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Sunday, July 16, 2006

   Another weekend almost over...
Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend so far and haven't had any odd or unfortunate things happen! So far things have been going quite good for me, nothing uneventful. Though I did discover that teasing someone about having a relationship is not a good thing when you don't want to be in a relationship with that person. LOL Trust me, it just leads to that lovely term Stalker from the other person. No worries though he's one of the harmless stalkers who just sends me lots of flowers and gifts until he figures out I'm not listening.

So last time my question was about time travel, I was a bit surprised by some of your answers. I like that. ^^ Surprises are good! Personally yeah I'd love to go back to high school, I did way too many shitty things to people who didn't deserve it. Treated my folks terribly for no reason other than my own lack of knowledge and so much more I would love to go back and just redo those. Of course I'd happily like to fast forward through the more boring stuff but hey gotta trade something. LoL

Todays vid! Alright this is for the new series TOKKO. A word of warning however this is recommended for folks age 15+; lots of vivid violence and nudity involved. So if your uncomfortable with either don't watch the vids. ^^ Alright? Good then. I think of this series as a more violent version of Bleach actually. And no its not just Shindou's hairdo. (LoL You'll understand once you watch). Also tie in a little Elfen Lied and you'll get a good idea of what to expect. This series is currently 10 in and getting better all the time. I believe this is also a short run series ending at 24 but not positive on that. I recommend that fansub group Oyasumi for this one. They do a great job putting it together.

Trailer of the series TOKKO

AMV based on TOKKO

Otherwise several new wallpapers released by yours truly these past couple of days. Once again Shishou's made me work on more Black Cat wallpapers. LoL This time starring Chardon; who I have to admit is one of my fave characters anyway. I also made up a cute little wallpaper with a kitty and a violin...hmm no comment on my mentality when I did this one, ok? Snuck in another Creed wallpaper as well, I just love that bad guy! ^^ Last but definitely not least made up a fun one of Ginji from Getbackers. This one struck me as a portrait type of shot so I added a bit of watercolor and canvas feel to the image. Hopefully it turned out cute enough for Ginji fans like me. ^^

And so many good cooks in this group...I can't even make ramen...not even the instant just add water stuff. *cries* Oh well at least my fire fighters are cute when they come save me. LoL Ah and I apologize to everyone who can't view the vids due to download time. Of course the thought of dial up makes me tremble in terror anyway but still. I have no idea how you guys life without cable or dsl. Hehehe I wish you fast and choke free phone lines! ^^

Todays random question: If your into reading what type of books do you prefer? And who is your fave author? LoL And yes I'll accept manga and comics are reading material. ^^

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Nothing much...
Nothing much happening but I got into a bit of a whim and decided to share a few things with those of you interested. Over the upcoming few weeks I'm going to preview some of the newer series out there that I really enjoy. Besides I think they could use a few more fans. LoL Todays series is KARAS. I'm sure those of you who look at such noticed a few wallpapers from the series that I created recently. And I mentioned here its one of the most beautiful I've seen in a long time. So here's a sneak peak at the series.

Preview of KARAS

AMV based upon KARAS

I hope you all enjoy them and perhaps have in incentive to check out the anime as well. 3 episodes of the OVA have currently been released. ^^ I highly recommend the Anime-Kraze groups subbing, they do a great job of it!

From the last random question I can't cook at all. I've even managed to make cookware explode just sitting on the stove. LoL My roomies love to joke that I chose homes close to where firefighters are based just to save them time. Sad to say they're not far off, the last place we lived the fire fighters across the street use to bring me pizza when they saw the smoke coming out the windows and knew I tried to cook. ><:

And now its time for today's random question! If you could go back in time knowing what you know today, would you? (i.e. would you do high school over again?)

