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Hello! I'm Silvermist122 but call me Silver. I love all the anime i see. I really want to go to japan. I love to draw and i love to look at others fan art. im a weird and strange person. BUT IM REALLY FUN TO BE WITH.

Monday, September 3, 2007

im currently working on a pic of sasusaku an i still have like 8 fanfics/fics i still havent finished. im been working on my sasusaku fanfic recently.i dont know when i'll be posting the pic. im mostly really board right now.
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Thursday, August 9, 2007

i like this guy ive had a crush on for a long time came over to day.an well we have been like hugging a stuff. an well hes been acting stranger than usaull not the shy kind but the kind of love ya playful. well..... we kissed {O.O omg i cant stop smiling}. im mean on the lips too, an not just once but twice. an he thinks im pretty{i think im ugly}. he doesnt think im fat{i do think im total fat}.i cant resist him, he has this sex appeal to him. he gave me a kiss on the cheeck since i bit the inside of my mouth. we hugged me, an i just cant stop smiling. im not sure if he likes me or is just horny{to put it blunt}
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Monday, August 6, 2007

good day for a swim
i went to the beach with my friends. an i had a good day cause i got to see the guy ive had a crush on since the 6th grade with no shirt on. i know im sad but i had a fun time because he was there. his lil sis is so fun. i looked like a total messy person. i was eating a ice cream an the thing started melting all over me. so i had ice cream dripping on my arm an leg an around my mouth. i was eating a teenage mutain ninja turtle ice cream.i only choose that because the bubble gum eyes {i swear}. then while his lil sister was build a sand castle me an him went swiming together. i even got hold his hand maybe for a second. then they came over, after they got changed an then he turned off my tv while i was watching it. so then i pulled him away an he ended up sitting on my lap^_^. then i was trying to make him keep his socks on so i end up holding his hands^_^. so i was happy that was a good no great day.im just to attrative to him no matter how much i try to forget bout him i cant. the bad part is he has a girlfriend [boo hoo]. i wanted to scream WHAT so badly when i heard that. my heart stopped an ripped in half.even thou that was bad at least seeing him with no shirt made things alit better. i also got a lot more exercise then i did usually.
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