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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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NarutoGifMaker (03/12/07)

konichiha! =) i like ure ecards! (especially since u have d gray man ones and like NO ONE knows about that show...i like it alot) well im gunna add you k?

AuroraBorealis (03/12/07)


Shishou: This is Shishou(who is typing) and Anya(who is laughing while...Need I say more?) being bad girls and signing your guest-book with our older sister's site. Don't get us wrong though, ::*innocent looks*:: She said we could...ahem...visit you...er..in a way...uhh...well...Yeah so here we are. Aurora or...AB as we call her. ::*Are currently laughing really naughtily*:: Don't tell her we call her that...PLEASE??? >.>
AB ::*Pause for huge laughter*:: loves Samurai Deeper Kyo and a lot of manga and anime that we do. She rarely gets on though...She mentioned something about going over here...But...umm...well...we uh..kinda..did it for her....ah heh heh...

Anya: This is sooo much fun! ::*giggles*:: Though she is going to kill us for this!

Shishou: ...I have a future to look forward too...I can't die...

Anya: You won't die! I will! Silly...We should go and...I can't remember what I going to say!!!! ::*puts head in hands*::

Shishou: ...This is REALLY happening by the way...

Anya: ::*laughing*:: It is!!! Hahahahaha...Shall we make this the longest guest-book signature that Jaguar's ever gotten?

Shishou: Nah...I am-

Anya: ::*cuts in*:: AWWWwww!! That'd be fun!

Shishou: ::*glares and continues to type*:: So we shall end this now-

Anya: Watashi wa Yukimora desu!

Shishou: ::*kicks Anya out*:: Stop it you ninny-nut!

Anya: Ninny nut? How DARE you!!! Fine....Watashi wa L desu!

Shishou: HOW DARE YOU!!! ::*is fighting with Anya as to who is who*::


Both: So come on over to this site and sign the guest-book and bother our older sister!

Anya: YESSSS!! :::*raises hands in the air and sings a weird song about 10,000 fists in the air*::

Shishou: Hopefully you've enjoyed this fun look into the lives-

Anya: It isn't fun its EMBARASSING! I look silly!

Shishou: ...You ARE silly....::*continues with what she was saying before*::... of the three...Ummm...uhhhh....

::*hard thinking ensues*::

Anya: Oooh! Ooh! Marx brothers! There are three of them!!!

Shishou: Idiot! They are GUYS...

Anya: We could cross dress?

Shishou: ...Well, I could say insane sisters but that wouldn't come close...Hopefully we have given you some laughs...

Anya: It better otherwise it isn't worth it!!!

Shishou: Shut up.


Anya: MUST YOU ALWAYS reply to what I say??? Your cramping my style!

Shishou: Uh YEEE-AAAAA-UHHH. I have to look like the SSS(Smart, Sane, Sensible) one of you three. ANd I am NOT talking GEOMETRY!

Anya: WAIT? I am Ayame? That means Becca is Shigure!!! NOT FAIR! Let Her be Ayame! I wanna be Shigure!!! ::*pouts*::

Shishou: "Quiet you hack!"

Anya: Hey! No fair!! Hatori is so cool and your using HIS lines! YOu must DIE for impersonating him! ::*gets out a pencil(Her SPECIAL mechanical pencil that REALLY hurts. Anya: IT DOES!!!)*::

Shishou: Hey he says that to Shigure! Remember?

Anya: ::*stops*:: He does? Really? Awwwwww.....

Shishou: Yeah and that's a floor, and that is a table, that is a door and I'd wish you'd use it..

Anya: HEEEEEY, I thought we weren't being the Marx brothers! Besides. You ARE NOT Groucho, Becca is because she is the oldest, she called him first besides. Oh and you play the piano so that means you must be Chico......And I am....::*Does a Peter Lorrie voice imitation*:: Harpo!...I don't even play the harp! ::*falls on her knees with her arms raised in a dramatic pose*:: -I'm Geoffry! Ha

Shishou: ::*Attacks Anya*::

[Curtains close]

Shishou: I put it in green. AB ::*Laughter ensues*:: is going love it!

Anya: I got my way in the end! This is super long! Teehee! ::*Puts hand by her mouth like Ayame*::

Shishou: ::*coughs*:: ..And she says she can't see any resemblance... ::*coughs*::

Anya: ::*whispers*:: Ppppsst! I think she can still see what is going on!

Shishou: Ooops!

[The END]

Anya: DOH! ::*Homer Simpson style*::

GothicVampiress (03/11/07)

Wow love the site that you have here and love the colors they blend well together I bet that you worked hard on your site to make it look this good well see yuh *Vanishes into darkness*


kyolover05 (03/10/07)

Wow!Your site is really cool!I like how you have the rules^-^. Thank-you for signing my guestbook^-^.By the way,your welcome for the comment.I hope you don't mind but I added you as one of my friends^-^.You keep smiling too,kay^-^! *smiles*

twiliwolf (03/08/07)

ur site es goood
i like it
though i never found out how to make the bg not tile how dose one do it?

YugiGrl1991 (03/07/07)

Hey,Thanxs 4 signing my GB! I totally LOVE Rock Lee. He is soo adorable. *huggles* I'll add you as a friend. (If you is not minding!) *-*!

JA NE! (Bye-Bye!)
Alex Maccombs (YugiGrl1991)

fairies wings134 (03/05/07)

I really love your site! *looks over at stuff* I can hold my breath a really long time too haha XP
If I had time I'd write more but the teacher is giving me a I-know-your-not-doing-your-work look XP

nekotonezumi (03/05/07)

your site is the most interesting site i've ever seen... how did you do it??
it's fun, informative, and the samurai is oh cute ^o^ i would loooooovveeee to visit your site every time I'm online....
say, you don't mind if i pm you for asking a few tips to make my site more interesting like yours, do you...??
'k then, see you later =^o^=

SilverMist122 (03/03/07)

welcome i loved the e-card it was so cool totaly love the site i love samurai deeper kyo

Moon Fangs (03/03/07)

Awesome site. I like it. Thanx for commenting my wallpapers. I apriciate it. And your wallpapers are also fantastic.

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