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Sunday, July 31, 2005

XD i had the most fun last night!!! we went and seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and it was the best! I don't care if people say Johnny Depp did the movie a creepy mix of marilyn manson or michael jackson (notice I capitalized Johnny's name and no one else's?^^) He played the role perfectly and the kids in the movie made me hate them and become a Wonka...fangirl I suppose. lol. if you havent seen it, you really should. It was really funny^_^ Johnny did such a wonderful job, lol. I knew it would be good.

*frightened* i only have 15 days left until i have to go back to school!! i actually had a nightmare about going back to school last night...and I had a dream I was Willy Wonka but that doesn't matter lol. ^^ one last dream for you guys before I go...lol. I thought it was funny. For some reason Hakkai had been chained up or something, and it was like I was playing an RP game where I had options and he was in front of me and I had the option of A)Free Hakkai from the chains or B) Ravage. XD! I clicked B lol. alrighty then...XD...i have to scram so I'll see ya guys around!

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