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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Well, about the story I hope that you all liked the introduction I know that was long but when I first wrote it was 3 pages long. But I wanted it to be not as long because I knew that people do not like to read my writings because I do write a lot of crap.. and many people dislike to read a lot. And, I posted this because I have people that want to have me post all the chapters and the chapters are longer than the intro so what should I do?

I sorry that I’m only asking a question in this post so I think I will add something more to this post so that you people may be happy. How I talk about my day... Hmm… My day was ok but some girls were putting me on a chart that they were making that I do not want to know what this chart is about….-___-

Oh, I know what to talk about I’m changing my theme to Shigure of Furuba. I think that I will be changing it maybe… tomorrow or today or the day after tomorrow… Oh, and I hope that you people do not hate that I’m been doing Fruits Basket themes for some time. One of the reasons is the Anime that I have the most pictures for is Fruits Basket. And if you people what I to do a person of a different anime just tell me and I might do that person for my next theme….

Well I guess that is well all that I what to say and I hope that you have seen better post than my post…

Hmmm.... My post
are sooo bad
I think

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