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

   Happy Thursday!
Yes I know I'm such a gaming addict. But I just can't seem to stop until I beat a game. Call it a bit of an addiction in itself. Once I start something I just have to finish it. ^^ Oh and LS the reason for multiple systems is actually two-fold. One I have three male roomies and we all share the gaming systems. So multiple systems means we don't fight over who gets to play what. I'm just grateful we're pretty agreeable about who gets to play what when. Though Kingdom Hearts 2 did push us close to war. LoL And the second reason is most of my friends and my roomies frieds are also gamers so we tend to have dinner parties and gameathons long into the night! LoL Can't play 8 man Halo with only one system after all. ^^

Ah Yensid I wish I could offer Photoshop lessons but honestly I'm just learning how all this stuff works as well. I tend to experiment a lot and try out online tutorials. Some are pretty crazy but some are pretty fun! LoL And besides I don't tend to make the most elaborate wallpapers. Just some fun ones for me to enjoy and well some other folks as well I guess. LoL For example some before and after photos if you'd like. Two of my more recent wallpapers and shots of the scans I worked off of. ^^ Other than cleaning up the text and the image quality the rest is pretty simple. Just working layers and goofind around with colors and contrasts to make it look cute enough.

DNAngel - Daisuke


Ah well it looks like I'm not the only one who gets trapped in weird anime dreams. LoL I think the problem is I tend to dream about whatever I was reading or watching last. And way too often I watch anime before I crash out for the night. ^^ I've found myself in so many weird situations I won't even bother trying to bring them up here. LoL

New wallpapers, a few of you have already discovered these I see. So quick. ^^ A couple of cute Inuyasha based ones, covering my fave boy Sesshomaru! And well Rin. I adore Rin! She's just sooo adorable! And one you can see in the pic above from DNAngel of sweet Daisuke. I saw this scan and just could not resist turning it into a wallpaper. Though I swear the texturing on this figure was enough to drive me to insanity...LoL

And today's random question! Can you cook? And what is your fave meal to cook if you can?

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

   Gamers Unite!
Ah it is so nice to know I'm not allow in my consumer shopping frenzy. Hehehe and I sense a few of you got a kick out of my use of the term "consumer whore." LoL My roomie actually called me that in the mall when we were shopping and I just luv'd it! Make me start laughing right there...of course he was trying to talk me out of buying a new DVD player so that might be another reason it was so funny. ^^ And I was good..I didn't buy that one. I bought the one next to it. Hehehe Along with a couple of Inuyasha movies and a DVD set of Band of Brothers. (WWII series, very good if you're into that type of show.)

Alright to answer my own question...I am a completely gaming addict! I have and please bear in mind this goes back to my consuer addiction as well. 2 X-Boxes, X-Box 360, 2 Playstation 2's, GameCube, 2 DS's, 2 PSP's, 4 Gameboy Advances and..well I'll leave the other systems out of it for now. LOL They're all older ones anyway, like Nintendo stuff. ^^ Just don't ask me how many games I have for those things...trust me when I say the bookcase holding them is a bit overloaded right now. I think I may need to get another...or two. LoL

As for types of games my fave would be RPG types like Final Fantasy. I adore them. I've spent more than 120 hours on FFX. Trust me it takes about that long if you fill up the sphere grid for all of the characters. What? Theres nothing like having Auron casting healing spells and Kimihari doing black magic. ^^ I also enjoy hack and slash type games, we actually just got Dynasty Warriors 5 the other day and thats a ton of fun. Its a bit like playing a strategy game in the middle of a hack and slash. Hehehe All good fun!

But the games I spend my most type on are online MMORPG's...Oh how much of my life and soul have they devoured since I discovered them. I don't think I even want to know. LoL Currently I'm playing two of them. World of Warcraft and Guild Wars. On both games I have multiple fully leveled characters...I am an addict. LoL Before them I played Everquest (1 and 2 for those of you counting) and Final Fantasy XI. Again taking the games way to seriously and working diligently towards the highest level available. Only FFXI defeated me in that, but its impossible to solo in that game at high lv's and sitting waiting eight hours for a party as one of way too many DPS classes just lost its appeal to me. ^^ I always play DPS classes by the way...I don't tank and you definitely don't want me as your healer. Cause trust me either way, a lot of folks are gonna die. LoL

New wallpapers: Ah so many Black Cat wallpapers so little sanity remaining. ^^ LoL You all have Shishou to thank for those wallpapers. At her request I made some specific ones of Jenos and X. And in doing so found some lovely shots of Train, Eve and Creed. So I blame her. LoL Enjoy!

