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Saturday, August 26, 2006

   Weekend Fun!

Anime Word of the Day
Yuri (百合?) and shoujo-ai (少女愛 shōjo-ai) are jargon terms amongst otaku for lesbian content, possibly sexually explicit, in anime, manga, and related fan fiction. The word yuri literally means "lily", and is (like many flower names) a relatively common Japanese feminine name. In Japanese, the term is typically used to mean any attraction between girls in entertainment media, whether sexual or romantic, explicit or implied. The term shoujo-ai is not usually found in this context outside of Western fandom. In America, the term "yuri" is usually used to represent the explicit sexual content. Meanwhile, the term "shoujo-ai" is used to describe the more romantic aspects of lesbian affairs.

Opening Act:
Happy weekend! Whoohoo! We all made it to the weekend safe and sound! Well at least mostly safe and sound! Actually this was a pretty dull week for me, I didnít really do anything that exciting. Unless you count cleaning my house and since I donít you donít have to either. LoL Though I have been introduced to a new anime called KIBA, but I havenít had a chance to watch it with subtitles yet. But the raws look really good, and the show sounds like a lot of fun. Has anyone else seen it?

New Works:
Hmm I donít honestly know if two of these count as new or not. LoL A few of you requested them so I went ahead and posted copies of my last bg and this one as wallpapers for those of you interested. I also was playing around with some brushes and Sousuke again, so another Full Metal Panic wallpaper in my Portfolio as well. Itís a rather cute on, but Iím not sure it makes a good wallpaper, but I did like the way it appears on small screen. So I share and let you guys decide. ^^

Aww Iím really glad you guys like the new design. I hoped it tied everything in nicely together. Especially since I donít update every day so when I do it tends to be a bit long. I wanted to make it a good clean read for everyone. With luck this design will help with that.

And yes thatís really Crispin Freeman, I loved everyoneís reaction by the way. He doesnít look a bit like his voice does he? It just blows me away every time I see him and hear him talk! Thatís actually one of the reasons I wanted to do this section I love seeing folks reactions at cons when they see the voice actors. Some are just so stunned they forget how to talk! LoL Oh and points for Reno in remembering he was the voice of Rude in Advent Children! ^^ I completely forgot that one! LoL

MamaVash Ė Oh I so need to check out that book, Iím hoping to go to B&N tomorrow so Iíll be sure to check around and see if they have a copy. I just love books like that! Especially since I have this selective memory and I too easily forget stuff I should remember. Books are good things! ^^

Bunraku you commented you hadnít thought of chess in regards to FMP beforeÖthat was kind of an odd choice for me as well. I was looking for a way to pull the wallpaper together and well for me warfare and chess have always gone hand and hand. So I ended up placing them togetherÖand I just love that bullet brush. Hehehe

Random Question:
What was the last movie you saw in the theater? And did you enjoy it?

Vic Mignognaís Biography

Birth Name: Victor Joseph Mignogna

Born: August 27 in Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Other Names Vittorio Giuseppe Mignogna

Occupation: Voice Actor/Singer/Actor/Graphic Designer

Religious Belief(s): Baptist

Alright by special request this time our voice actor is Vic! ^^ Now this guy is just hilarious in pretty much everything he does. Even in his own website design. If you have a second I highly recommend clicking on the photo of him and visiting his site. If only to see his adorable opening video welcoming fans to his site. ^^ Heís a crack up! I will admit Iím not as familiar with Vicís work as I am some other actors but I do love his portrayal of Ed Elric in Full Metal Alchemist! He managed to create a great voice for the shortie!

Just a short listing of his voice acting career.

  • Kurz - Full Metal Panic
  • Broly Ė Dragonball Z Movies
  • Dark Ė DN Angel
  • Kougaji - Saiyuki
  • Edward Elric Ė Full Metal Alchemist
  • Dextera Ė Kiddy Grade
  • Gawl - Generator Gawl
  • Ura Urashima Ė Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Macross - Hikaru Ichigo; Coming soon!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

   New Look and New Feel

Word of the Day
Shōjo or shoujo is a term used in English to refer to manga and anime aimed at a young, female audience. The term is a transcription of the Japanese 少女, literally girl. The closest American equivalent would be the chick flick genre. Shoujo does however cover a wide range of topics including historical or science fiction genres along with normal everyday life situations. Some examples of Shoujo works include Love Hina, Oh My Goddess, and Sailor Moon. However contrary to the naming both male and female readers can happily become involved and addicted to stories that fall within this genre.

