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Sunday, February 17, 2008

   Kairi or Riku
Honestly, who does Sora really love ?
Don't answer out of which you think is just hot.

Sora loves :



Riku ?


Give an explanation please.
Especially if you think Sora loves Riku.
I Think (Know) Sora loves Kairi.
I won't explain or you'll have a long thing on SorKai truths and SorRik Bashing LoL


Alrighty ! Thank - you everyone ! This is uber important to me (Smiles)
I love you all !
TTYL ( Huggles )
~ Keep on Walking ~

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

   Smoking ends up in Flames
On my way home the van smoked and caught on fire (Laughs) !
It was after school... The normal getting picked up by Sheri and all that. However, her van was dying. She was like " This van is on its last leg ". I was thinking, " This gas smell can't be a good sign ". I was right ! Smoke came coming out of the front and we were out of there !
It was cold outside.... I thank God for the little angels out here in this world ! Dr. Nathan, a vet, came and took us to his vet clinic just a walking distance away. Megan, Ty, Kelsey, Damien, and I got in his car and we watched that van burn for about an hour from the window at the clinic.
It was very exciting and interesting ! The most fun I've had in awhile (Laughs) !
Anywho, we're all safe and that's what matters (Smiles).
Well, I love you all (Huggles) !
I hope all is well with everybody and if there is anything wrong you may PM me...
I've been a therapist for awhile now (Laughs)
Anywho, TTYl (Glomps everybody)
~ Keep on Walking ~

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

   What's up !
How are you my friends ?
I hope all is well (Smiles)
I hope my little day off tomorrow isn't gonna be boring (Sighs).....
It won't be most likely because I'll probably talk to Alex - kun and Kaylyn (Smiles) !
I wish I had more to say....
Random Fangirl Moment in 3... 2... 1

Love you guys (Huggles) !
~ Keep on Walking ~

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