Today random question: Did you ever dream yourself into an anime or manga? And what role did you play?

Till later! Bye Bye and Play safe!

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday morning...
Man I simply can not believe I just stayed up all night working on a wallpaper. I just hate it when a muse gets under my skin that way and won't let me just save it and get some sleep. LOL Well for those of you interested in my walls I've posted 2 new ones. The second one is actually the one I stayed up all night for but both are from the new anime Utawarerumono. One heck of a mouthful there isn't it? Hakuoro, the guy in the mask has to be one of my fave anime characters of all times. I just have a thing for angsty type guys I guess. LoL Oh I do have a request from those of you who are scan junkies like me. ^^ If you spot any scans of Hakuoro please let me know. I'm having one hell of a time locating any. The girls I can dfind, but that boy is just plain overlooked in scans! ><;

But if your a fan of new animes or just plain a fan of fantasy type animes I do highly recommend this one. As far as I know its a short run of only 24 episodes but despite that the characters are amazingly fleshed out and you really find yourself caring for all of them. I love the way I find myself pulled so deeply into the plot and lives of these characters. Who are pretty much normal folks, with the exception that some of them have animal tails and ears. Hehehe Don't ask me why, I'm pretty sure its just a cuteness factor. It appears that this series is actually based on a Japanese RPG dating sim, I've never actually seen it but if its half as cute as the characters I know why its so popular. ^^

Ok...I have a confession. I...am...a consumer whore. ^^ I've discovered this yesterday as I walked around the mall with my roomies. I really need to have every new little thing or I just don't feel right. New game systems, new cell phone, new TV's, new players of all sorts and kinds and colors. And the worse thing is once I have them...its rare to find me actually using them at all. LoL Its like I adore them for about a week and then they're tossed on a shelf and I forgot they exist until I need a new model out and I know I have to replace it. Crazy huh? Please tell me I'm not the only one out there...pls? Maybe? I must waste so much money doing things like this, just think of all the lovely books and anime I could purchase if I didn't get distracted. ^^

Well I hope everyone had a great and eventful weekend, I didn't. I was just lazy..and happily proud of that fact. ^^ Watched a bunch of movies I've seen a dozen times, played around with wallpapers of all types and only finished two as you can see. And overall just tried to stay cool in this heater of a house. ^^

My question for the day...Are any of you gamers? X-Box? PS2? GameCube? PC? Tell me what you like and what you play. ^^

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Saturday, July 8, 2006

Latests wallpapers!
Hello all! Well I've posted a few new wallpapers over the last couple of days. One from my always favored series named Black Cat. I just love Train so I can't seem to go too long without working up something with him!

2 Wallpapers from the series KARAS, which has to be one of the most beautiful animes I've ever seen! If you haven't checked it out please head out and see it! Its just stunningly animated! So I couldn't resist making a few simple walls of my fave characters from the series.

4 new animes from Hajime No Ippo! These are done a bit differently than my normal style. I wanted to make them a little bit off from reality so the images aren't crisp and clean but more blurred and shifted. I think they turned out pretty much the way I was hoping so I'm happy with that result! ^^

Thanks everyone for the well wishes of my family! So far so good! My dad's being consulted but he's not pulled into active duty which is a great thing. He doesn't seem to think he'll need to be involved so I'm happy. And my poor old bro is stuck on MP duty for the next 2 years. LoL Something which cracks me up to no end, considering the only times I got busted by MP's was because of him! Hehehe

Well take care everyone! Talk to you later!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Aw I just want to thank everyone for their support and friendship! I'm shocked to see I've reached over 10,000 download of my wallpapers. I'm constantly amazed that theres folks out there who like the same sort of stuff I do! LoL Anyway I just want to thank everyone who took the time to download and hopefully enjoy my wallpapers! And I hope for many more wallpapers to torment people with in the future!