Opening Act:
Hello everyone! Well as you can see things have changed a bit around the site this week. Along with a new theme Iíve also added a few new features on the site. The first Iím sure youíve already noticed as a Word of the Day section. Itís occurred to me lately that we use a lot of different phrases and words in the anime world that arenít necessarily easy to understand for a new or pleasure viewer. I know personally it took me a long time to figure out all the differences between the genres and the small pieces within them. So I decided to put together a short description as you see, to help out new folks. Now Iím not saying theyíre all perfect but with luck theyíll at least give you a good gist of what the word is referring too.

And for the second feature; this is one I brought up in a random question last week. ^^ One that actually confused a few of you, sorry about that! I realized itís a tough question to answer and I appreciate those of you who tried. Perhaps after seeing what Iíve created here you can better decide if itís a section youíd like to read about or not. If notÖhmm just skip that part I guess. LoL But I hope youíll find it interesting, if not well then just put it down to my love for researching new goodies! So once you finish my posts youíll find a little snippet about a voice actor. Iím going to choose some of my faves for the beginning ones, but if there are any in particular youíre interested in let me know. Oh and I will be playing around with both English and Japanese voice actors, since I honestly enjoy listening to both. ^^

And Iíve tried to bring a bit of organization to the site as well. Opening Act as you see here will be my random thoughts and anything new that has happened during the time since my last posting.

New Works:
As the name describes this section will be where I announce my latest wallpapers or e-cards. And today you just get a new theme from Full Metal Panic starring my fave war- nut Sousuke, so no new wallpapers. Donít worry Iíll have more for you later this week.

A place to discuss some of the issues and questions that came up in my last posts Comments section. So if you donít understand whatís happening here donít worry too much I try to ID who Iím talking directly too. But just because Iím answering them doesnít mean you canít step in and visit too. I welcome discussions, comments, questions and hey just random thoughts I can chatter on about. LoL This will also be the place where I answer my random question from the last posting as well.

In this case last time my question was about being attracted to an anime by another Otakuís site or avie or whatever. This actually happens to me a lot! In fact that AMV I showed last time actually turned me on to several different animes. Including GetBackers. LoL I just had to know who the guy wearing those sexy purple sunglasses was! Otherwise I still blame Elves for turning me onto Ouran Host Club and Bunraku for making me watch Full Metal Panic! Yay for friends helping add to my addiction!

Random Question:
Simple one this time; let me know what you think of the new theme and sections. ^^ Feedback can only help me improve so please comment away!

Crispin Freeman's Biography

Birth Name: Crispin McDougal Freeman

Born: February 9, 1972 in Chicago, Illinois

Age: 34

Occupation: Voice Actor/Director/Writer

Other Names: Mark Percy

Religious Belief(s): Buddhist

Blood Type: O -

Favorite Anime Character: Allen Schezar

Favorite Character You Played: Tsume, Wolf's Rain

Favorite Anime Series: Macross Plus, The Vision of Escaflowne, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke (and most all Studio Ghibli films)

Favorite Foods: Chicago Style Pizza (Giordano's!), Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, Sushi

Background: B.A. from Williams College. Majored in Theater, minored in Computer Science. M.F.A. from Columbia University in Acting. Performed on Broadway, American Repertory Theater (Cambridge), Mark Taper Forum (LA), Williamstown Theater Festival

I had to display Crispin Freeman as my first voice actor, he was after all the very first voice actor I looked up on the internet after hearing him. Crispin is probably one of the best known voice actors at least among the animes I watch. Iíve had the lovely pleasure of meeting Crispin a few years ago at a ConventionÖChicago I think. LoL Itís been a long time, sorry! And the fact heís still one of my fave actors is a good sign that even in person he was a sweet and kind person to a bunch of total strangers begging for attention! If youíd like to know more about Crispin I highly recommend visiting his website. You can find it by clicking on the photo of him to the left.

