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Thursday, June 5, 2008

i will say this i'm back with revenages!!!


ok not really but i need to get my groove on for drawing just need an idea mmmm....
i'll think of something but my site might be changeing soon like to tales of symphonia, kanon, or something but it will get updated sometime or a summer theme would be cooly

but now artwork i might do a summer theme or something..... and i'm waiting for my dam pool to heat up but it's not!!! DX

and manga.... I HAVE NO CLUE OK!!!

well have a good day!!!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ok so now it's summer time once again ^.^ i need to get some art uploaded..... i might draw something tonight i need to get my 4-h stuff done for the fair i have to do six drawings!!! 3 OC 3 NON-OC!!! but i love to draw and i think i'm getting better yay!!!!! <3 i will have some uploaded soon maybe even tomorrow and we will see what happens!!!! ^.^ Good day to u all!!!! here's an amv i made plz enjoy!!!!
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

OMG OMG MY PROFILE IS BACK YAY!!!!!!! IT"S HERE!!!!!! AGAIN ALL MY FRIENDS AND THE GB!!!!!! but sadly i only have a camera to upload pics now =[ O WELL!!!! YAY ME HAPPY!!!!
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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Today i'm going to draw more but i gotta go to church to serve 4:00pm mass so i'll be back on later maybe with a new drawing to load up maybe just maybe!
but yeah i need to get some ideas so i might just draw from manga like fruits basket and others i need to pratice i get my groove back on!
Since it seems like i haven't drawn in a long long time... DX
which is sad i did do some drawings last night but i didn't ink cuz my ink is really really low!
once again i need to go shopping...
but i might not ink and see what happens if i just color a picture......ok that won't work out i might use my special inking tools it's not the pens it's like ummmm.... were u actually buy the liquid ink yeah that stuff i might try that out so i hope u guys have a great day hope my is too^^
and i'll see ya later
have u ever ate too much of the same food and purked!? like maybe the next morning or sometime later lol i have ALOT! it sucks when ya purk up food than u didn't have anything to eat!!!!! DX

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

OK yeah i haven't been on or uploaded anything IN A LONG TIME yeah....for the pass days i was sick i haven't work on any art work since i've been busy with school it's a pain right now I DON"T TALK TO ANYONE on here sadly anymore...DX i'm really bad about that
AND MYSPACE OMFG it was like addicting!!!!!
to me..... IT SCARED ME!!!! BADLY!
but i'm back i shall have art work up soon maybe don't count on it ppl!!!!
don't get excited but i'll tell ya when i do^^
ok that's it for now for an update!^^

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Thursday, February 14, 2008



sorry no picture sadly =[

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Friday, February 8, 2008


nothing is new i'm getting my room painted YES FINALLY NO MORE UGLY PINK!!!!
but i have to crash onto the sofa today so i get the comptuer since it's the only thing i can use right now *sigh*
but everything is going good but!!!!

i have drawn just not loaded anything sadly i get lazy to load it up yeah....
so i'm going to make movies maybe who knows yet IDK YET BUT I WILL DO SOMETHING MAYBE BRAIN STORM AND MAKE A MANGA!!!!!
hahahahha have a wonderful day^^

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

ok so...
it's boring me so i might just as well make a blog on here and myspace today i watched a movie i forgot what it was called thou..... but fri. i had a snow day YAY!!!!
WOOT! frist ones on the list to be called off from SCHOOL YES!!!!!!
but today i think it's sunday sadly...=[
but my best buddy slept over since we had nothing better to do and we watch girl meets girl it's a anime show i forgot the japanese words but it's very good^^
well i haven't drawn much... sadly since i get lazy my scanner doesn't work so i have to use the camera which sucks ASS!!!!
nothing really happen i got bored so i'm makeing this stupid blog that idk if ppl read but it's takeing up time now
i'm just going to put anything that's on my mind
5 random facts about meh!
1.well i have over 100 manga books they just can't fit into my room sadly...
2. my room can never stay clean it can never ever dam!!!!
3. i love music. music is life to me so is art i could live without food but we need it to be alive i would be skinner if i didn't have food and i'm not saying i'm fat dam it!!!! i'm not fat i'm just not super skinning sadly *sniff*
4. i talk too much about the most random shit ever see i'm doing it right now dam it
5. i like being myself. i like being different that's mean i'm myself and u can't copy me dam it u just can't man!!!! if u do i swear i'll kill ya!!!!! rawr!
now i just posted this on myspace LOL XD
i got bored really fast today but o well who cares
let's see it's like snowy here and gray outside kinda like a cold winter's day here

yeah that's pretty much it well see ya!!!!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

so today yeah...I"M TOTALLY STRESS OUT HERE!!!!!
man homework dam it thursday is the winter fest and like 2 teachers (THE EVIL ONES) are giving student counicl homework i'm like WTF HEY GUESS WHAT FUCK U! YOU DAM TEACHER jeezzzzzz (sorry for the bad words!!!)
but w/e deal with it
and OMG my english teacher is the best!!!!
and homeroom and history!!!
she let me borrow an excel program so i can make my chart YAY!!!
but i can't print so yeah...
but i can do that in school^^
i think that's it for today i haven't draw much laterly so yeah =[
but that's it for today YEPPERS^^
see ya *winks*

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Monday, January 28, 2008

ok so today was like all raining soooooooo.....

school was good but my best buddy was like all emo!?!?!! well acting emo today which made me like katie STOP IT *slaps* that was in my mind i didn't do that

i don't have the heart too

but new song!!!! MY CHEMCIAL ROMANCE WITH The Ghost of You....

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