Well the real world took a bit of a turn to the dark side lately. As a few of you know I'm former-military so I tend to keep an eye on that kind of news especially and this whole N. Korea thing is not what I want to hear about. *sigh* Unfortunately this is the area my family specialized in for intel which means my brother will be in the mix and my father will probably be recalled to duty again. ><; I'm proud as can be about them being so great at their jobs at they're needed but it doesn't mean I get to worry an inch less. Honestly I really really hope this whole thing just gets pushed back and N. Korea gives in to the UN demands. Then I can go back to worrying about my Dad's golf scores instead. ^^

Along that line I hope everyone had a good 4th and kept safe and sound. Well mostly sound anyway! I had a pretty good day, since my family and I couldn't get together this year I spent the day with friends. We did the normal stuff, bbq's and fireworks mostly. But I also took a trip to the local Naval bases, we have two nearby here. ^^ And dropped off cookies and candies for the boys serving there through the holiday.

Well enough from me for today! Take care everyone!!

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

   Happy 4th of July!
Hope everyone who is celebrating it has a wonderful 4th of July. I can't wait to head out this afternoon to play around and enjoy the fireworks tonight! Should be a lot of fun even if its already heating up to be another killer day for the sun! LoL For once I don't mind much that means a clear night for fireworks! Whoohoo!

But before I run off and have some fun I've posted a few new wallpapers since my last update. So this weeks fun includes one of Midou Ban from Getbackers in one of my fave poses of him. As you can tell by my current avator. LoL I've also posted one of Orihime from Bleach and a rather nostalgic shot from GunGrave. Enjoy if you're so inclined! Otherwise have a great night!

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

   Puppy love!
Ok I'm feeling a bit braggy today and since this came up when I was chatting with VoodooDoll I decided to brag to you all. I have...the cutest puppy dog! LoL Not what you were expecting right?
But just look at this face.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Is that not the most adorable thing you have seen? Oh come on you know it is. Alright so your pet is probably just as adorable but this is my little journal so he wins the prize for today. ^^ Now that picture is of him as a tiny little puppy. He's over a year old now so I suppose I should show you what he looks like now right? ^^
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This is my lovely boy now. His name is chaos by the way. Named after my favorite game character in Xenosaga. He's...well he's a bit of an unusual breed. He's actually a wolf hybrid. So yes his mama is mostly wolf and his daddy was mostly lab. Which means he's the smartest laziest dog I've ever had the pleasure of sharing my home with. LoL So this lovely boy also shares his home with four cats. Yes four, I know I'm strange. But honestly I have three roomies and we all seem to bring cats into the house. At least all the cats are pretty much exact opposites in personality and they all enjoy tormenting the poor puppy. Only dog I know that will happy take on anything bigger than himself, but will run away from anything the size of a cat. ^^ Nothing like watching your big dog hide behind you from someones little terrier because he thinks all small things are as sneaky as cats. LoL

Ok...so now that you all know I'm a crazy cat lady its time for me to get back to work on wallpapers and ecards! LoL Take care and hope you all have a great weekend!

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

   Hello all!
Looks like you guys had some fun trying to read that rapidly scrolling marque so I decided to make it a bit easier on you. I went ahead and put up a fun animated banner which I'm sure you've noticed by now. This lists a majority of the anime I've watched and consider my faves. Honestly as many as there are listed here, thats not all of them. Did I mention I'm an anime addict? LoL Thank god theres no cure. ^^ But I did leave out most of the OVA's and movies that I've watched and tried to stick to series that had at least 13 episodes. See I tried to narrow it down. *snicker*

So while glancing through this list you can get an idea of the kind of stuff I watch and my personality I guess as well. ^^ If you happen to know any good animes I haven't mentioned please drop me a comment. I'm always looking for new shows to watch. Trust me I'm down to watching repeats between weekly downloads. LoL

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