Just a short listing of his voice acting career, if I listed them all I'd be here all night! So I'm just listing all of my faves!

  • Hellsing - Alucard
  • The Big O - Alan Gabriel (2nd season)
  • s-CRY-ed - Straight Cougar
  • Last Exile - Alex Rowe
  • Witch Hunter Robin - Amon
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Togusa
  • Wolf's Rain - Tsume
  • Scrapped Princess - Shannon Cassul
  • Eureka 7 - Holland
  • Blood+ - Hagi, Van Argeno - Coming soon! Yay!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

   New Wallpapers
Just a quick post tonight, Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI wanted to announce a few new wallpapers. A couple of Ouran High School Host Clubs and a lovely set of GetBackers wallpapers. I was going through a bunch of scans I had and decided I might as well clean up a couple of my fave and see if they would make good wallpapers. And oddly enough...now I feel like rewatching the series! LoL So no real post, just this! ^^

Random Question: Has another otaku's website, wallpaper, avator, etc... ever made you check out a new anime? ^^

And just for a happy thought, have a view of one of my fave videos! Its called Shounen Bushido and has a whole bunch of different animes. I guess my fave part is if you actually pay close attention to the words and the animes shown the match up amazingly well! ^^ Enjoy!

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

   Early morning madness!
Hello everyone! Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI hope you all had a great weekend and discovered new and wonderful things! Personally I learned how to get the grass in my backyard to regrow which has made my whole summer worthwhile! LoL The pain of having a big dog unfortunately means he destroys my yard on a daily basis; now however I finally found a mix of grass seeds that will grow and suffer through his insanity of attacking grass. LoL Don't ask me why he does it, I think he just hates grass. LoL Maybe he was a gardener in his last life. Hehehe

Couple of new wallpapers for your viewing pleasure. Both are from Ouran High School Host Club. Big surprise huh? LoL The first is a bit odd and one I made at the request of a friend, it's of Nekozawa the odd cult character from the series. ^^ The other one is of my fave duo, Mori and Honey! Whoohoo! *giggles* Ok itís a bit pink for my normal tastes but it works so well for them. Hehehe So download, enjoy, wander off and look at the pretty flowers. Whatever, it's all good! ^^

Oh Delphine asked this last time but since I get it a lot I decided to answer here rather than in a PM! I use Photoshop CS2 for making my wallpapers and graphics! I've used other programs but Photoshop is by far my fave!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! *dances to the theme song* Hmm don't mind me...LoL I still know all the words! Ok, so there weren't that many words but still itís been years! Hehehe Oh and I remember that movie Yensid, it was soooo bad! LoL But I still watched the whole thing! Hehehe Addictions are scary things!

Hmm Hikaru I think asked if I speak Japanese. The answer is a bit of yes and a bit of no. ^^ I understand a lot more than I speak. I use to live in China when I was a teenager so I speak better Chinese than Japanese. And unfortunately sometimes the two languages like to switch in my brain. LoL The fact I also studied Spanish, French and Korean don't help much either. Lmao! After a while I wonder if I know any languages anymore, they all just tend to blend into a mesh when I'm trying to speak. Hehehe

Ok to answer my own question from last time...I surf all the time! Of course since I like to change avies all the time and I like to add cute images to my posts I like to look for new ones. Unfortunately I lack talent in making avatars for some reason. I just can't make them look the way I want. They get all scrunched up and random looking! LoL Oh but I love watching searching for new images!

Todayís Random Question: What would you think if I highlighted a voice actor as part of my posts? ^^ A bit of a history and job listings. That kind of thing.

ouran host club is love.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

   Its a Trick!
Ahaha! I've figured it out! Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThere's a trick to the O's evilness. Apparently I'm just not allowed to visit sites around midnight. Makes me wonder if this site is also that evil jinxed website from Jigoku Shoujo...hmm... Now I'm kinda scared to post. LoL Actually though, thatís pretty much the only anime I've watched that has emotionally frightened me. I don't like looking into people's psychoses that much.

