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Monday, August 7, 2006

   Another Monday on the way...
Hello all! Well as I write this itís turning into Monday and so far everythingís doing ok. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLoL You all know how much I just love Mondays. ^^ *ponders spending the day in bed* Nah, too much to do unfortunately though that'd be a nice way to spend a Monday. LoL

This weekend went quite well though I honestly didn't do much. Turned into one heck of an Anime weekend though. I ended up dragging one of my best buds into an anime fest! LOL We sat down and just worked our way through a bunch of series this weekend. TOKKO finished its run at episode 13 so we watched that. Started watching a new series called The Third which I'm rather fond of but itís still only on episode 9. *pouts* I want more! Hmm then watched a few eps of DNAngel and Ouran HS Host Club. Tossed in a few Fruits Baskets as well. Oh and managed to sit him down for all 18 episodes of Utawarerumono. I told you I watched a lot of anime this weekend. I think my mind is still stuck in the TV. LOL Ok it wasn't all at once, we kinda mixed in the anime with normal life stuff. Did some shopping, did some work, played WoW a bit. (World of Warcraft for those of you who don't know it.) Kept up my record of being a busy little bee. Hehehe

Think of Utawarerumono I dedicated the last update to a few video clips from it, so I guess this weeks is dedicated to wallpapers from the series. LoL I did a stretch and picked a few of my fave moments from the series and a few of my fave characters. Including Karura, Oboro, Benawi and of course my fave big kitty. ^^ I just love that tiger. Hmm maybe I'll try to do a few wallpapers for The Third, several of the characters strike me as quite photogenic so who knows. ^^

Oh I meant to mention this last time but I got distracted! Yensid! You brought up that movie Fallen! It was on again tonight so I remembered it this time. LOL I rather enjoyed it, yeah the effects kinda took away from the story a bit, and Iím not big of that kind of thing. But I adored his conversations with his dog. LoL And particularly his way of distracting the dog. Hehehe It reminds me of my house, ok I don't talk to my dog but I do manage to find myself distracting him with food and toys at every turn. =) Hmm and I did think this was going to be a series, but I guess they're just doing this movie and then a six hour thing next summer? What's with that? It's like an evil teaser. ^^

Hehehe and LS it's not that bad, I mean I don't like break down and sob at them. Itís more like...small tears. What can I say I'm an emotional girl?!? ^^ Besides I'm still in shock that you didn't feel sad during certain moments of Inuyasha. Kikyo's death...hmm all of them...still make me sad!

Oops! shileyrei if you want you can still watch that Utaware vid, I should have said contains spoilers from episodes 1-17. ^^ For anyone who just started watching I didn't want them to get all confused. Gomen-chai!

Sutarumahari, hmm of course we are! Did you manage to lay your hands on the plans for that device yet? ^^

Ah Yensid thanks for the job ideas...actually I'm considering trying at B&N, though I'm worried about actually getting my money home when I'm that exposed to my fave thing in the world! LoL Even out of work I still end up spending my saving on shiny new books. Yup, I'm a crazy one. Oh so funny you should mention Verizon actually. =) One of my roomies works for T-Mobile and the other one works for Cingular so they're always telling me I need to chose one of the competition to go work for so we have an evil triangle in our house. LoL Unfortunately I just detest cell phones so I don't think I could work in Customer Service there...I'd end up deleting peoples accounts because no one should talk that much on a phone. LoL Seafair! Seafair! Whoohooo! So much fun, so much walking, so many loud people. Whew...weekends like this are such a drain! ^^ Though honestly I didn't spend much time there at all, it was just too crazy!

destinyssweetman, lol yes I respond to you in these silly posts all the time. But since you're so off and on about visiting I guess I should just bug you with PM's again huh? ^^ At least that way I know I can torment you and you'll maybe understand me you goof boy!

Whew...ok that ends this weeks random chatter from comments. LOL So if you were confused at all by that, don't worry about it! Confusing is a good thing. Trust me, Dark Phoenix told me so! ^^

Last weeks question was about pets...well I currently have a lovely dog named chaos (after Xenosaga), and four cats. (Mocha, Oni, Kaia, and Tai). But I've never really named a pet after an anime, though I've been tempted a few times. ^^ I don't know if chaos really counts since he was named after a game. LoL

Wow this is a long post huh? Anyone still reading after all that? You're just a crazy one. ^^ *blows a kiss* Thank you for reading my crazy ramblings!

