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Saturday, April 28, 2007

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Akito is sweet! ^^/Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Subject: Christmas
Time/place: 7:00 / Wisconsin
Mood: happy

Wow, I havn't updated for a Long time!

Wow! I haven't updated in like forever. WOW I guess it just because I'm so busy and lazy. Oh, and I also done with the Myotaku help webpages. I have also all hte codings for the all the sites in note pad. Now if freewebs works and all that jazz [which I love! =)] I can get it done some time soon! ^^ Well if you don't know I change my theme and I added some things as a cbox so you can talk with me. lol.

It's that Time of Year

If you did not know It's almost Christmas! That means I have to Say Merri Kurisumasu to you all (japanese for Merry Christmas [no dah]) Wow this year of 2006 is almost over. thats sad. But then again it was a grat year. I loved this summer! I did so many fun things. Oh, I forgot To tell you all but I started making a xanga site because a friend from school is on it so if you want to tell me your xanga if you have one then that would be cool! Well, I got all my holliday shopping done early this year. Thank you Lord! Hmm.. Now what do I want this year for X-Mas. Hmm... I guess a ipod. I hear they are cool.

Kanji of the Day
HoshiMeanings: Star, Planet
Sounds: Hoshi, Sei, Shou, Chou, Boshi
Strokes: nine

((日朗光-Sun's Bright Light)
Sayonara MyOtakuians!

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Friday, October 6, 2006

Date: October 4, 2006
Subject: I need to update
Time & Place: Wisconsin / 9:56 AM
Mood: happy

About the Theme
Yep, I changed my theme again. I hope you like it, even if I made it fast and I don't think it's very good. The Theme is from the manga of Tsubasa. I not in to the anime (well as much as some people but I love the depressiong love part of it^^) ¢¾ This layout is a mixture of frames, tables, div, html, and css. But in this layout I have a lot of Javascripts too. In fact this is the most I had ever had at once. And I have Image maps! So, Sorry If it takes a loooong time to load.
Wow long talk no see.
Well I LOOOT happened to me.. First of all my birthday (Septemeber 9th) came and went away and from it I got NANA (a japanese movie staring Mika Nakashima, and Aoi Miyazaki), a large palm tree, sweet coffee maker, more starbucks and more. Then after that I found out how to download from youtube so that was fun! ^^/ XD Well thats about it for be.. Hm.. the News is was so depression all the school shooting, and all the people dieing like that Steve Irwin. Well, because I though steve was so also that I made a RIP image for them! =^)
Oh, and I side note the about be part where the image does not show up... Yah that one. I'm going to have image or photo of me~there ¢¾
I found something cool! =^)
Did you ever see the I feel pretty Inuyasha Flash video? It is just so funny. No I mean amazingy funny! Well I found a the code to put the that on your webpage! Well becuase I'm kind I will give you all the code!