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Friday, December 28, 2007

Seen better days..

~Bad day T.T~

I hope everyone is having an awesome christmas! I'm really not though. My dad came home from Wyoming to spend time with us but something about this christmas just seems off. Usually we cook ham and dressing with all kinds of stuff for Christmas dinner but this time they had a spam sandwich and I had canned spagetti o_O

But I did get the last Harry Potter book and have spent the last three days finishing it lol

Okay nothing much else just thought I'd do a quick update xD

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Need to study but teh internet calls XD

~Havn't been on in a while o.o~

I'm finally posting again! xD I'm suppose to be studing my Algebra right now cause I have a test tomarrow (and Im failing that class xD) but I got sidetracked (as you see) lol. I've been getting all hyped about A-kon 19 and I can't wait to go cause my mom said she was going to cosplay as Tsunade from Naruto!!! so now I guess I gotta be shizune huh, but sinse i'm really starting to get into the death note serious I wanna cosplay as Misa or L too.

wow I just keep rambling on!
Yeah lol I'm really bumbed I forgot to order my yearbook today :( really it's got me all depressed cause I really wanted one to remeber all my friends and crap T.T And the teacher that gives them out is mean has hell!!

LOL I think my uncle's watching 'My Gym Partners a Monkey'! o_O Oh....no he's asleep...my bad xD

Okay I just felt like coming on and type all that out lol My mom took pictures of me in my Misa cosplay so I'll post them when we get the pictures. but now I gotta go before my aunt does a surprise homework check!!

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