Anyway not much happening. I just cleaned my house and took out the trash for tomorrows pick up so I thought I'd post the results of my days work. Whew. These two wallpapers took me forever. I don't think I've spent as much time reworking and cleaning up scans as I have for these latest. The first is from Utawarerumono, and features all of my fave girls from the series. As well as my fave big kitty. ^^ To give you an idea of how much work this one was, my lovely black and white tiger there? Yeah that one...he was yellow. *blinks* No yellow/beige kitties on my wallpapers. Ok and the second wallpaper was mostly a reconstruction time piece, I had to make parts of various characters and background in order to complete the piece. And it actually turned out reasonably well in my ever so humble opinion. LoL Ok so last time it was summer time fun at the Ouran HS Host Club...this time...its wintertime fun. LoL What? I'm only like four months early...I miss snow. ^^

Hmm I watch all kinds of American cartoons, including the Simpsons, Kim Possible, Teen Titans, Boondocks, Legend of Tarzan, Recess, Avatar, Futurama, and probably a few other ones now and again as well. Reason this one came up...hmm I was watching Kim Possible when I posted the last message. LoL Oh and Vestque did you see that TMNT is having a CGI movie out soon? Hehehe I adored that show when it was out! I was a complete Michelangelo addict! He was just too cute! Hmm you know for a turtle. LoL

Aww so many folks who haven't seen Prince of Tennis. Makes me a little sad...though actually I still wonder myself why and how I got so addicted to it. LoL Considering I really hate watching Tennis...but as a friend of mine said once. Prince of Tennis is not about bobbing your head back and forth for hours on end, itís about SMASH! DRIVE B! SUPER MOMOSHIRO DUNK SMASH! And itís about mocking your opponent in English when he's Japanese. Hehehe so yeah...don't mind me. Hehehe Oh and I haven't tried to watch PoT yet in English; I'm a bit confused at how they can do it. I mean honestly some of the characters actually switch from Japanese to English for comedy...how does that work in English? O.o Color me confused!

Todayís random question: Do you ever surf the internet randomly to find new avatars? LoL

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

   Wednesday Fun times!
Hello everyone! Ok I'll apologize if I didn't get to your site the other day. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usFor some reason the O seemed to want to freak out on me. If I could access the page, then it wouldn't let me leave comments. Or it won't let me see wallpapers. Too odd. Oh well so far everything seems to be working tonight so I've tried to visit everyone I missed.

Aww did I confuse folks with my question last time about your taskbar? LoL Well I'm one of those odd folks who keep my taskbar on the left side of my screen rather than on the bottom. Usually because I have about 20 different windows open since I work and chat and do random stuff while online the left side bar lets me organize a bit more. ^^ But honestly the idea behind it was how do wallpapers appear on your screen? So on my screen the left side is cut off by about an inch. And this made me curious about how the rest of you see your desktops. LoL I know I'm weird, its ok! ^^

So made up a couple of new wallpapers, nothing really big. Just trying out a new idea. A bit simpler than some of my other ones, but a nice way to me to try and bring characters and episodes to mind. Ok to my mind at least. Hehehe So far I've posted one from Naruto and Prince of Tennis. I miss Prince of Tennis, I hope it comes out on DVD soon, I want better copies than my old messed up ones.

Ok today's random question: Do you watch any American cartoons? And no, Disney movies don't count, but the TV series do!

Oh and I updated my profile a bit so a few more details about me and some random comments. Oh and sorry to say I had to put up some rules as well. They're pretty simple in my mind but alas I'm starting to feel the need to have them. So sad.

EDIT: Found the loveliest scan from Ouran High School Host Club and I couldn't resist cleaning it up and posting it as a wallpaper! So be sure to check that out as well!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

   Alive again!
Ok well my internet is alive again anyway! ^^ Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt's pretty funny actually the roomies managed to get it all fixed on Saturday. But not an hour later the transformer in the neighborhood blew and the power went out. When it came back on moments later the whole server was corrupted! LoL So they had to start all over again from scratch! Poor guys! I on the other hand spend the days playing in the sun...or hmm clouds actually. Though today was nice and sunny. LoL And thank you everyone for the encouragement and happy thoughts, I'm glad to see so many folks would miss me. ^^