Ok a random question: Are you a day person or a night person? ^^ Which you prefer not which you're stuck being.

Take care all and talk to you later this week!

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Friday, August 4, 2006

   So many wallpapers...
Hello everyone! I hope you've been having a great week so far! Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThis week's been pretty good for me. Once again the job god's seem to have abandoned me but alas one day at a time. ^^ Otherwise things are going pretty good, bright sunny days with a breeze. Much preferable to that evil heat wave we had earlier. This stuff I can deal with. LoL

I put together a ton of wallpapers over this week, mostly from Ouran High School Host Club. Alas this anime seems to have taken over my brain so I just keep making them. Lmao! I've also made a few more Black Cat ones. That anime is just so pretty I can't resist playing with some of my fave moments!

Aww Tito, don't worry I work really hard at being confusing. ^^ Honestly most of my post is simply replies to things that people brought up in their last post to me. Kinda like this one. So if you're really confused and that interested you can always check out the last replies and see what I'm talking about. ^^

But alas I'm so happy to see there are so many folks who cry at animes and mangas like me! I've cried at so many its not even funny. I keep trying to tell my roomies I'm just a girl I can't help it. LOL They just look at me funny. I guess they don't get quite as involved with these poor characters as I do. I've cried during Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Chrono Crusade, Kyou Kara Maou, Utawarerumono, Saiyuki, Wolf's Rain...hmm wow I cry a lot. LoL And well honestly I'm sure there's more than that. I just get so attached to these guys. So cute and fluffy! Hehehe

Ok so today I've got a new vid for you all. I'm sorry folks on dial up! I know I've been trying so hard to avoid tormenting you, but it's just so much fun!

Utawarerumono Trailer

Utawarerumono AMV - Warning some Spoilers but such a pretty song and imagery I couldn't resist it.

Today's random question! Do you have any pets? And have you ever named one after an anime character?

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Ah yes...the wonderful existence that is Monday...*shudder* Image Hosted by ImageShack.usActually itís not that bad. I mean I did nothing this weekend so Monday should be a good thing right? LoL Nah...Monday can only be a scary day.

Lets see...since I didn't really do anything I can't really share stories unless you wanna hear about me vegging out on my bed watching all those shows on my TIVO that have been sitting there for months. LOL Hmm I watched Eureka, a new show on the SciFi channel. I really like it, I was just cracking up! Lots of silly jokes and a fairly good plot so thatís enough to entertain me at least when I'm in a veg state of mind. Hehehe

Ah Des-man you asked what I did for a living. I'm actually somewhat unemployed right now. Or is it self-employed? LoL I do research for various offices around the area, mostly update file information and confirming facts are what they're supposed to be. Hmm my last job was a verification of information for a mortgage company. Pretty boring usually but at least it helps pay the bills while I'm trying to find a real job. LoL

shileyrei, oh I so glad you liked Utawarerumono! And yup I'm the gal who makes those silly wallpapers for it! ^^ I just love that series and no one seems to be making goodies from it. LoL At least not the ones I want anyway! ^^ So anyway I'm real glad you checked it out and enjoyed it!

Aww I'm sad...so many folks who didn't like Elfen Lied. I like that anime. ^^ But then I thought the extreme violence was an interesting counter point to the mentality of the piece. But alas to each their own! ^^ You know I've never actually had an anime I hated. I'm pretty thankful for that. ^^ Though there have been a few that I quickly changed the channel from. LoL Oddly enough a lot of the ones chosen by Funimation are the ones that catch me by surprise and make me turn channels quickly. Things like Zatch Bell...*shudder* Or that Bobobobob-thingie. Oh I remember Reign Delphine...whew...that was some crazy animation. I did like the story though...but then I'm a bit of an Alexander the Great nut so thatís probably just me. I just love seeing different interpretations of the Great's life. ^^

Hmm sorry for anyone who visited my site yesterday and found no background. For some reason Imageshack decided it didn't need to show the image. Very odd considering it was still showing all the other ones. I shall never understand the craziness of the internet. Hmm only a couple of new wallpapers this week mostly some of my fave moments from Berserk manga. So if you're not into Berserk you can just look at the old ones and smile. ^^

And todays random question: Has any anime or manga for that matter ever reduced you to tears? Or for you big tuff guys, made you want to cry? ^^

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

   Weekend! Whoohoo!
Yeah its time for the weekend! Time for the weekend! Whoohoo! Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAnd this weekend I am doing...absolutely nothing. Isn't that just wonderful!! ^^ Actually that brings a big old smile to my face just thinking about it. I might just sleep all day or watch TV from my bed. Or just stare at the ceiling for hours. How lovely! LoL For the first time in a long time all my projects are done, all my deadlines have been met and I can do absolutely nothing if I want! Yay!!

