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Friday, February 5, 2010

awsome game!

Play more Spot The Differences games at Embedgames.ru

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Monday, January 25, 2010

I hate social networking (rant)
No one ever comments
and what really pisses me off is social fads
social networking sucks!

Okay to start my rant i think i'll start with my hatred of social networks:
Social networks being places like Facebook, myspace, Gaia and yes, TheOtaku. They are ALWAYS a dissapointment. i dont think i've had one good day with these networks. there's always something that puts a bad taste in my mouth (btw i'm ranting so i dont give a shit about my spelling and language). Most of the time its lack of attention. Why do we go on social networks? attention. Drawing people towards us and having them look at our stuff that we put out. be it writings, art or music. and most of us need feedback to confirm that we are resieving attention. I myself am a comment whore. i need the feedback or i get depressed and dont want to continue my fancomics or whatever. but no one comments, no one gives the feedback, the most that most people will do is give it a hug. there are those that comment but rarely. Come on people, is it really that hard to type a single sentance comment? be mean! tell the person whats wrong with it! tell the person what you like about it! theres always something you like or dislike!

Part two: social fads
Ugh, social fads are one of my biggest pet peeves. social fads being "twilight", "naruto" and so on and so forth. Things that people would spend hours just to dedicate just a small thing to. i will not lie. i am caught up in social fads. they're everywhere. out modern world offers us to many escapes in life to make it possible to avoid becoming part of a social fad. even if you hate social fads and you pull away from them you fall into the fad known as the "rebel". so everyone is part of a social fad. almost everyone here on TheO is part of a social fad. so my point is. If leonardo davinci lived today, and posted his work here i dont think he would be the most popular otaku. why? sure his art is amazing but its got nothing to do with Naruto/bleach/deathnote(idk choose your poison). so he would not resieve the attention the 14 year old who read lots of "how to draw manga" books would. But thats just cause this is a otaku site right? Well heres another example:
"god i'm so confused and hurt! i need someone to talk to!"
no one likes this, no one has commented

"sings the pokemon theme"
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Finally, its fucking adictive!
Theres no way to escape it. Its an addiction. Example; i am sitting here on a social network writing about how much i DESPISE social networks. Its taking over my life. i'm overwieght, getting bad grades and get 6-7 hours of sleep a night (the required is 8-9) because of social networks. Because i stay up all night praying for a comment or message.

if you read this all the way through and plan to comment you are one of the better people on the internet and i thank you with all my heart.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Phone charms!
I love nintendo to much!
phone charms!!!
my old bat phone charm broke so after a good mourning session i went on amazon and thought "oh a LoZ phone charm would be cool!" and guess what i found... VAATI!

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