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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

I feel well not soo happy and not soo proud.....

I'm sad and I truly hate my self because I feel that I'm just a stick in the road that is in many peoples ways... And I hate my self and I'm sad because of many things...
One thing is that many people call me gay.. and I'm not and I find it mean when people do.. One person sad that they had proft that I was gay... One sad That there mom thought I was gay and hated me..
A Second thing is...Many people hate me in my school. Thay always I guess.. One Time there kids in a week wrote power point on how I was a bitch or some thing on that line.... and for a long time I did not care but the one person that I truly love the one person that was always was kind to me and the one person that said truthfully somthing kind to me... She was the first person to tell me that I was truly a wonderful person... But she went to live in New York again and I don't see her and don't talk to her for a time and because of that I'm sad.... Because my fear is coming true that we will forget about each other and we will never talk to each other again... For I never want to forget her for I love her and she loves me...For we love each other not as a friend and not as a lover for we know that we would never be a good couple... But we have a realationship that is very close..For we would always help each other oin the hard times... and help in the good too.... But because of that fear becoming true I'm sad to say that I'm very depressed and I'm sorry if I'm not in the best of mood because I feel hurt by my haters and hurt by not hearing from a friend...

And I'm scared for finnals...

But I try to talk to her but she is always gone from the house and her e-mail does not work...

I think I will post the chapter one of Dragon's rain, Demon's fire sooon... Oh, do you like the gif wallpaper I made it...

I hope you like my wallpaper even if I did not work hard on it....

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

The background in the box is not working!!


Well I'm Sorry

if I made you

People mad at

me for asking a

question in a post....


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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Well, about the story I hope that you all liked the introduction I know that was long but when I first wrote it was 3 pages long. But I wanted it to be not as long because I knew that people do not like to read my writings because I do write a lot of crap.. and many people dislike to read a lot. And, I posted this because I have people that want to have me post all the chapters and the chapters are longer than the intro so what should I do?

I sorry that I’m only asking a question in this post so I think I will add something more to this post so that you people may be happy. How I talk about my day... Hmm… My day was ok but some girls were putting me on a chart that they were making that I do not want to know what this chart is about….-___-

Oh, I know what to talk about I’m changing my theme to Shigure of Furuba. I think that I will be changing it maybe… tomorrow or today or the day after tomorrow… Oh, and I hope that you people do not hate that I’m been doing Fruits Basket themes for some time. One of the reasons is the Anime that I have the most pictures for is Fruits Basket. And if you people what I to do a person of a different anime just tell me and I might do that person for my next theme….

Well I guess that is well all that I what to say and I hope that you have seen better post than my post…

Hmmm.... My post
are sooo bad
I think

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A poll on pets that I found.....

what is ur fav pet?
i dont like pets
This Poll by KeyaSakura
Click here to view results

I hope you liked it....

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

~Dragon rain, Demon fire introduction~


Dragon’s rain, and Demon’s fire is a story about a family that is both blessed and disrupted but an evil of depression and hatefulness. And the story is about a boy trying to find his way in life in a hard world.

