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Monday, December 31, 2007

i'm sorry i haven't been on much cuz i got sick on christmas eve EW i hated it..... well anyway i hope everyone had a nice christmas cuz i did =]i got a 2 new games DDR and rune factory YAY!!!!
and cloths and more cloths
AND MONEY YAY!!!! i got like 200 bucks now i had alot more but i got manga books hahahaha

let's see today is new year's eve so have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
YAY!!!!! don't party so hard ppl i don't want anyone died in the new year and FOR THIS NEW YEARS my goal is to make manga that i will finish!!! and it's going to happen i just know it yes!!! it might not be the best for the worst god i hope not the worst but it will be worth reading it at least =] i do have an idea i need to get it place and get characters yeah!!!!

well i guess that's it i hope this isn't so long to read hahaha well c ya!!!!!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

ok today i feel better now
now that i know that this is just my last year there and the school i just hate so yeah don't worry i won't quit theotaku i still love it here =] it's the best!!!!

so yeah that's it today was an easy day and now on christmas break will be haveing artwork up soon!!!! =]

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

as of today i might just quit theotaku i love it here but ya know today was a really depressing day my poster for student conucil got taken down and i don't remember when it got taken down and i work hard on it BUT SOME STUDENTS SAID IT LOOK LIKE SHE"S SMOKEING BUT NO IT WAS A STUPID CANDY CANE AND I EVEN PUT CANDY RIGHT NEXT TO THE STUPID CANDY!!!! and also i put x-mas cuz i didn't have enough room on to put christmas on it and someone said "what happen to christmas?" well can't u read it was in the letter that was on there i had CHRISTMAS LIKE 5 TIMEs and i also put i'm dreaming of a white chritmas on there too!!!!
it made me very upset that ppl only notice how bad that my art would be and they didn't tell me who was the student who went into the office and told them that it looks like they are smokeing and i put CANDY!!!! with and arrow on it and i understand if it was a little kid but still i was actually crying when i heard this it was very upsetting to me and my best buddy cuz she went too with me to the office
so today wasn't a happy day so yeah it was my fault for putting that stuff on there and it got me really down now so yeah i might be quitting and plz don't be rude to me i'm very depress about this so i'm sorry i might not quit cuz idk what's makeing me think of this

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

well i'm getting bored and running out of ideas maybe but i will be takeing request!!! u don't have to be a firend of me or it could be a very good firend doesn't matter but i'll do just about anything... depending on what u want hehehe but just add a comment or PM me plz and thanks!

i'll do my best even if it take days to do!
i never give up!
and the love and passion i have in my drawings!

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how is everyone today!? well i'm WONDERFUL!
sorry i haven't been working on my art i've been on science fair which is tuesday! Dec. 18th i'm doing it early to get it done with! and than our gym got repainted!!! to our school colors red black and a cream color like wow! it looks alittle bit bigger.... yeah small gym blah!
well i guess that's it =]
hope u enjoy and i will be haveing art up soon! maybe.... i don't know yet but just deal with the old than the new will come sooooooonnnnn!!!!!!!

They Think I'm Crazy!

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Friday, December 7, 2007


this dude just said i'm going to hell

here's the link that he left the comment =[


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Thanks guys!
and i have belifes and other ppl have different ones so yeah!

and also it got on the featured manga comic thing with 19 votes! oh thank u guys for the votes and comments and favs and i will make more i'll just need to find sayings and plz keep reading them cuz i think maybe God is telling me to do something maybe i have a werid feeling yeah....hehehehe so yeah thanks for reading it hope it changes the way u feel about ppl! ^-^

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

about my mini manga i just put up last night well i'm sorry that if it hurts ppl but i do believe in God and Jesus so there and alot of ppl are saying i have the guts to do this well idk but it was like one part of my mind and heart wanted me to do this so i did thank u for the comments the votes and favs! ^-^
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

i added a MINI MANGA!
it's very touching i think so go check it out but u might have to go to recent manga first since i had to add a caption once again so yeah plz view! comment, and vote! plz and thank u!

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Monday, December 3, 2007

my fav. song!

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