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Friday, June 30, 2006

Also added some more ecards to the site. Some from Bleach, Naruto and the ever lovely GetBackers! Enjoy!

Oh and updated my avator. Decided Echizen needed a break from me. ^^ Its time for Ban to play some beautiful music around the site. Gawd I luv a man who can play a violin!

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What do I...
Hi all! Just a quick post tonight a few people have noted I seem to watch a lot of different animes so I decided to make a joke of it. In the scroll bar below you'll find all the animes and mangas I consider my faves. ^^ There's nearly 100 of them...LoL Enjoy.

*deleted marque with addition of banner*

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

   Cool thoughts...
LoL Well to prove to myself that if I think chilly thoughts this heat wave won't be nearly as bad. I made up a few new wallpapers. Two of which put my fave Prince of Tennis boys deep into the mountains in snow and fun! ^^ The other ones not quite so chilly but still was a lot of fun to make. Though extracting a tennis racket, now has to be my least favorite thing to ever do! LoL Stupid see-through rackets...*shudders*

Sounds like folks have some fun plans for the holiday. Man I didn't even realize it was on a Tuesday! Man work on Wednesday is gonna be horrible! But on the bonus at least I get Monday and Tuesday off. ^^ Four day weekends are always welcome! Sorry everyone who has to work through it!

Todays random thought, what kind of fireworks are your faves? The small little sparklers? The huge booms? Or those nifty snake thingies? LoL For me and this dates all the way back to my childhood I love bottle rockets, especially those ones that whistle! I know its horrible, but my siblings and myself use to have fights when them. LoL I know dangerous and stupid, but you know it was fun anyway. ^^

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

   Heat waves and celebrations!
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days...I'm afraid this little heat wave we have going on here in Seattle has pretty much scared me away from my computer. Its in the 90's...which honestly doesn't sound that hot right? Until you remember that in Seattle most of us don't have air conditioning. LoL Heck yesterday I went to the mall to just sit in a cool area for a while. ^^ My friends have been going to tons of movies lately since they keep the theaters so cold around here! Oh what we do to adjust! So how do you beat the heat? I'm about ready to mug some poor soul with central air just so I can function during the day in my house!

LoL I know I should just buy my own air conditioner but honestly its never really hot around here. We get this freak heat wave for like a week and then its back to normal. And I don't know about you but I find it hard to justify buying an air conditioner for a week of cooling off the house. ^^

Lets see got a few more wallpapers and ecards in the works. I'd expect to see them later tonight or tomorrow. Hmm posted a few 12 Kingdoms *Juuni Kokki* wallpapers the other day as well in case you missed those. Again playing with my fave human sized rat Rakushun in two of those. ^^ I just love that rattie.

So what are your plans for the 4th if your celebrating it? Around here I tend to go down to a place called the Gasworks which has an all day party and carnival type deal and fireworks that night. Its a lot of fun, though it tends to be way way over crowded. But honestly on the 4th of July even thats a bit of fun. I get to meet a bunch of strangers and friends and just plain act silly. Hmm like I ever act serious right? LoL

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

   Early Return...

Hello all! Well I did manage to make it up to my beloved mountains, unfortunately it appears that nearly everyone else on the planet did too! LoL There are few things I enjoy more than taking the time to hike around Mt Rainier and the surrounding forest. But man every place we went was just packed with people, even the most remote camps I know were occupied! It was enough to make a poor girl cry! LoL Just kidding, but it did put a bit of a damper on the whole camping out thing, so we gave up and headed back early. I guess we'll just have to plan the next one for a trip in the mid-week time so folks have to pretend to be working that 9-5 thing!

I'm posting a few new wallpapers tonight. They're not actually my usual type of wallpaper. These were actually a challenge from a good friend after he saw my latest fiery Berserk wall. Hmm well you'll know what I mean if you decide to take a look at them. And honestly I'd love some feedback on them, I think they look pretty cute but then I haven't slept in like three days so I'm not a very good judge right now! LoL

Oh and thanks for the congrats on my 100th wallpaper, I really appreciate it. Now I'm scared to see how far I can go with this silly addiction! ^^

Talk to you later!

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Friday, June 23, 2006

   A day for the record books...
Well I just posted my 100th wallpaper. Something that thrills and terrifies me at the same time! LoL Thrills me in the fact that I've managed to create this many wallpapers in such a short time of actually putting them together. And terrified at the fact I actually only intended to make a few to redecorate my desktop! ^^ My oh my what a crazy thing addictions become...

Anyway I just thought it was a bit of fun that I decided to share. Oh not sure when my next post will be if the weather holds out I plan on taking off into the mountains for a few weeks. If it doesn't then either I'm gonna be a wet chick in the mountains or a dry one in front of my computer! LoL Take care all!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hello all! So I'm curious as most of you know I enjoy Manga a great deal! But now I'm curious for those of you who enjoy manga what are your top 5 choices? And please, why are they your top choices? =) The following are mine...as of tonight anyway!

1: Berserk! This is the manga that got me into reading mangas actually. I never thought they were that interesting before I was forced into reading this one. I say forced but anyone whose watched the anime knows you just can't let it end like that! LoL

2: DeathNote: This has to be one of the most psychological mangas..heck books; I have ever read. The twisted game of genius between the killer who wants to be a god for the world and the detectives who feel they have to catch him is absolutely stunning.

3: Hajime No Ippo: Yes a boxing manga ranks in my top 5. I'm not even really a fan of boxing! LOL But for some reason the characters and the spirit within this series just drags me into reading it! I just can't stop!

4: Prince of Tennis : Come on if you know me at all you knew this one was going to be in my top 5. =) Aside from having a great group of characters, this manga as great artwork and truly fun storylines. Some follow the same lines as the anime, but others veer quite a ways off in some respects!

5: Hmm Bleach and Naruto tie for 5th. They're both good fun series but neither one is so compelling that I mind missing a few weeks in a row. But still when I have a chance I happily read the bunch that I've missed and catch up to date.

So what are your top 5? And going along with the them of manga I've added three new Berserk wallpapers to the site! =) Enjoy those too!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

   Avator creator!
Yeah I found the person who made the image for my avator! I have sent an e-mail asking for permission, but for now here's the link to her site and please check out her art. Its quite good as you can tell by the chibi shinji!


So many pretty fan arts to look at, please explore her gallery for lots of cuteness!

Edit!! :: Well I talked to the creator and she prefers to keep her work on DA, which I can completely understand so I changed my avator. But still go check out her gallery, there are some amazing works in there! =) And now you folks get to admire yet another pose of Echizen instead of Shinji! Hehehe good thing he's such a cutie too!

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Unexpected inspiration...
Well I added a bit more than I was expecting this morning. Four new PoT wallpapers have been added. And well I'll just let you explore them and you can tell me what you think. LoL They're not exactly the most involved pieces but overall I rather like them. Particularly the shot of Atobe. Its one of my fave poses of his...The Winner will be...Me! =) LOL

Anyway enjoy and comments are always welcome!

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   Subtle changes...
Well I hope they're subtle anyway. Updated the site look a little, got tired of the gray and white and decided to add a little bit of nature to the mix. Hope everyone likes it and can still read everything ok. =) Let me know if you have any problems.

Also updated my avator with an adorable chibi of Shinji from Fudomine Tennis club and his obsession with grip tape! LoL If anyone knows who made this image please let me know! I was just told it was found on Deviant Art, but I haven't been able to find the artist to give them credit or ask permission. That place is just too huge its making my brain melt just searching around it! So please if you know contact me. =) I don't want to steal anyones work but its just too cute to resist playing with as an avator!

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