Okies back on track! I'm really glad everyone liked the new theme and its working out for everyone. ^^ I just love Momiji I keep loading the page and just grinning stupidly at his cute little picture! LOL Yes I am that easily entertained.

Been on a little bit of a wallpaper spree again, made up some from Naruto, Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, , Juuni Kokki, Full Metal Panic and Prince of Tennis since my last update. Been having a bit of fun. ^^ Oh and I added two from a fave anime of mine Sousei no Aquarion. Such a silly spoof of an anime but I do so love watching it when I wanna veg out! ^^ So enjoy those if you're so inclined.

Hmm I use quotes from different animes way too much and its usually the weird ones. ^^ My particular fave is Echizen's catch phrase Mada mada dane from Prince of Tennis. Hehehe I use that one all the time at work or on the racketball court for that matter. ^^ Otherwise I might find myself using some obscure quote just to confuse folks. Hehehe It's all in good fun after all! Hmm but some of your quotes scare me...Vestque in particular...I really want to know who you said that too and why! LoL

Aww Elves I like the Inuyasha dub job! Of course I like the japanese voice actors too, but Inuyasha is one of the few that I'll go out of my way to watch in English as well. Hmm or maybe I just have a thing for Sesshomaru...that could be it. LoL Though I have to agree I can't watch the Naruto dub job...maybe once they learn how to actually pronouce some of the names I'll give it a shot. Though they did get one of my fave voice actors to do the voice of Gaara so I'll give them props for that. ^^ Hehehe one of the most painful dub jobs for me to watch was actually Prince of Tennis. Lmao I couldn't even make it through the first episode it just hurt too much, I couldn't even see what they did to the rest of the Seigaku kids if that was their effort for a first episode! Funimation haunts me so...hehehe

Hmm well I already PM'd Yensid my cheats for html so I won't do that here. Besides my knowledge of html could pretty much fill a TicTac jar and still have room left over for lots and lots of TicTacs. Lmao And I like Korean animation! Hmm don't mind me...gonna go watch the Simpsons now. ^^

Today's random question: Are there any animes so bad that you couldn't make it through an episode?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

   New Theme
Well since I've become so fond of Momiji from Fruit Baskets these past couple of weeks. (I think I've watched episode 15 about 10 times!) Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI decided to take one step further into the Otaku world and make up my own little Momiji theme. Hopefully it all looks ok on everyones computers and you can still read the text alright. I attempted to chose a color bg that didn't conflict to heavily with reading actual posts! =) Let me know if I didn't succeed! LoL

Not much new on my creation scale, I made up a fun little Momiji wallpaper yesterday that I'm rather fond of. So feel free to check that one out if you'd like.

Lets see in answer to my own question...if I could travel anywhere. I'd honestly love to go back to Australia for a long time. I've been there so many times but I still feel like I haven't seen even a small portion of the country! ^^ I'd also love to go up to Alaska and head into the mountains for a bit, but thats a bit more crazy than just vacation talk. ^^

Oh and for those who didn't know! The voice actor game actually has 2 levels, at least in my house it does. ^^ The first is to ID the voice actor either by name or what other work you've heard them do! The second is to compare within the current anime which voice actors you know they've worked with before. This is actually a lot easier in English since there aren't as many popular voice actors. Hehehe Its a bit like that old game Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees of Seperation. But a lot more fun when comparing characters. ^^

Hmm you know I've never really understood the whole dub vs sub wars? I mean in my house alone I have one roomie who will only watch in English and one who will only watch in Japanese. LoL Which means I've seen just about every anime I can think of in both languages. I don't honestly think I have a preference. I mean if both are done well what do I have to complain about? However if the English version makes a hash of it or the Japanese version doesn't sync right then trust me I'm not real likely to watch either. LoL

Todays random question: Have you ever used a quote from an anime in your real life? ^^

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

   Late night fun!
Hiya all! Well for once I'm happily updating in a cold room. I do love playing around at 3am once the house finally cools down. ^^ Not really a whole lot this update. Added a bunch of new wallpapers...again. LoL Actually most are from the same animes as the last update so I'll just let you check them out if you'd like.