Didn't really spend much time working on wallpapers, just made up a silly little Ouran High School Host Club one. A bit different from the last set I've worked on, but oh well I got a bit tired of doing the same old thing. Variety is good right? LoL I figure I'll wait to see what folks think of this sort of wallpaper before I attempt to make any similar ones. ^^

Hmm last time my question was about copyright laws...honest I'm one of those people who knows all about the laws. Too much actually. And I still break pretty much all of them. Except for one, I don't attempt to profit at all from the animes and such I download. And I do attempt to buy them, but honestly paying $25 for two episodes of a 100+ episode series is a bit too painful! Hehehe I know I know...I'll still spend it. LoL

Oh and a few sites for manga downloaders out there as well as one I just found out about and is rather cute.

BAKA Updates - IRC and BitTorrent downloads - http://www.mangaupdates.com/releases.html
StopTazmo - Direct Download, no fees - http://www.stoptazmo.com/
MangaVolume.com - Read the manga directly online from various fansubbers, no downloads necessary. A pretty new site but with a good collection so far, and they take requests on their forums for new series to add. - http://www.mangavolume.com/

Hmm normally I'd add TheLurker to the listings as well, but lately it appears their bots only carry hentai or yaoi, which I don't mind but itís not exactly what I'm into. *sigh* I miss their bots full of hundreds of all kinds of mangas.

Ok I guess thatís enough ramblings from me on my return so I'm glad to be back and I'll be spending the rest of the night visiting sites I'm betting. LoL Thank god for archives or I'd get so lost on some of your pages!

Random question: On your computer...where is your Start/Task bar? Bottom? Top? Hidden? Right? Left?

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Gomen Gomen! So very sorry I haven't had a chance to visit everyone's site or answer my PM's over the last couple of days. I'm afraid our home server decided to have a bit of a mental breakdown and I'm without internet until my techno roomies can find a way to fix it!

Needless to say since we're all net addicts they're working very hard in replacing the whole thing and getting us set up again.

So I promise as soon as I have a good reliable net again I'll stop by and see everyone. Thank goodness my roomie can tap into his work internet and spare me a few minutes to type this out! So sorry for any errors in spelling and such I don't have time to run the spellchecker! LoL

Take care and see you all as soon as I can! Bye bye!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

   More info for you guys...
Hello friendly type people! Not much happened today. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usDid a bit of fun calling with some debt collectors to convince them Iím a sweet innocent girlie and they should give me more time to pay off my loans. Evil college loans, what the heck was I thinking going to a private college. Iím going to be spending the rest of my life paying off that debt Iím pretty certain. LoL

So today is a bit of continuation from yesterdays post about BitTorrents. A few of you seemed interested but a bit concerned about the technical side. Iíll just say thisÖI couldnít program a VCR to save my life but I can use BitTorrent. ^^ But to make things a bit easier I dug up this website to help out the more visual folks. Now this site will walk you through step by step even helping you download the BitTorrent client they use in the example. Itís not the uTorrent one I recommended but another really popular one. But honestly if you learn to use one, you can pretty much use them all! I promise!

Common Sense Guide to BitTorrent: http://www.commonwebsense.com/2006/01/27/the-bittorrent-post/

Along the same lines as the BitTorrent I thought some of you might be interested in learning more about using IRC to download files and such. Since some of you have time constraints. It still means you have to download the program but at least you can get episodes through a more direct download format than BitTorrent allows.

Anime HQ here has a great bit of information on how IRC works, how to use the bots, how to ask for files from people serving and even how to set up your own server once you get really good at this and donít want to leach anymore. ^^

I love Anime HQís encoding of dual audio DVDís so Iím always happy to recommend their site to people who want to learn how to work these things.

