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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

wow. i was up at seven today after going to bed at 2. all i know is im going to CRASH tonight. go down in flames and smoke Lmao. I stayed up last night drawing K-san from Gravitation. I had been itching to do it for some time and then i was like...screw it lol. get it out of my system. I kept thinking the lights were going to go out because it had been storming really bad. >.< my mom was seriously mad because it went off during some of big brother, which is one of her "must watch" tv. *waves liddle flag* Go Kaysar!!

And now I'm up at this ungodly hour (for me, anyway) to do a fanfic that came to me when I was sleeping. XD. Yes I was Roy Mustang *drools about herself* and it gave me the idea^^ everybody is still in bed XD they have the right idea. i might go to bed too XD

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