Introduction of the story Dragon’s water and Demon’s fire: “The blessings and evil happenings of the family of Kondou”
For the Kondou family’s happiness and prosperity is from the ancient times when a dragon of fine scales of gold colors and beautiful hair of silk loved a woman and the dragon and the woman gave birth to the first of the family of Kondou. And because of this the family had been blessed by the dragon loving the woman. For of because the dragon’s blood had entered the family’s blood some of the people of the family Kondou would be blessed with the gift of a second form. A form of a dragon of power, strength, wisdom, and leadership was given to some of the family. And was also the family was blessed because of the good luck that the dragon gave and was giving to them. But the dragon was soon going to die because he was not young but also a enemy a Demon of great strength that had hated this dragon of great age and power know that this was the time to kill his enemy. When the great demon of fire and ground came to destroy the dragon he was amazed that people were helping this dragon. And when this great Demon that could transform in many shapes killed the great Fuku Doragon (the Japanese name of the dragon that is talked about in the beginning of the intro of the story Dragon’s rain, and Demon’s fire) he also decided that he would hurt his family’s line lives forever as the last thing he would do for his life. The way in which that he would give pain to the family would be to leave a mark on this family line for all times. So, one night the Demon deiced that he would do his awful mark on the people that so hated him. So the demon transformed in to a man so that he could rap one of the woman of the family of Kondou so that the gifts and powers that he had may enter in to the family. And he did it and the great evil that he had wished to happened in this blessed family had happened. But also so that his hate would enter so the family would fight to there death. And because of this fact the family of Kondou was cursed by the great demon’s fire of evil and the dragon’s water of wisdom. Because of the evil that was put in to the family there were many fights between family members ending in death. But the family finally worked together and built rules that the family would have to follow to have more peace. And so that family followed the rules after a long time of trying to stop the family fights. One of the rules was that the one ruled by the demon could never be the head of the family and the some for the dragon. But because of the rules even more blood was shed. So, new rules were made. These rules made the one of the center family be the head of the family because that was how it was before and in that way the dragons, and demons would not be hurt and sad as much. And after that a great head of the family by the name of Ryota looked for answers on how the problem could be fixed so he went to a powerful miko of the great and big city of Kyoto. Ryota had great wisdom because he was of dragon birth. The most powerful miko of the center area of Japan said that the curse would be destroyed in the future by a person of the family that was cursed with a form of a Blue Dragon. For she said that the reason why the dragon would be blue is because the blue dragon is a symbol in Japanese culture of spring and the renew of life of something. And the person (the blue dragon) would be the spring the heeler after the great winter of pain the family had. And the way the dragon would destroy the demons aura would be by killing the one that has the incarnated power of the demon. But the one that has the demons power will have all of the demons power that the demon had a long time ago went he the fire demon first cursed the Kondou family. And the one that will be the blue dragon will have great power also. The one of the family that will have the blue dragon form will be the only one in the family with a dragon form ever born o the year of the dragon of the Chinese lunar calendar. And the one born of the great demon power will too be born on the year of the dragon. But the year of the dragon before the year of the dragon that the one with the blue dragon form will be born. The head of the family telled the information back to the family of Kondou. Many did not believed but hope that the information was true because if it was true the family could be saved.

Oh, and happy birthday to my dear friend mark's sister Sally.

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Saturday, October 8, 2005

I Think

I think in my next post i will tell =you my readers about a story that i will maybe post for you on the OOtaku.


So be a IHTALI the cool thing in town....

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Bad Week

My week has been a week from the 7 hells. I have been feeling bad for all the week and on thursday it got even worst because someone died in my school and in my basic drafting and in my CAI class people hate me too. And in science class someone took a pencil and put it in their month and though it at my hair. And they were very mean to me after that. I'm sorry if you do not like my post. Oh for some thing happy i found out that in chapter 88 of Fruits Basket Hondas class plays the play cinderalia. And i bet that tohru is the cinder-girl and yuki is the prince. And kyou is the random person that Tohru loves in the play.
~Thy end of post~

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Sorry for not posting in a long time. I been well both lazy and tried and I have also been very sad and pissed at the world and that is why I have not posted in while. Oh, I have talked to Rin W. and she is very happy compared to the last time I talked to her. She I even joined clubs that are at her school in Albany, New York state. And She sounds happy about moving back to the state of New York. And she hated anime in 7th grade but when I talked to her about InuYasha she seemed to like the sound it in 8th grade. Soon she stated to love it and now she is seeing if see likes Furuba because her new friend in New York loves Fruits Basket just like me. And her new friend she said is on www.myOtaku.com. But the best thing is that because she liked anime because of me she had a simpler time finding a friend. But, I still feel sad because I feel depressed because of many things as the media and so… If you say my joker in English it means…. For goodness sake….But if you say my joke in English for “For goodness” but say the word sake in Japanese then you mean rice wine in Japanese.
Sorry if my joke is not funny…. Please don’t call me Ritsu Souma because I said sorry two time in this post! And please don’t call me Tohru Honda because that is just mean!!!

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

I think all you people out there will like this joke!

Sake-Jape for a type of wine<br />
And English no da...

That joke I made in a few mintunes.......

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

   I found the Cutest picture of all times!

I found a cute InuYasha poster that deals with InuYasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo on The snow making snow man....
/WOMEN-Miroku=Badboy =Sango = mad


It is

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