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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sorry for not posting in a long time. I been well both lazy and tried and I have also been very sad and pissed at the world and that is why I have not posted in while. Oh, I have talked to Rin W. and she is very happy compared to the last time I talked to her. She I even joined clubs that are at her school in Albany, New York state. And She sounds happy about moving back to the state of New York. And she hated anime in 7th grade but when I talked to her about InuYasha she seemed to like the sound it in 8th grade. Soon she stated to love it and now she is seeing if see likes Furuba because her new friend in New York loves Fruits Basket just like me. And her new friend she said is on www.myOtaku.com. But the best thing is that because she liked anime because of me she had a simpler time finding a friend. But, I still feel sad because I feel depressed because of many things as the media and so… If you say my joker in English it means…. For goodness sake….But if you say my joke in English for “For goodness” but say the word sake in Japanese then you mean rice wine in Japanese.
Sorry if my joke is not funny…. Please don’t call me Ritsu Souma because I said sorry two time in this post! And please don’t call me Tohru Honda because that is just mean!!!

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