I've also updated my Fave Anime banner added some of the new animes I've been enjoying as well as a few fun movies. As a special treat I've added a few of the mangas I love as well. Those aren't the only ones I read but they are the only ones that don't have an anime series as well. ^^ I thought about sneaking another berserk banner in there but I thought I'd be good. Its getting hard enough to find a spot to upload those files without having to stretch the quality too much anyway. I was hoping my geocities site would link here but alas it doesn't seem to want to work. So I'm stuck using Imageshack.

Voice actors...oh I love the name the voice actor game. It has to be one of my truly fave activities! I love it! And yes I've followed voice actors between different animes. And even watched some that I really didn't like just because I loved a voice! Hehehe Pretty crazy? For US voice actors I love David Lucas, Crispin Freeman and Johnny Yong Bosch. Such lovely voices! For japanese voice actors I adore Akaya Saito, Daisuke Kirii, Rikiya Koyama, Takeuchi Junko and hmm well lots more actually. LoL But I'll leave it there for now. LoL

Random Question of the day! If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? And why of course. ^^

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

   So many it makes your head spin...
Alas sometimes I think I just got a bit too crazy on this whole wallpaper obsession of mine. LoL I don't really know why but in the last two days I've worked on a ton of wallpapers. Its weird too...I have the urge to make even more. Maybe its this heat wave, maybe its just sucked out what was left of my mind. Hehehe

Hmm so new wallpapers...most are from Ouran High School Host Club but a few others snuck in as well. Utawarerumono, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Kyou Kara Maou and my old fave Prince of Tennis all needed to make an appearence. Though I finally determined a way to do something I really wanted to do for a while now. As most of you know I love cleaning up screen captures and turning them into wallpapers. Its just a really fun thing to do...well animes that air in wide-screen have just been driving me crazy. Well I finally decided if they wanna be widescreen well then damn they can be wide screen wallpapers. ^^

Ah but I'm just a bit sad, my anime shopping spree just fizzled out on me. I wasn't able to find anything new or anything I couldn't find before on the shelves. And the one shop I really wanted to go to didn't open when it should have so I didn't get to go. Evil Anime Kingdom folks not opening up on time. ><; Don't they know that I want to spend all my money on shiny new things? LoL So I did a little clothes shopping instead and picked up NCIS Season One boxset while I was at it.

Ahh Des-Man I knew it! You really do want to help me take over the world! Yay!! Where should we start? Hmm Canada? Australia? Hmm where where? ^^

Bunraku, aww come on I told myself a long time ago that I would never reach 30 even when I'm supposed to reach 30. So I figure now that I'm actually 29 I'm gonna stay this age for a while. But don't worry I won't miss my b-day its just that cake is never gonna have a big 3-0 on it. Hehehe Pink bunnies are not scary...they're hmm cute and lovable...and ok a little bit scary. ^^Not as bad as clowns though...*shudder* Clowns are scary scary! Hm anime shopping sprees take me all around the place, BestBuy, B&N, Borders, University Place, Anime Kingdom, and well pretty much any place else we can think of at the time. LOL

Hmm I was gonna try to have a vid previewing Ouran High School Host Club but I'm having a heck of a time finding any that would convince anyone to watch the series. LOL I guess its a bit difficult to explain but still if you're into comedies I'd give it a look, its a fun one. And everyone in it is just so much fun to watch.

Hmm last times question was what SuperHero would you steal powers from. I have to admit I'm an evil type person so I'd happily take Rogue's powers from X-Men. That way not only do I get buff powers to start out with but I also get to steal other fols powers if only for a short time. LoL

Oh, updated my friends list a bit today as well. Mostly folks who have disappeared or who haven't updated their own sites in a long time. If you were there and went poof drop a note and let me know. ^^ I prefer to keep friends on my friends list so if I don't find myself motivated to keep in touch where's the fun involved there? LoL I mean really I'm always happy to make new friends but if you're just looking for a name on your list, I'm not the person to ask to be friends with. ^^ I expect actually communication even if its just my torturous pm's right Voodoo? Shishou? Des-man? Hehehe...

