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Sunday, January 27, 2008

OK that's it i'm getting lazy i haven't drawn anything new my brain went died i might have a sleep disorder now, but o well.

i keep on staying up and won't get up in the mornings to go to school BLAH but at least it's cathloic school's week YAY!!!! THURSDAY DDR!!!!
i'm going to let ppl challenge me HAHAHAHA they will be dead once i get done with them and i hope be dead LOL
not really dead just tired lol i can't wait YES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

but i've been so lazy to draw something OMFG my math homework dam it OWWWW i'll just work on it now!!!!!

*gets the paper and works that math problem*

it's sad i'm good in math but i hate it badly i get lazy like i know this shit god it's just the slow and retared ppl who don't get it it's simple i guess to me lol

HEY does anyone like My Chemcial Romance??? i love them =]i think one of the cds just con. with one big song but diff titles lol that's what pink flold did and i think the who VERY OLD BANDS!!!!
hey my dad told me about them and they are cooly so GET SOME PINK FLOYLD AND THE WHO ok ppl!!!!
i guess that's it i'm going to improve on my art with something IDK but i might start off with a manga just need an idea well i've been brainstorming alot of ideas just need to put them togather and BOOM!!!
a manga =]


but u guys have a WONDERFUL day^^

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

today i played 2 hours of Dance Dance Revolution which was fun i'm getting better at it this week is catholic school's week meaning FUN WEEK YES!!!!
and thursday is going to be AWESOME we are haveing the winter fun fest thing hosted by student conucil that's me!!!^^
and than let's see
my website i need fanart plz pm what u want onto my site so than more ppl can see it just the me the title and use your username or name ok^^
i need some for my website for freewebs plz ppl!!!! PLEASE I BEGGING HERE!!!
and i don't have any more ideas yet...
BUT o well
oh yeah i'm feeling much better now!!! YES
but my friends have fun without me WAAAHHHHHH
no fair it happens all the time..

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Friday, January 25, 2008

ok so tonight i'm staying home and going no were there is a soc-hop today (dance for 6-8 grade) and i don't like them at all. i've been to alot but i never get to dance with no one so i'm the girl sitting in the corner and be alone..
so it's no fun and also i'm on my time of the month thing and i get bad headaches at night or stomache camps. so i guess boys don't think i'm pretty (i'm sorry during this time of month my emotions changes way too much!!!!)
so yeah no boy dance with me yet like all the popular girls get someone HOW HOW?!!!!
well that's it for today and besides i like being at home and talking to my buddies on theotaku^^
so yeah!!!
i'll feel better later but see ya later guys!!
have a wonderful day!! ok^^

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

ok another posting
BUT on my site that u guys must seen well I NEED FANART ON IT!!!!
it could be any anime!!! just pm me if u want some art on my site cuz like no one is doing ANYTHING!!!!! DX

so please tell me which art work and tell me to use your username or just your name ok^^

PLEASE do this for me^^
only my best friend had fanart on there and i need more!!! so please pretty please do it!!!

and thank u for all who do it

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WELL today i feel better sorta i was the only girl not wearing a dress today sadly it was for pictures but i look pretty *sigh* well whatever i was different!!!!
and i like being different!!!
well last night i started a mini-manga i got an idea!!!! it's from Pslam 23 in the bible that's the words i'm using for it since like a lot of people know it and i like it and i know how to put it into pictures so i hope u will enjoy that i need to work more on it tonight

but i also have to study for science test blah!!!
and i also updated my about me section but it's cutting off my words DX
so u might have to firgue out words sorry =[

well that's it have a wonderful day!!!!^^

see ya

Hackerblackrose~Misuzu <3

I am an angel sent by God to watch over you

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ok so today suck badly for me
for being a girl *sigh* ya know i mean girls...
well anywho i didn't update my about me section i'm tired now and i didn't draw math got in the way and science blah!
not much today that's it i think
well see ya will have more update tomorrow just tired *yawns* bye

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

this took me somewhat a long time to find CODES!!!!!
BUT here it is and it will be updated so often so this might be up for sometime...
and also about me i will update that into a word so it might be long with codes =] and fun stuff^^ and the posting picture i need to change the colors sometime soon...
kinda hard...
but i hope u can read it
and also the links i hope they work they better!!!!! idk about leaveing my site but i hope it gets u back to your backroom^^ if it doesn't i have a problem!!!!!
but i'll be haveing more links to stuff and about me section will be up
and i'm going to start a manga and finish for sure!!!! my forgetton memories well that's not going any where soon sadly =[
well that's it have a WONDERFUL DAY
well i didn't school blah...lazy too much work haveing a weekend off 4 days yeah...
well that's it see ya guys later!!!

Misuzu~Hackerblackrose <3
Picture of the day from photobucket

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Monday, January 21, 2008

OK SO!!!
i'm going to make more christan manga soon^^
I HAVEN"T HAD ANYIDEAS but i think i do now^^
ugh i had to retype my post my internet stop working and i was working on a post and it stop working DAM IT comcast's fault!!!!
oh yeah my scanner is being gay so i'll have to use my camera for now...
well today i was looking at one of my manga books Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne in volume 7 God is a glowing ball of light and Maron and Chiaki had sex in heaven which was random if u read the manga yeah u would so know they did it and it's rated T
MAN STUPID INTERNET i think that's it
oh yeah don't steal my ideas or i will spamming meaning by stealing is doing the same manga as my christan one is i would be upset >=[
ok that's it for today oh yeah remember never post art late at night no one sees it sadly i did that last night yeah

well see ya

hackerblackrose <3

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

ok so here's the update for today i did added new art work and it's one of the first ones i used in photoshop with my tablet^^

so i hope u all enjoy it^^ once it comes one i work hard on it sorry no background i don't know how to do that background on photoshop were it's all like OMG
so there idk how to do the special backgrounds because i only have photoshop 5.0 so idk i don't have 7 but it cost way too much!!!!!!
better save money.... or maybe the 6th one.....well idk yet!
let's see that's about it i'll draw more tonight color more here but i will still color with color penicals and caryons i can't just leave them all lonely can i?
let's see that's about it for today so check out the art and that's it

see ya!!!!


Hackerblackrose <3

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Saturday, January 19, 2008



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