volunteering on this busy Weekend!

Hey! today i'm off to a busy weekend! ^_^V i have to go help some people at a fund raiser right now and then i'm meeting my girlfriend! ^_^; yeah i have a girlfriend if ya didn't know! and tommorow i have to get up at 6:00
)_( and go cannoeing again! then right after that, with no brake in between, i'm volunteering for a bottle drive with my volunteer group the YVC (youth Volunteer Core) its pretty fun! i get to work at fairs and carnivles and other sorts of places!

well ive got to go! but remeber to go to Panda's and vote for the WTF contest and to join my RPG! ^_^ and also what do you think of my new smiliys? there PEACH! YAY!

so i have to go!

*rushes out the door*

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Friday, May 28, 2004

   my friends!

hello again! ^_^ two of my friends have joined TheOtaku after alot of convincing and if any one wants to check out their sites, then please do! there names are missa, and Glacial Drake. the're both in my friends list so check them out!

also, a note, they haven't really done any thing to their sites yet but be paitent! and if anyone has noticed i have made a button for my site and any one who would like to put me up on their site can just say so in a comment!


also i have made some new smiliys for my site (the peach ones)! cute huh?

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YAY i've had 100 people visit my site! ^_^ i'm soo happy! and now my popularity is #1586 out of 8036 active sites... I cant wait to be in the top 500! anyway i'm just soo happy i'll have a party! and youre all invited! yay! lol! so lets start to P-A-R-T-Y!

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   YAY i'm alive!

yes i made it back alive! i'm sooooo happy! luckly enough i didn't tip over, out of my canoe. i found out when i got there to go canoeing that the water was only about 5 feet deep in most parts so thats good!

fortunetly during the evening i mastered the art of canoeing and now i have to look forward to two more training lessons V_V oh well as long as the water isn't deep!

and thank you every one for giving me happy thoughts! ^_^ you guys are great!

oh and one more thing i hope i win Panda's WTF contest! but the chanses are slim! this has been one fun contest! i wonder if there will be another? well only a couple days till the winner is chosen! so any one who hasn't voted yet go to Panda's site and vote in the WTF contest! YAY ^_^

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

   here i go to die...

yes i am going to die tonight!!! tonight, i am off to go canoeing and i "DO NOT" know how to swim and i am only going to be wearing a little life jaket that is ment for the luxury of thoes who "CAN" swim...

I AM GOING TO DIE! the canoe will only have me and my best friend in it but we are going on a river and this is only my third time in a canoe! so it will probably tip and i will be whisked away in the river, or if i don't fall out i will be whisked away in the canoe because i can't control it very well! so if i survive tonight i will post tomorrow! but don't be expectant!

ps. no one has joined my RPG yet and i'm kinda sad because its my first one and no one seems to like it v_v so if any one could please join my RPG!!!

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

   my grandpa

errrr. i'm kinda upset at my grandpa because he doen't like my hair (i bleeched it) he won't really look at me! does anybody think thats going a little to far to not even look at me?

so yeah i'm kinda taking this personaly but i guess we will both get over it. i hope...

also i made a sign up sheet for my RPG "Mushroom Kingdom" so please join if you can! i'll leave the address but again i don't know how to make it in to a link, sorry.



there are many different colours of toads, little mushroom people who live in the mushroom kingdom, their spots and vests are the only thing that change colour though... they can come in red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. thoes are the most common colour.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004


i wonder... ive been looking around on other people's sites here at Otaku and i woner how some of the people got borders around there posts... I want one! ^_^ so if any one knows please tell me!

now to another topic. my Aunt is visiting me from Edmonton! (i live in Calgary) she is sooo cool, my Aunt is one of thoes people you idolize! O_o shes always there for me even through long distance and she always knows how to make you laugh! ^_^ so i'd like to know if any one out there has a cool Aunt or other relitive!

now for the
In Super Smash Brothers Melee for Game Cube the character Peach can Pluck veggatables from the ground, down-B, they seem to have many different faces and that determines the amount of dammage they do! and.... if your lucky you have a 1% chance to pluck up a Mr. saturn, Bob-omb, or a Beam sword!

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my RPG got closed! they said it didn't follow the rules! not enough infomation! oh well i guess i'll just try again! and no mario update ive already done two today!

until next post...

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

   My first RPG

Yes i decided to make my first RPG in the Adventure forum at the Otaku boards! so any one who would, please check it out and maybe even join! here is the adress (i dont know how to make it a button so it might look kinda messy, so just copy and paste it!)


sorry for the inconvenience! ^_^;

In Mario Kart for the original Nintendo (NES) most characters, when used bu computer, had a special Item. Princess Peach's is the mini mushroom. its orange and yellow and it makes the person who touches it go mini! but like i said only the computer can use this!

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