Oh and Roxas thanks for reminding me about http://www.tokyotosho.com Ė I tend to forget them since I only use them to dig out raws for my screen captures. I love the fact they have just about anything there but itís a bit cluttered if you just want English subbed ones. Hehehe
Oh and Elves I love http://www.mininova.org, though I donít tend to use it for anime as much as I do for finding the latest TV shows that I missed for some reason or another. I downloaded so many early seasons of shows I got addicted late in their run! ^^

Oh Iíve seen narutofan, Bunraku but I just canít do it. Direct download has it conveniences but I just canít pay a group money for collecting them. Iím always willing to donate for sites but I wonít pay a fee. LoL But hey if it gets you your fix Iím all the more behind it! =)

Thatís one of the great things about BitTorrent itís completely free. Everything from the program, to the sites that house torrents. And honestly since I plan on keeping the anime on my computer until I can afford to buy it on DVD I donít like lying to sites when they ask I delete them after viewing. LoL And yes I do buy my anime and manga in real form, itís just as you can see I watch a lot of anime and buying it all at once would pretty much equally the debt my college loan stands at right now. LoL Heck just buying Inuyasha alone would probably require a robbing a bank!

Oh Number 5, actually I would love to burn them onto CD or DVDís but for some reason my computer and oddly enough my roomies computer refuse to allow them to be burned. I donít know why because I can burn just about anything else but for some reason it hates my animes. So hence I end up buying more hard drive space. Hehehe

Ok tomorrow Iíll show you guys a few sites to download manga. I know a few great ones for direct download as well as a few that are also BitTorrent and IRC related. Mangas actually a lot easier to find than most animes but then I guess they take up a lot less space on someoneís computer too! LoL

Oh and I realized I skipped my question last time, I am a night person. Completely. I just detest mornings! Though my roomies think itís great to leave the dog in my room when they all go to work in the morning. The dog would be a definite morning person. LoL

Todayís question: Do copyright laws discourage you from downloading goodies off the internet?

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

   Anime Collecting!
Hiya! Well this is a pretty fast reply for me, Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI usually don't tend to get back here unless something comes up and makes me twitch until I post. LoL In this case its all about Yensid's comment. See what you do to me! =) ((Edit #2 LoL Ok this is why I shouldn't post late at night I can't remember who I talked too now. ^^ I know Mama Vash and VoodooDoll also talked to me about this but I still could have sworn Yensid did too. LoL)

Basically the question revolved around where do I get my anime! You see all those animes in the fave banner above? Hmm yeah I have all of them on my computer. I'm a bit of an anime horder. This computer currently has three hard drives, 2 of which are just for anime and are 300gig drives. My roomie also has a 200 gig one his room and we have a server that I have access too as well. But so far I've mostly just been filling up my computer and his. LoL

I dislike watching animes on places like YouTube because I don't get enough control of the product. I like watching shows on my TV honestly. And since my computer network is hmm hacked slightly by my technical minded roomie that means the old XBox on my TV can access those servers and play my anime videos. But thats a bit technical, honestly I can just as easily use Windows Media and watch it on my computer screen.

So here's the main deal I'd say 90% of the anime I have is downloaded from various sites using BitTorrent. I'll list some links here to those sites in a moment. The other 10% are downloaded episodes using IRC. I prefer BitTorrent if only because I don't really have to interact as much with the program once I set it up download as I do for IRC which generally is an episode download at a time. With BitTorrent I can have it downloading dozens of eps at the same time. =)

So if you're interested in BitTorrent I recommend:
UTorrent - http://www.utorrent.com/
Its a nice easy to use program that comes with a helpful information page there as well. Peer sharing programs are great because as you download your also helping other folks upload the same animes. Such a lovely feature. Though it can hurt if no one is currently uploading but most sites have a forum where you can request seeders (folks who have the anime in full) to upload for you to get the goodies.

My fave sites for downloads:
Current listings:
BAKA Anime - http://www.baka-updates.com/
Anime Source - http://www.anime-source.com/
Anime Suki - http://www.animesuki.com/

For older releases:
Download Anime - http://www.downloadanime.org/
BoxTorrent - http://www.downloadanime.org/
Anime 4Ever - http://anime-4ever.org/

There are tons more out there and lots of individual sites as well, but those will get you started if you're interested. Several of those sites also list to IRC sites and downloads as well so please have fun with those as well!

Ok thats all I have time for right now but I'll make a better post in the next couple of days. But I wanted to share those sites with people! And honestly if you have any questions about how this stuff works or whatever just drop me a PM, I'm always happy to lend a hand!

EDIT: Oh I forgot I also added a few new ecards so feel free to check those out as well! =)

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