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Saturday, October 15, 2005

~Dragon rain, Demon fire introduction~

Dragonís rain, and Demonís fire is a story about a family that is both blessed and disrupted but an evil of depression and hatefulness. And the story is about a boy trying to find his way in life in a hard world.

Introduction of the story Dragonís water and Demonís fire: ďThe blessings and evil happenings of the family of KondouĒ
For the Kondou familyís happiness and prosperity is from the ancient times when a dragon of fine scales of gold colors and beautiful hair of silk loved a woman and the dragon and the woman gave birth to the first of the family of Kondou. And because of this the family had been blessed by the dragon loving the woman. For of because the dragonís blood had entered the familyís blood some of the people of the family Kondou would be blessed with the gift of a second form. A form of a dragon of power, strength, wisdom, and leadership was given to some of the family. And was also the family was blessed because of the good luck that the dragon gave and was giving to them. But the dragon was soon going to die because he was not young but also a enemy a Demon of great strength that had hated this dragon of great age and power know that this was the time to kill his enemy. When the great demon of fire and ground came to destroy the dragon he was amazed that people were helping this dragon. And when this great Demon that could transform in many shapes killed the great Fuku Doragon (the Japanese name of the dragon that is talked about in the beginning of the intro of the story Dragonís rain, and Demonís fire) he also decided that he would hurt his familyís line lives forever as the last thing he would do for his life. The way in which that he would give pain to the family would be to leave a mark on this family line for all times. So, one night the Demon deiced that he would do his awful mark on the people that so hated him. So the demon transformed in to a man so that he could rap one of the woman of the family of Kondou so that the gifts and powers that he had may enter in to the family. And he did it and the great evil that he had wished to happened in this blessed family had happened. But also so that his hate would enter so the family would fight to there death. And because of this fact the family of Kondou was cursed by the great demonís fire of evil and the dragonís water of wisdom. Because of the evil that was put in to the family there were many fights between family members ending in death. But the family finally worked together and built rules that the family would have to follow to have more peace. And so that family followed the rules after a long time of trying to stop the family fights. One of the rules was that the one ruled by the demon could never be the head of the family and the some for the dragon. But because of the rules even more blood was shed. So, new rules were made. These rules made the one of the center family be the head of the family because that was how it was before and in that way the dragons, and demons would not be hurt and sad as much. And after that a great head of the family by the name of Ryota looked for answers on how the problem could be fixed so he went to a powerful miko of the great and big city of Kyoto. Ryota had great wisdom because he was of dragon birth. The most powerful miko of the center area of Japan said that the curse would be destroyed in the future by a person of the family that was cursed with a form of a Blue Dragon. For she said that the reason why the dragon would be blue is because the blue dragon is a symbol in Japanese culture of spring and the renew of life of something. And the person (the blue dragon) would be the spring the heeler after the great winter of pain the family had. And the way the dragon would destroy the demons aura would be by killing the one that has the incarnated power of the demon. But the one that has the demons power will have all of the demons power that the demon had a long time ago went he the fire demon first cursed the Kondou family. And the one that will be the blue dragon will have great power also. The one of the family that will have the blue dragon form will be the only one in the family with a dragon form ever born o the year of the dragon of the Chinese lunar calendar. And the one born of the great demon power will too be born on the year of the dragon. But the year of the dragon before the year of the dragon that the one with the blue dragon form will be born. The head of the family telled the information back to the family of Kondou. Many did not believed but hope that the information was true because if it was true the family could be saved.

Oh, and happy birthday to my dear friend mark's sister Sally.

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