Todays random question...Have you ever watched an anime just because you liked a voice actor in it? ^^
Bye Bye everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

   More...and more and more...LoL
Ok so I blame EAMR for this...never recommend a cute and funny anime to me it takes over my mind and makes me create a bunch of new wallpapers. So yeah had some fun creating a bunch of Ouran High School Host Club wallpapers this evening...hope you enjoy them! They're all such cute boys! I just want to cuddle them all!

Ok, Bye! Oh and see the post below for actual chit chat. LoL

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Friday, July 21, 2006

   New Wallpapers
Hello everyone. I hope you've all had a great week! Other than melting into my chair due to this annoying heat wave its been pretty good for me. Gonna be even better tomorrow though, cause its finally time for my monthly anime splurge! So many goodies to buy and catch up on! Yay!

So a couple of new wallpapers for folks to enjoy. I've put up three new ones from Full Metal Panic. Hmm I think all three of these are from FUMOFFO rather than the original series though. Either way I just got into a groove and I adore Sousuke. I think its the eyes...or the brooding thing. I so have a thing for brooding guys. ^^

So last weeks question; I would love to live in the anime reality this is Naruto. There's just something about having the chance to play with ninjas and 'magic' powers at the same time I can watch movies in theaters and tape my fave shows on TV. LoL

Hmm no vid today sorry guys, I'm too hot to drag something cute from You Tube.

Oh good ear Bunraku on that music vid! Though I'm kinda scared you knew that it was a part of Clerks that only aired on the Tonight Show. The anime by the way was Yami no Matsuei, or Descendents of Darkness if you prefer. A nice twisted anime series if you're into that type. ^&^ And wow you have as many books as me! Whoohoo! More addicts!

Hehehe Shishou I'm 29 years old and about half way to reaching 30. ^^ So a bit older than you guessed. On the happy note I look much older. Lmao! And I know I know its horrible to ignore something I might like just because it's popular. I'm a goof. But on the happy note I really liked it once I watched it. LoL I'm looking into the manga now actually. I tried and online translation but I just didn't like the quality of it. So off to check the stores tomorrow! Whoohoo! New books to read!

HLW...I'm sure of it! Einstein had bodies in his basement! ^^ He did...really...ok probably not. But the thought makes me giggle...what's that old saying. A thin line between genius and insanity?

LS...hmm...the thought of you with the power to blow up the planet kinda scares me... ^^ Just tell me you'd wish it all back to normal again right?

Alrighty then! Todays random question; What superhero would you like to steal powers from? ^^

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

   Hello all!
You know sometimes I wonder why I avoid trends and popular things for so long? I mean its one thing not to spend a million bucks on something you don't like so that others will like you for it, thats just stupid. But its kinda stupid to avoid watching something or doing something you might enjoy because everyone seems to be doing it. Weird huh? Well the reason this all occured to me is I finally watched Fruit Baskets. This is after just about every friend of mine has sent me vids, bombarded my e-mail, or just plain tossed dvds at me to get me to watch it. And you know what...I finally sat down yesterday and watched it. ><; And I loved it. Every second of it. It made me laugh, cry and just feel sad and happy at the same time. Sometimes I truly hate being such a baka. You know its been years since they've been asking me to watch this? And I didn't want to because, everyone told me to. ><; What am I six years old again trying to get my parents to let me stay up late? LoL I need to just listen and make decisions that are right not things that give me a bit of petty pleasure. *sigh* Ok...so anyway I loved Fruit Baskets and now I have go find the manga and see if its as great too.

Todays vid has nothing to do with anything. I just think is really funny and I like to share it with friends. Plus its one of the best lip syncing jobs I've ever seen done.

Lets see last times random questions was about reading. Actually I majored in English/Literature so it was a fun topic for me. ^^ I read just about anything and everything I can get my hands on. The poor folks at Borders and B&N spend most of their time taking my paycheck to provide me with even more things to read. Hmm I have seven bookcases in my room...all are six feet tall...and hmm all are full to overflowing. I really should go through them sometime but its not unlike me to read a book I enjoyed or even didn't enjoy multiple times. I'm a strange person, I admit it! ^^ Books are good and reading can expand your mind. Or as I use to think as a young kid, at least while I was reading I wasn't fighting with my siblings or my parents. LoL

Todays random question: If you could join any anime world which would you like to join?

Take care everyone and I hope you're all having a great weeks so far.

"Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

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